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Two Things You Do That Worsen The Stammering/Stuttering Condition Of Your Loved Ones

David is a stammerer who enjoys writing on stammering related topics including stammering techniques, choosing a career as a stammerer, etc.

“I stammer when I speak but not when I think.”

“I stammer when I speak but not when I think.”

The Feeling of Having an Impaired Speech

The pain of stammering is not felt solely by the stammerer. When most people see someone struggling to speak, they feel pity and try to help them. What's unfortunate is that what they think will help sometimes tends to worsen the stammerer's condition.

A common practice of talking for a stammerer to save them from embarrassment

A common practice of talking for a stammerer to save them from embarrassment

Two Ways People Help The Wrong Way

It's common to see someone help a stammerer finish a sentence or speak on their behalf. People do this with good intentions, but this sometimes worsens the stammerer's condition. It's best if you leave the stammerer to struggle with finishing their sentences. It's also best if you refrain from speaking on their behalf. Stammerers learn from such experiences, and the more you help them finish their sentences or speak on their behalf, the lesser they meet such challenging times to learn and improve.

A situation where the stammerer has no option but to talk

A situation where the stammerer has no option but to talk

What's Surprising About Some Stammerers

It may surprise you to learn that some stammerers are not much concerned about finding ways to improve their condition. I wasn't much concerned about improving my stammering until I had to give a series of presentations at the university. My first presentation was terrible, and I was embarrassed. During the lecturer's remark section (while still standing in front of the class), the lecturer spoke about how I could improve my condition, and this became one of the saddest moments of my life. Fortunately, the audience was small. It was after that humiliating experience that I first visited a speech therapist.

A Better Way To Help A Stammerer

Allowing stammerers to struggle with finishing a sentence compels them to devise solutions for themselves. A stammerer, for example, may learn and master certain breathing patterns or act in certain ways when he struggles to say a word. It may not always work well, but it will help far better than not using any technique at all.

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I'm not sure how other stammerers feel when someone tries to help them finish a sentence, but I don't feel good about that. I feel embarrassed and sometimes stupid.

The next time you try to help a stammerer in the manner discussed, consider the time when you will not be available to help.

Stammering Is A Complex Condition

Stammering is a complex condition, and no single technique or treatment is effective for all stammerers. Stammering is one of the few conditions for which speech therapists find it difficult to predict the outcome of treatment. Some will tell you that your success is dependent on you and your commitment to improving your speech abnormality.

A Few Exceptional Situations To Consider Helping The Stammerer

There are a few situations where you can consider helping a stammerer complete a sentence or speak on their behalf. In my opinion, it's a good idea to help stammerers in situations where they will have to speak to an audience once in their lives and never again will they have to speak to that same audience. Contrarily, I don't think it's best to help them if they're obliged to speak to the same audience more than two or three times. This is because their first stammering experience with the audience will most likely reduce their level of stammer if they will have to speak to the same audience again.

Stammerers tend to stammer less if they know you're aware of their condition and they feel more at ease or less tense in your presence. You might consider helping them if they only have to speak to a particular audience once and never again. This is to protect them from the emotional trauma most of them go through if they have a bad speaking experience. I can tell you from experience that a stammerer who has had a bad conversation experience with a person or a group will want to prove to that person that he is able and not dumb or stupid as he seems to have appeared in front of them. I apologize for using the word “stupid”, but this is something that most stammerers will not say about themselves. This is why you should consider speaking on a stammerer's behalf or helping them in finishing a sentence when they will only have to speak to a particular audience once. Essentially, you're saving them from a possible disgrace that they will never be able to do anything about.


Beware of this fact: stammerers may not be able to communicate well, but they're intellectually able as anyone else. However, choosing a career as a stammerer or guiding a stammerer in choosing a career necessitates some critical thinking. This will be the focus of future hubs.

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