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A Fresh New Perspective - How I Quit Smoking for Good

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Dear Cigarettes,

I regret to inform you that you are no longer a part of this environment. According to my calculations, last year alone I spent $3,360.00 on you, times that by 41 years of smoking and the grand total is $137,760.00 DOLLARS! In return, you have done nothing but created a hostile environment that wreaked havoc on my system and frankly, you smell. I am too busy creating a healthy new environment and I no longer have the time or the need for harmful distractions such as yourself. In the words of the great Vince Lobardi, “If you aren't fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm”. My dear cigarettes, with the greatest of enthusiasm, You’re Fired!


Stephanie Pantaleo

CEO of Mind, Body and Soul Operations


Did you know, according to The National Library of Medicine:,dollars%2Fyear%20for%20current%20smokers.

  • "Current smokers missed more days of work and experienced more unproductive time at work compared with former smokers and nonsmokers. The average annual cost for lost productivity for nonsmokers was 2623 dollars/year compared with 3246 dollars/year for former smokers and 4430 dollars/year for current smokers."

Mastering Myself:

I am the CEO: Chief Executive Officer and soul proprietor of my body, mind and soul. I am in the position of overall power for my highest good and will direct accordingly. I am deliberate as to what stays and what goes and what works and what does not. I am my own creation!

Interior Design and Structural Restoration:

I ask myself if I am really ready this time to create my best, healthiest self ever and the answer is YES! This means dedicated self care. Am I mentally prepared to face the anxiety or discomfort of quitting smoking and to repair myself? YES! This means I actually have to completely quit smoking and remain smoke free by doing whatever it takes to get this toxicity out of my system once and for all. I’m feeling way too heavy and it’s bringing me down.

The smoke is slowing the oxygen intake and my body is gaining weight. I need to lighten up the weightiness of my body and the heaviness of my lungs and strengthen the weakening of my muscles. The smoking has left me with a yellow smile and breathing problems.

  • When I eliminate smoking, my breathing will improve so I can exercise more.
  • When I eliminate smoking, my smile will improve so I can laugh more.
  • When I eliminate smoking, my brain will have more oxygen so I can create more.
  • When I eliminate smoking, my heart will strengthen so I can love more.
  • When I eliminate smoking, my finances will improve so I can save more.
  • When I eliminate smoking, my entire overall wellbeing will improve so I can live more.

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Being organized and mentally prepared to quit. What will happen to my body when I quit smoking?

According to webmd.

“By the end of day 3, you breathe easier and have more energy. Your lungs start to recover and will keep getting better.”

According to HSE Our Health Service:,after%204%20to%206%20weeks.

“Cravings for nicotine can start 30 minutes after your last cigarette. This varies depending on how much you smoked and how long for. The cravings peak in 2 to 3 days and usually pass after 3 to 5 minutes. You should stop getting them altogether after 4 to 6 weeks.”

Get Organized and create a plan before quitting smoking

  • If cravings last 3 to 5 minutes, I will find something to do that takes 5 minutes or less. If inspiration is needed, there are plenty of ideas on the internet.
  • Have diversions at hand and ready to be used.
  • Put my inner child to work.
  • Listen to my body
  • Drink plenty of water to begin flushing out my system.
  • Eat healthy foods
  • Identify triggers along the way. Address them and release them.
  • Be prepared to change my patterns.
  • Think before acting
  • Fast, Flush, Fulfill
  • Ease into exercise
  • Have patients with myself and others
  • Practice constant reinforcement
  • Meditation and Visualization
  • Reward myself at every milestone

The inner child method:

Put your inner child to work. For this scenario, when I visualize my inner child, she's 14 years old. A skinny kid with long brown, curly hair, wearing a black tee shirt, denim jacket, blue jeans and a pair of chuck taylors. This is the age I started smoking. She’s slumped on a stool in a dark dingy room (my lungs) with various shades of gray all around her. The room is seemingly empty. It's very smoky there. She looks really sad. Since my 14 year old self started this mess, she’s going to have to help me clean it up. There’s a red bucket way back in the corner of the room. In the hazy background, barely noticeable, is a hose, a mop, some cleaning ingredients, rags, a scrub brush and a vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, the room is empty.

She knows she’s got a big job ahead of her. We both do. For the days that follow, she will scrub the room. As she cleans it, she will discover so many new things and color will be restored. She is aware that she might come across some spots that are harder to clean than others and some that might not be able to be cleaned at all, let’s hope not. I will help by keeping her supplied with fresh air, lots of nutrients and plenty of water. Every time I crave a cigarette, she will clean for 3 to 5 minutes during the craving and I will do my part in distracting my outer self. Once her room is clean, I will take over from there and finally, she can be happy again.

Know your body. Listen to your body. Feel it, love it, cure it.

Video Journal: Follow my progress on youtube

© 2022 Steph

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