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Moberlys' unorthodox approach to Biblical Literature is sexy and intelligent. A teacher, father of seven and man of God, Thomas L. Moberly..

Give Joy

Give Joy

Joy: A Gift

Be Joyful

I am grateful, are you grateful? Are you grateful for anything? I assume that you must be grateful for something. Something that you could consider to be a plus, a positive mark. Even if you don't believe it yourself in this very moment, you will know it. I promise that you will, more likely sooner than later too.. Just me asking you now with my words to dig deeper for it within yourself, is driving you towards it. With it you'll experience gladness. Hold on to that gladness, embrace it, let it bring you joy.. Joy to the point of glee.

Joy Overcomes Anger

Isn't that a good feeling, a great way to experience living. I use the word "glee" and it severs the flow of negativity to your thoughts. Its just like tickling my 8 year old son, upset because I coached him for being quarralsome with his siblings. It's a pitiful world, if you truly needed a little word tickle to smile a bit today. "Glee" is a funny word though, it is to me at least.. Wheee.... momentary lapse in my sorrow and negativity. Sorrow for you, the one with nothing to be grateful for; and the negativity, I experience inside feeling pity and grief for you. Now, don't be sad, because it's of no good.

Let It Go

If only it were that simple right? Life never really is though. Depression is very real, sad things happen to us, the world can strip us of all that is good; nothing we can do either, except experience anger, hatred and ignorance as to why? To be completely enslaved by loss, so focused on the absence of what was stolen, that all we feel is the pain. Blinding us to our other senses even.. overwhelmed by grief, unable to understand. We grasp at things to pick us back up, and get no relief.

Enjoy Caring

In life, this will happen. It is a good thing too, because these experiences humble a person. It is fortunate to have people in your life to help you get through the hard times, but there are a lot of cases in which people have nobody but themselves to lean on. Hopefully they have the strength and wisdom to endure. Or there is in their path a person that will care enough about them to give them a tickle. If only everybody in the world cared like that, loved like that, it would be nice. I wonder why sometimes for a reason we don't? Why don't I care enough about that person to help him out? Maybe that is exactly all that some people need to be helped too, just to know that someone cared about them in the tiniest little fragment of their heart? That little bit could turn there life around, help them to begin a path towards being whole again. They'd find the strength to commit themselves to get back at living life.

Joy Is Pure

So what is so special about the tickle? Joy.. it is very important. Joy could be one of the greatest tools we have, and most of us don't really pay any mind to it at all. Or we mistake it with pleasure. They're not the same. Joy is pure, selfless.. Pleasure is selfish. Understand? To feel joyous is not to be pleasured. It is not to get what you want, it is the feeling of being happy for others, for well-being, for what is good and of good nature. When someone tickles you, you feel their love for you, you know that they care and love you and this'll bring joy to anyone of us.

"Joy is Strength, and the two are inter-changeable."

Nehemiah 8:10

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Joy Surrounds Us

Joy Surrounds Us

Strength Forever

Joy Is Eternal

Understanding that Joy and Strength are one in the same will bring about significant changes in your life. As you realize the difference between joy and pleasure, the urge to pursue pleasure will surely diminish. Joy is felt at the core, it can be experienced, simply in the remembrance of good things. I remember the moment each one of my children were born, for every one I experienced great joy. I can think back, even with all the turmoil, pain and suffering that I have endured between then and now my joy has not faded. The pleasures of conception though, were strictly of the moment. This is because pleasure is worldly, it is not pure of heart, therefore it cannot transcend the time between now and then.

Giving Joy

Pleasure can be sought after and even taken by means of force. Joy can not be taken forcibly from another, it may only be gifted to one another through gestures of good-will and well-being. Through gestures of love and kindness, encouragement and honoring of friends and family. Through good deeds and works, in service of others. We all have the ability to give the gift of Joy selflessly and abundantly with no limit, however, none of us do it. We'd rather be selfish with our endless supply of joy, because we ourselves aren't getting enough.

Sharing Strength

This is wrong though, the truth is that there is an abundance of joy that is coming our way, but we don't know how to receive it properly. In order to receive the gifts of joy that are constantly bombarding each of us, from all direction and source, we must open our hearts to them by receiving them with thanksgiving. That's right, just be thankful. Then the gifting process is completed and we get to experience the feeling of joy. A heart full of joy is a very strong heart indeed. We are all blessed by this gift and need to start tapping into the strength that comes with being joyous. Being strong in our hearts lets us be strong for others as well, and we can actually be there for our friends and family when they need support. Not only physically but with our entire being, our energy and our spirit. Letting them know we truly love and care about their well-being and their success, through all of their endeavors. Whatever they struggle with, the challenges they are facing, today you will be a major part of their strength. You can help them because you are strong. Be joyous, share that strength with others.

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Be Joyous

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    Moberlys' unorthodox approach to Biblical Literature is sexy and intelligent. A teacher, father of seven and man of God, Thomas L. Moberly...

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