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A Belief In Something Greater Than Yourself

Do you have a belief in something that is greater than yourself? This is a big question and a question that for most people is hard to answer. A lot of people when they hear this will immediately go to religion or spirituality which can and can not be a polarizing thought. However, this question might be one most important questions in your life that we will need to answer. If people don't have a belief in something greater than themselves they can find themselves in a difficult spot with no clear resolution. They can end up being lost and confused and constantly looking for answers. The answer is always in this question and as long as you can answer it. This is why I believe a belief in something bigger is of utmost importance right now.


What It Can Be

It is not easy where to start with this idea because of how philosophic this question can be. As mentioned earlier most people when they hear that question will, for the most part, think of religion or spirituality. These are two ways of looking at it but are not the only way you can look at it. When I speak to people I will often say that you may not believe in God for example but do you believe in source or nature. A lot of people may have never thought about it from that perspective before and often the people who you might consider are not comfortable with that question are more willing to answer the question. My feeling is that most people fall into one of three thought processes, they are either a belief in God, source or nature


A belief in nature to me is the one out of the three that people probably never think of. You will always hear about God or source in different circles but not often do we hear about nature talked about in that way. Nature is probably the least divisive or not polarizing out of the three. This is because it's the most tangible of the three. You can see nature, you can feel it, and to various degrees even taste it. The other two are more of a feeling or a knowing. With that all being said nature I think most people would admit it has its own way of doing things. Nature has its own laws that it adheres to. Nature doesn't ask you for your opinion and nor does it care what you think. Nature is just bigger than us and we all know that even if we don't want to admit it.



Source is another word you may have heard people use to describe what they believe in. Source in a way is similar to nature and that it is some sort of intelligence or spark that runs through all things. It's a feeling that all things come from it and that it knows what best for everything. A lot of people will say that sounds like a definition of God and in many ways it is but source is easier for people who don't feel comfortable describing what they believe in as God.



God is the big one and for most people, this is what they will tend to believe in. No matter if they are religious or not people will often refer to this thing that is bigger than us as God. Most people consider God to be all-knowing and the all-powerful, that knows what's best for everyone. God has created all of this and is the maintainer of this world for us. You often will see people looking up to the sky and asking God for help this is a tell-tale sign that people believe that God is bigger than us. They are looking at something beyond what they can see for answers.

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Why It's So Important

A lot of us have things we strive for whether that's in our careers or personal life. We know what it feels like to accomplish those goals or not. However, these goals are generally materialistic in nature they are about reaching something that we can see. For example the goal of graduating college, you receive a diploma and have a celebration and eventually the hope of being in the field you studied. These are all things that you can feel and touch and really have a sense of accomplishment from. When you have belief in something greater than you the striving never stops, it's a continuous moving forward. You are always striving for betterment never looking for anything less. Often times there is no tangible feeling just a gut feeling or knowing that the more I stick with the more reward I will become.

Being humbled is something that will happen consistently when you have belief in something greater than yourself. You will discover something in nature that you never knew about or how it goes through that process. You will see the spark of source through creation in your life and will be taken aback by it. You will have something happened in your life and know it's God's way of communicating with you and it will strike you as profound. All of these are examples of being humbled by this belief in something greater. No matter what that belief is you can and will be humbled every day as long as you have that belief.

Striving and being humble by a belief in something greater is important because it allows you to know that you don't need to have all the answers. It is ok to just not know but you will continue to look for answers. It's ok to have a longing for discovery in both this world and yourself and there is no shame in it. This process is why we are here to grown and become better and to be on this path constantly even when it feels that we might be falling off.


How To Develop It

Figuring out how to go about developing a belief in something bigger than yourself is a process that takes time. Some people might have it come easy because they may be religious, so they have experience in believing in something. However, for most people, it's going to have to be about what they value the most in their lives. This will allow them to see how it will fit in with a belief in something bigger. Meditation is usually a good place to start for this, as it will allow for you to calm the mind so that you can listen to yourself. This especially great for building a connection to God or source. If your someone who feels that a belief in nature is where you stand then walks or sitting in nature will help to bring you closer to nature in your development. However, the biggest way though, in my opinion, is just knowing that no matter what happens everything will be good because I have this belief. It takes willpower and it won't come overnight but once you just believe then there is no going back.


My Opinion

These three thought processes are in my opinion are describing the same thing. God, source, and nature are a description of the same thing that is bigger than us. To me, they are not separate from each other but rather just different ways that we come to the same conclusion. I always describe it as God because it is the easiest way to explain what I believe in. I don't look at God the way maybe religion does I tend to take God as esoteric intelligence that manifests through the exoteric. I believe that everything is God and that we are living in the presence of God every day and in every moment. Sometimes it's expressed through nature, through what I can see with my own eyes every day, the laws of the universe that are undeniable in many ways. Other times it's through a divine intelligence to me is the source, the resonance and life force that runs through pretty everything on this planet. So when I say God I am not describing someone sitting somewhere creating things I am saying that God is everything and everything that will come.


A belief in something great than yourself Is a question that has been pondered for centuries and will continue for centuries. There is no easy way to answer the question because of how personal and philosophic it can be. However, I tried to put worth the best answer I could possibly give. It's one of the most important questions that I feel we need to as a society answer for ourselves. God, source, and nature to me are at the centre of this and choosing one if not all of them will be the best way for people to reach that belief. Once you have a belief in one of those three it will be the most humbling, rewarding, and most grateful things of your life. It will change you in more ways than you know and will bring to a belief in something great than yourself.

© 2021 Ryan c Harvey

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