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5 Home Remedies to Treat and Get Rid of Pimples

What exactly are pimples?

Acne or as also called pimples is a condition of the skin that causes inflammation and where the sabeceous gland gets infected with bacteria causing it to swell up and therefore fill with pus.

One of the main causes of pimples is that there can be a ton of sebum secretion comming from the oil glands and thats how a pimple is created.


What are the 5 home remedies to try?


Believe it or not the ice can treat several different things from acne such as swelling, inflammation, and redness. It also helps with the circulation of blood in the most affected areas.

A way that ice can cure acne is by taking out all of the dirt and oil that sets into the pimple start by taking a ice cube or some crushed ice and wrap the ice with some cloth that may be available.

Apply the wrapped ice into the affected area for some minutes for example 5 minutes max then repeat the process all over again as desired.


Lemon is known to have several benefits for a better health but it can also help out with acne problems as well. Lemon makes the pimple dry faster. In order for this to work make sure you use fresh new lemons not the preservative lemons that are bottled.

Tea tree oil

This type of oil is really good for the treatment of pimples since it contains antibacterial agents that eliminate the bacteria that starts several skin issues.


You might be surprised to see that toothpaste is in this list of homemade remedies to cure the pimples. It works best if its done after the ice remedi idea make sure not to use the gel toothpaste.

Lastly consider using steam

Steam is really good and healthy for the skin since it opens up the pores, takes away the dirt,kills bacteria all of these factors can cause some sort of infection or inflammation.

To do the steam treatment follow these 4 steps to get the best results

  • Boil some water and place the boiled water in a big bowl
  • Make sure to place have your face above the big bowl so that the skin of your face can absorb the steam.

Instructions for applying the toothpaste on the pimples

  • To start out first take off the cap from the toothpaste container then carefully squish the container a little bit to take out a small amount of toothpaste and put the small amount onto your finger.
  • Next place the small amount of toothpaste onto the area where the pimple is at.
  • Now that the small dab of toothpaste is on the pimple make sure to leave the toothpaste on the pimple for several hours then wash out the toothpaste from the pimple do the same process again for one time daily for several weeks.
  • In doing this daily you will see the results of the pimple swelling.
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Instructions to use the tea tree oil and aloe vera for the pimples

  • Get 1 tbsp of the aloe vera gel
  • Then apply some drops of the tea tree oil onto the aloe vera gel mix both well.
  • Apply it onto the pimple and then leave it on the affected area for about 20 minutes.
  • Lastly wash it off good with water until the affected area is clean again.

How to try the lemon remedy for pimples

  • Use a clean cotton swab to dip it in some freh lemon juice then put it on the area where the pimple is at do this before going to bed.
  • Another thing to try is mixing one tablespoon of some lemon juice and one teaspoon of some cinnamon powder apply it onto the pimple for the night. When morning comes rinse the skin good with lukewarm water.

Some advice: If you have sensitive skin it's better if you don't try this remedy.

Some interesting facts about pimples

  1. Personal objects that are dirty can cause bacteria, and dirt to gather into the skin and therefore cause a pimple to form.
  2. Acne does not only happen with teenagers but it can still occur in the adult years.
  3. Pimples in the skin is the most comon skin condition in the United States.
  4. There is only one way that pimples form.

The types of pimples

The Whitehead pimpleThe BlackheadThe PustuleThe Cyst NoduleThe Papule acne

These types of pimples stay below the surface of the skin

They open to the surface of the skin

It's one of the most known pimple

These are painful pimples

Acne that is hard

They are white pimples

Black pimples

Its red with inflammation

deep into the skin

It appears inflammed

Can be seen as small dots in the skin

As it forms it oxidizes in the skin

usually contains some pus inside

look like red dots in the skin

they are red bumps in the skin


An Extra home remedy for pimple problems

Olive oil

The olive oil is a good engridient for cooking but it also does wonders for the skin when treating it from acne. All that you need for this acne treatment process is some olive oil, a clean cloth, and some warm water.

  • Wash the face troughly with water
  • Then apply some olive oil into the palm of your hand make sure that the hands are clean and apply the olive oil with your hands in circular motion.
  • Leave the olive oil in your face for 30 minutes and then rinse your face with warm water and dry your face with a clean cloth that has not been used.

What to do and what not to do with acne problems

When it comes to acne it's best to know what to do and what not to do in order to take care of your skin and not make the acne worse here are some tips.

What is right to do:

Try to use a gel cleanser because they can help out to manage normal to dry skin such as cleaning out the excess oil that may be present in the skin. Drugstores sell a variety of gel cleansers that can work well.

Make sure to have your hands away from your face that way there wont be any germs on the skin of the face which can cause more skin pores to clogg and possibly create more pimples.

What not to do when having acne problems:

Try not to scrub the skin at all stay away from products that can cause irritation to the skin when you are thinking of exfoliating your skin I recommend you to use a chemical exfoliator.

Absolutely do not pinch the pimples doing this will make the acne worse and leave marks on the skin that will not look good on you.

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