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Negative Calorie Foods

What is negative calories?

There is no negative calorie, and calorie is a thermal unit and can not be negative. So when people talk about negative calories, they simply mean that they need calories that need to eat more energy than calories and need to digest.

For example, if you think the water is food, the cold water or ice is certainly a calorie's negative food. it has no calories, and the body must spend energy to import into normal blood flow temperatures. For every cup of cold or iced water, you burn some calories and lose some weight.

Most of the foods on the list don't actually consume more calories than they add, and if you do, the effect is negligible. At the same time, the body uses energy to maintain energy and respiration. Cucumber for example. These types of foods don't provide enough calories to cover both the energy you need to consume and digest, and the energy you burn when you're not doing much. This is why they are called negative calories.


Negative calorie foods are most attractive to people with serious weight management problems.

Negative calorie diets are sure to lead to hunger or cravings for excess food in the long run, and nutritional deficiencies can appear surprisingly quickly. Calories burned are usually due to a decrease in muscle mass, which leads to weakness and wasting.


The best way to use a negative calorie diet is to follow a fasting or detox protocol. This is something you can do for 15 days right after the Christmas season is over or when you're overeating.

If you are healthy, this can be a great way to clean up your system. However, it is best to consult with your doctor before trying this. If you choose to use negative calories and detox, keep the following in mind:


More Food Variations & Less Frequent Eating

In any case, it is not recommended to eat a lot of one type of food, especially fruits. In fact, eating just one type of any food is not recommended. Many nutrients can be harmful if consumed in excess.

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For example, the acids in lemon and pineapple can damage the stomach wall, but conversely, they can strengthen stomach acid, making food much easier to break down. Other foods can overload the liver or cause diarrhea. So try to eat all other foods in small amounts. By the way, when I say food I usually mean fruits and vegetables, but all kinds.

Do not eat all day. You will just feel bloated and sore. After a few days, you won't be hungry. Plan the supply of 4 to 5 salads per day and resolve digestion to relax the rest of the part. Another good way to test hunger is to see how long you can go quickly and without fatigue.

We were made to chew our food slowly

Food is to be chewed slowly and chewing food can also help in strengthening the jaw. Chewing foods are already changing to paste food into your mouth and help you facilitate the load of the digestive system.

It will also burn more calories. So, if you can eat your food raw, it's more effective than cooking it. This is because cooking at certain temperatures can destroy the vitality of food. Chop and grind foods like carrots and beets to create a feeling of fullness.

Here Are Benefits of Some Fruits and Vegetables


Record your meal schedule and eat your last meal 4 hours before bedtime. As with fasting or any kind of detox, you may experience some uncomfortable symptoms, including headaches, fatigue, depression, and irritability. In severe cases, stop eating and see a doctor if you have any underlying medical conditions.

After detoxing, make a plan to gradually return to a normal diet. Again, I remind readers that when I refer to "meal" or "normal diet," I usually refer to a raw vegan lifestyle. Because we believe this is the healthiest diet.


To finalize the article, I would like to make a few pointers for people who want to lose permanent weight. Losing weight isn't a magic pill, it requires dedication, time and effort to really achieve optimum weight.

Another is the fact people can think that they can have cheat days and expect to maintain weight and health. If you want a complete haul over or transformation, then I highly advise you to completely avoid cheat days for the time being.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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