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A Diet For Diverticulitis Flare Ups

Diverticulitis Diet? Clear Liquids.


Clear Liquid Diet For Diverticulitis

Wholesome, delicious, high-fiber foods are a great part of a diet for diverticulitis sufferers, especially when symptoms are not present. However, when a diverticulitis flare up occurs, immediate dietary changes are in order. This is the time when the colon needs a rest and recover, and it doesn't need all kinds of fiber to deal with. Yep, send your colon to a relaxing spa for a few days.

A way to give your colon the pampering it needs during a diverticulitis flare up is to adjust your diet, eliminating fiber as much as possible. For most people, that means a clear liquid diet. The clear liquid that likely first comes to your mind is water. It's clean, clear, refreshing... but not all that filling if you’re hungry. Actually, it can be difficult to have a satisfying meal on this diverticulitis diet, but if you’re suffering the pain of a diverticulitis episode, a full meal may not be all that appetizing to you.

Mayo clinic suggests several different foods to eat on a clear liquid diet for diverticulitis:

Clear soda
Fruit juices without pulp
Ice chips
Ice pops without bits of fruit or fruit pulp
Plain gelatin
Plain water
Tea or coffee without cream

Although there's a fair amount of disagreement regarding herbal remedies for diverticulitis, some suggest that herbs such as chamomile, slippery elm, and peppermint can help soothe the discomfort of diverticulitis (of course, always consult your health professional…).

As you start recovering from your flare up, your diet for diverticulitis can start changing too, and you can start introducing some easily digestible solid foods. These low-fiber foods might include:

Canned fruit
Enriched white bread
Fruit juice with little or no pulp
Low-fiber cereals
Yogurt or cheese without seeds or nuts
Smooth peanut butter
Tender meat, poultry and fish
White rice or plain pasta, noodles or macaroni
Well-cooked vegetables without seeds or skins

Soon it'll be time to call your colon back from vacation and get back to work. And your appetite will be pleased as you return to your standard, high-fiber diet for diverticulitis.

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