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A Guided Meditation for Creating Peace and Harmony

You are a Beautiful Being of Love.

You are a Beautiful Being of Love.

Meditation Opens the Door to Peace and Harmony

There is no denying that we live in a stressful world: We work jobs with tremendous pressures and expectations; we worry about increasing prices with wages that don’t match inflation; we deal with bumper to bumper traffic; we are bombarded by negative news from the mainstream media; and we feel the pressure to stay fit and healthy, knowing that proper nutrition does not come cheap. We already know that too much stress can be detrimental to a person’s health. In fact, it can lead to illness and disease if it is allowed to go on too long.

And that is why that we need healthy ways that calm the mind and body, such as meditation.

There are many positive benefits to engaging in meditation such as stress reduction and a healthier state of being.

In this particular meditation, I use guided imagery and words to bring about a calm state, allowing peace and harmony to flow out your heart center. And the beautiful thing about being in a state of peace and harmony is that you are doing your part to make the world a peaceful place! Each one of us is a powerful creator that is capable of transforming our world. And with this said, I invite you to experience this guided meditation.

Appreciating the beauty of nature.

Appreciating the beauty of nature.

Through the door of possibilities.

Through the door of possibilities.

  • World Peace from a Spiritual Standpoint
    I want to make it clear that World Peace is not an impossible dream, as we have been led to believe by society's fear mongers. We are all connected to one another, including God. We have the tools and ability to achieve Peace on Earth.

Peace and Harmony Meditation Script

Note: The actual audio for the peace and harmony meditation is right below this guided meditation script.

Hello and welcome to this guided meditation for creating Peace and Harmony in your life...You may choose to sit in a comfortable chair, or you may wish to lie on your bed…Just allow yourself to sink and relax…Sink and relax…You’re doing a wonderful job…It feels so wonderful to relax, allowing the days stress to just melt away…Allow it to melt away…Good…

Peace and Harmony…Peace and Harmony…I want you to ponder this thought for a moment…

How would this look in your life?...How would this make it better?...How would it create a more peaceful world?...

Deep down inside, you know the answer to these questions…You know at your very core that you are unconditional love…You are a fountain that is overflowing with Love, Peace, and Harmony…Love, Peace, and Harmony…

Now, I would like you to imagine that you are lying on a soft fluffy cloud…You feel fully supported and protected…This fluffy cloud is here to help you with your relaxation…Just allow your body to just sink down and enjoy the comfort of this beautiful cloud…You are sinking deeper and deeper into relaxation…Deeper and deeper into relaxation…Good…You are also aware of a nice soothing breeze as it gently massages your entire body with its calming currents… Starting at the top of your head, and moving down your neck, shoulders, arms, hands, and out the tips of your fingers…Good…Feel this relaxation move down your chest and back…down your stomach, legs, feet, and the tips of your toes…Good…You are sinking even more into relaxation…More and more into relaxation…

I, now, want you to imagine that you walking down a path in a beautiful forest…You notice the tall pine trees that reach towards the sky, filling the landscape with its wonderful fragrance…And you are quite amazed at how clean the air is up here…Your mind feels clear and calm…Clear and calm…And your eyes catch a couple of blue birds as they glide from tree to tree, filling the environment with their songs of love…You can feel the Peace and Harmony in their song…Oh, how lovely is this feeling…Peace and Harmony…Peace and Harmony…As you make your way around a bend, your eyes are drawn to a beautiful country cottage…And feeling excited, you hurry down the path…And as you step upon the front porch, you notice a clay pot filled with freshly cut flowers…And as you bend down to get a better look at the flowers, you notice a small note…You open it up and read:

“You are a Beautiful Being of Love.”

…You smile and walk towards the door and notice another message:

“Welcome to the Country Cottage of Unconditional Love where treasures await you.”

…You know in your heart that this is the place you’ve been dreaming of…You can feel the love radiate from this beautiful cottage…Your angels and guides are very happy, as they send you their unconditional love…Remember, they are only a thought away…

As you walk through the door, your eyes immediately gravitate towards a chest that is sitting on the living room floor…You open up the chest and discover stones with written words on them…You carefully pick up two: Peace and Harmony.

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…This is why you are here…You smile and know it is time to move on…As you make your way to the kitchen, your eyes catch a note on the backdoor:

“You will find what you seek at the Lake of Ripples.”

…As you make your way out, you give your thanks to this beautiful cottage and head down the path to the lake…Above you, you notice the blue birds again…This time they are making their way to the lake…It seems that they know something is about to happen…You look at the stones in your hand and smile…

You, now, find yourself in front of the Lake of Ripples…You close your eyes for a moment and give thanks for this special day…There is no denying why you are here…You are here to create Peace and Harmony in your life…This is your Soul Nature…

You, now, toss in the Peace Stone into the lake and notice its effect ripple out…You are also aware that peace is radiating from your heart and out into the world…Now, you toss in the second stone and feel harmony radiating out from your heart…This feels so good…

Oh, thank you for this beautiful gift…Thank you…Thank you…

You have finally realized that you create more Peace and Harmony in the world by being that…Allow that to be your state of being…Allow that to radiate from your heart and out into the world…So be it…

In just a moment, I will count up from 1 to 6, and when I reach 6, you will feel fully awake and refreshed…1, feeling returning to your fingers and toes…2, things that used to bother you in the past no longer bother you…3, eyes bathed in cool clear water…4, know that you create peace and harmony in the world by being that…5, you are almost there…and 6, you are fully awake and aware…

Peace and Harmony Meditation

Transformational Poetry


Terry Fatland (author) from Virginia on June 10, 2014:

manatita44, thank you very much for sharing your kind words. It brings me great joy to be able to assist others in a positive way.

manatita44 from london on June 10, 2014:

An extremely positive Hub, Terry.

Excellent choice of words for the guided Meditation; soothing videos and inspirational music. Paramount for inner growth and peace.

Terry Fatland (author) from Virginia on June 07, 2014:

Genna East, you're very welcome. I'm so happy to hear the meditation was helpful. I enjoy writing them. :)

Terry Fatland (author) from Virginia on June 07, 2014:

@Marie :)

Genna East from Massachusetts, USA on June 07, 2014:

I loved this peace and mediation guide. I felt the stress of the day beginning to dissipate as I read through your words. This is wonderful. Thank you, Terry! -)

VioletSun from Oregon/ Name: Marie on June 06, 2014:

You are welcome, Terry!

Terry Fatland (author) from Virginia on June 06, 2014:

Marie, thank you very much. I truly enjoy doing my part to promote peace and harmony. I'm glad you enjoyed the poetry. Thank you for sharing on FB and Pinterest! :)

VioletSun from Oregon/ Name: Marie on June 06, 2014:

Terry, This is a beautiful contribution in promoting peace and harmony. The meditation is soothing. I particularly enjoyed the poetry. I felt very relaxed and uplifted after reading and listening to the soft music.

Sharing in FB and Pinterest!

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