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9 Easy Ways to Conquer Procrastination Forever

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Doing what needs to be done will set your mind and body free.

Doing what needs to be done will set your mind and body free.

It is tremendous to think about the infinity of dreams and projects that will not have been realized precisely because the postponement has been silently taking its toll throughout the process, ending up killing the only thing that makes us capable of generating results in life: our ability to take action.

In this way, millions of people leave the things they know they should do pending to do for another moment, are paving the way for the lack of results.

They are the same people who usually say: "One of these days, I'll do it."

One of these days does not exist in the calendar, and therefore it will never come. So, if you want to achieve significant results, you will have to defeat this dangerous enemy as soon as possible. And below, you will find nine simple keys to achieve it:

1. Establish specific objectives, assigning a particular moment to act.

When you consider doing something and you do not assign a specific moment in which you will do it, you are paying for the chances that that task will be postponed.

However, if you establish that you will start writing that report from 4 to 5 this afternoon, for example, setting that specific period to do it and committing to it, you have maximized the chances that that task will be carried out.

When we assign particular blocks of time to something, we are genuinely committing ourselves to do it.

Therefore, it is not enough that you have a to-do list - each of these tasks must always have a specific period of time in which you will get to work to complete it.

2. Do not spend time thinking about something before starting to do it.

Once you have something planned, with a specific time to do it assigned, stop spinning in your head.

When the time comes, get down to business and act.

Many people begin to think about the task before them in advance, and they begin to inflate in their minds all the effort necessary to carry it out. And it is precisely this constant thought of how much it will require to carry out the task that ends up discouraging and paralyzing them when it comes to taking action.

Don't make this mistake.

Instead, plan and assign when you will do it, and then forget about it until that moment.

Working out daily is normally cited as the hardest thing to do. Why not greet the morning sun and get it out of the way first?

Working out daily is normally cited as the hardest thing to do. Why not greet the morning sun and get it out of the way first?

3. Attack those things that you usually put off the first few every morning.

It's amazing the sense of accomplishment that comes from taking the most critical or heavy tasks out of your way first thing in the morning.

That feeling of accomplishment will accompany you throughout the rest of the day and make you even more effective. In addition, it is in those moments when our energy is maximum, and you can face any challenge more effectively.

4. Faced with the things that you do not like to do ask yourself: How can I face this task and have fun while I do it?

We all have tasks that we must perform that fall into the category of "not pleasant." Perhaps they are heavy or routine tasks that you do not like to do but are necessary for your performance.

Faced with these tasks, the technique that works best is to try to transform them in some way into more pleasant tasks. Ask yourself the question: How can I face this task and have fun while doing it?

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For example, if you are a person who does not like to exercise, but you like to read, perhaps the answer to this question is to work out on a stationary bike while simultaneously reading a good book. In this way, you overcome procrastination by linking something that you are passionate about with something that you know you should do but that you are not particularly excited about.

5. Lean on people around you to help you stay true to your commitments.

Often we care so much about what others will say that we are capable of doing more.

The simple fact of not looking bad in the eyes of someone will motivate you into carrying out the task.

Use this to your advantage. Commit yourself to people around you to complete those tasks that you have set aside. You will see how this simple "accountability commitment" prompts you to take action consistently.

6. Try to help someone who has the same problem as you.

On many occasions, when we come out of our shells and try to help someone with a similar problem, it encourages and motivates us to achieve the benefits that we seek ourselves.

We all want to be consistent with the message we send out and if you try to teach others to overcome procrastination in their lives, you cannot avoid applying those own principles yourself.

In this help process, you will find many of the answers that you need to overcome the problem and to use for your own procrastination cure.

Visualizing is not procrastinating as long as you plan and follow up with action.

Visualizing is not procrastinating as long as you plan and follow up with action.

7. Use the power of visualization and affirmations in your favor.

One of the most common causes of procrastination is creating an intense and powerful visualization in your mind that is burdensome and costly to perform as a task.

But in the same way, you can use that incredible power of visualization that all human beings possess to your advantage.

Begin to visualize how incredibly good you will feel once the task is done.

Visualize all the benefits that completing this task will bring to your development and results. And magnify in your mind all those positive feelings.

For a more significant and positive impact, support it with positive affirmations such as "I can," "I know that I will achieve it,"... In this way, your mind becomes the most powerful ally you can have.

8. Celebrate each triumph and advancement point.

Success produces success.

When you take action and manage to overcome procrastination in some task, celebrate that triumph. Reward yourself in some way, even if only symbolically.

Reinforce that momentum that you have created. Feel good about what you have accomplished, and in this way, you are feeding the desire to feel that way again in the future by taking action.

9. And if nothing works, postpone the postponement!

And finally, there is a key trick in which you are making your enemy precisely the architect of your victory. Instead of applying procrastination to tasks you know you should do, use it specifically to procrastinate. Then, when you feel like procrastinating, postpone procrastination and take action!

Apply these nine methods to your life, and you will be surprised by the life-changing steps you will make in terms of results.

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Ethan Hawley (author) on September 01, 2021:

When I used to be a master of procrastination and I came upon this, I just laughed out loud and couldn't wait to use it either. Good luck!

Carolyn Fields from South Dakota, USA on August 31, 2021:

I had never heard of "postpone the postponement" before. I'll have to try that one!

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