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9 Tips Haelth And Fitness New Year's Resolution

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9 Tips Health And Fitness New Year's Resolution

Many of us are turning to online sources for advice; however, there are few resources that will truly help you turn your year into a healthier one. While there are tons of different health and fitness related websites providing tips on how to take care of body problems, I have compiled a list of nine simple strategies with each strategy focused on an important part of the overall nutritional approach I have made over the last year. Whether it’s going to the gym, cutting carbs or reducing fat for good nutrition, I’m here to serve my readers…and share information to help them make better decisions about their health.

1. Cut Carbs For Good Nutrition

Carbohydrates are a key component in nutrition. Without carbohydrates, we don’t grow our muscles and gain any type of bulk or physical strength. Carbohydrates also provide our brains cells with energy. It is not recommended that you increase your daily carbohydrate intake at once but instead, decrease it from 2-3 times more per day for optimal results. Here is a great guide to get started with low carb dieting and increasing carbohydrate intake. You can find other useful guides to cut carb intake or to create delicious recipes with protein based foods. There is nothing like learning what works for each individual but this article is designed to help readers on the path you should follow when starting your journey towards a healthy body.

2. Go to The Gym

As one of the most popular ways of making sure you are getting the nutrition you need to stay fit and strong, working out has become increasingly popular as well. This may be partly due to the amount of time that people who work out are able to spend together before heading back home from a workout, but other benefits associated with going to the gym include increasing cardio endurance and improving cardiovascular health such as heart health, lungs, joints and bones. These benefits also translate into increased endurance on bike rides among cyclists. Some examples of exercises that may provide some benefit to your workout are walking, rowing, stair climbing, jumping jacks and yoga. Although the main purpose of going to the gym and doing any exercise is to improve cardio endurance, there is no way to stress this all the time unless you actually use exercises as an effective way of gaining the types of physical strength and endurance you want to achieve.

Try to make the workouts fun and challenging. Don’t let exercise go too far from helping improve your health by exercising while watching TV. Exercise helps move your body physically and burns calories and reduces your chance to pick up bad habits like smoking or drinking alcohol to lose weight. As a result, I know how much exercise that just might be.

3. Reduce Carbs for Good Nutrition

While many people have trouble going without carbs, I am proud to state that this is almost impossible. Just because of the convenience, many people have turned to a vegan lifestyle and eating animal products for nutrition. While the Paleo era was long gone, it’s still possible for those of today to eat plants with virtually no restrictions on calories and nutrients. In reality, even meatless diets are limited mainly in terms of calorie absorption and dietary fiber content. Eating plant meals can sometimes be difficult for vegetarians because of various dietary restrictions but I have written a comprehensive analysis that explains the importance of cutting carbs and protein from your diet and maximizing nutrient absorption to optimize your nutrition.

4. Learn To Increase Protein Intake

Protein is a major muscle building ingredient. If we lose protein we are actually losing more muscle over time than if we were taking supplements. One study even found that it would be wise if we reduced carb consumption in addition to reducing food grams per day (e.g. grains). Another study found that increased protein intake not only increased total protein but also improved lean body mass and decreased belly fat.

Protein is not just essential in digestion, but also in cell growth and repair. Research suggests that a higher protein intake is associated with improved lean body mass and metabolic health. Protein promotes collagen production and is used to support protein metabolism. In fact, research shows that eating protein is so powerful that a 12 ounce steak can compete against a 30 pound whole chicken. A daily protein intake of 1 gram or 2 grams is adequate for someone with a normal BMI. Those with special dietary needs can use additional amounts depending on those specific needs.

5. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Drinking water is incredibly important during training, especially when you sweat heavily. Drinking enough water decreases fatigue levels, decreases blood pressure and increases stamina levels. Hydrating also cuts down on your chances of dehydration, which is becoming increasingly common as we continue to drink more and more caffeine and other beverages. Water not only does it give calories that can be burned, but it also decreases your risk of dehydration, which occurs when your fluid level drops below 8 percent. Not only that, but consuming enough water lowers your chances of developing kidney disease. Studies have shown hydration to lower the chances of developing heart disease. Overall, whether it's consuming water or not, drinking enough water on a regular basis can have a tremendous effect on your overall health.

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6. Avoid Smoking

Smoking causes lung cancer in several people which can be quite debilitating and painful. Since studies have established that smokers are twice as likely to die from their cancers as non smokers, it's more important than ever to ensure that smoking doesn't happen to you. Smoking is also a known cause of high blood pressure. Increased consumption leads to a drop in cholesterol, increases triglycerides and decreases HDL cholesterol. All of these things lead to an increase in bad LDL cholesterol that can harm blood vessel walls and increase blood pressure. Smoking can further increase your risk of osteoarthritis which can affect your mobility and ability to do certain tasks.

7. Follow A Vegan Diet

A vegan diet is a diet that excludes animals from your entire nutrition intake. Vegans generally choose soy, dairy, seafood, egg whites, and legumes instead of animal fats. While this may sound relatively impossible to avoid, it often becomes easier to reduce food consumption for vegetarian or vegan clients when they follow this way of nutrition. Vegans generally tend to consume less sugar than vegetarians and usually fewer calories at a lower rate. Because of this, vegans eat a far larger variety of vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Vegans also tend to lose some of the excess fat they have stored in their bodies, which leads to less weight gain. When combined with the incredible scientific evidence, this information makes it possible to eliminate animal-based supplements for good nutrition and maintain overall health as well.

8. Cut Cholesterol From Your Diet

Cholesterol is a well-known element that plays a huge role in keeping the body healthy. Unfortunately, too much cholesterol can lead to atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes. While cutting cholesterol can be a bit complicated, there are steps you can take to keep cholesterol under control and promote longevity and health. Cutting cholesterol can be done through making changes like limiting saturated fat and cholesterol in packaged foods and eliminating cigarettes and nicotine from your diet. Taking lipids-lowering medication such as statin drugs also helps. Lipid free cheese is another excellent option. Lifestyle changes like avoiding junk food, engaging in moderate exercise and limiting smoking also do wonders!

9. Get Plenty Of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for bone health. Overexposure to vitamin D greatly increases risk factors of osteoporosis such as bone loss, diabetes and depression. Vitamin D tends to interact with estrogen to boost testosterone levels, which in turn, is linked to increased sexual desire and quality of life for both men and women. Vitamin D also helps prevent osteoporosis and help with the symptoms that come with its diagnosis. On top of that, vitamin D also regulates the production of steroid hormones. Cortisol is used to produce adrenocorticoids which can block the effects of estrogen in the system. Both these things go hand in hand to make sure that your vitamin D levels and hormone levels are stable and healthy. While not always easy to access, vitamin D is certainly becoming a must-know supplement that everyone should take to ensure overall health and longevity.

All of the above nine ways, when followed properly, could be the start of a successful nutrition plan for years to come.

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