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8 Winter and Bump Friendly Best Maternity Clothes (Personal Favorites)

I'm a mother to a teenage stepson and two daughters, and I'm baking one right now. I am taking one step at a time.


Are you pregnant? Congratulations, so am I with my third child now! If this is your first pregnancy, you’re in for the most amazing experience of your life. Is it cold outside? You pick a great season to be pregnant ☺ (wardrobe wise). Bundling that bump could prove challenging - like what I found out (my first and second pregnancies were in Spring and Autumn) but a lot of fun too, if you have some ideas on what to wear during the cold season to be comfortable and look cute.

Some of the wardrobe staples of maternity can be boring… adding that it's winter, life can get very boring if you don't spice up your wardrobe. The first thing you need to know (if you haven’t discovered it yet) is that your body temperature (thanks to the hormone party going on inside you) is usually two degrees higher than the non-pregnant people. So, even though you’ll need to bundle up so you and your bump could stay warm and cozy, you’re not going to be as cold as everyone around you.

That being said and acknowledged, the best thing for you to master what outfits to wear during the winter is to dress up in layers. This means that you don’t have to buy or rent complete outfits, you can check on your current wardrobe to see if you have pieces that you can mix and match. For example, wool shirts, fleece t-shirts, shearling coats, leggings, knitted cardigans; also check for essential winter accessories like scarfs, and gloves and hats.


One very important item on your maternity winter wardrobe is shoes, forget about to gorgeous high heels or stilettos (those could prove dangerous for this season and your special circumstance☺), and get some very comfortable and chic maternity boots (we’ll give you some ideas for those latter on).

So to master maternity layering you’ll need to stock on maternity T-shirts, you can get as many as you need but 5 or 6 will do. Check your closet for ponchos and sweater dresses. If you don’t have a poncho, you should get one, they drape nicely around your belly keeping it warm. You can use your sweater dresses early on your pregnancy. They are roomy, comfy and cute.

You should check your closet for blazers and cardigans too. These pieces of clothing are great for layering, you can wear them open and they’ll make the dress you’re wearing or the top-and-jeans ensemble look chic. You don’t actually need to invest in maternity pants, if you have low waist trousers you can wear them with the bottom secretly undone or use these hacks below that I found useful.

8 Best Winter Maternity Outfit Ideas for Moms

Take a look at these personal favourite winter-bump friendly outfits, I am sure you’ll find one that goes with your style.

1. T-Shirt Dress

There are a lot of styles for this maternity T-Shirt. You can get a stripped one or in a different colors. It comes in different sizes too. What’s so great about this outfit is that you can dress it up with a leather jacket or a blazer and a pair of cute boots. Or you can dress it down pairing it with a denim jacket and tennis shoes. You can also wear it with a pair of leggings and boots. It is perfect for any occasion during those winter days. Oh yeah, did I mention, T-Shirt grows with your bump so you can wear from first trimester till your third trimester. By your third trimester, you can show off your very obvious bump for a subway seat!

2. Maternity Tank

I know a tank top doesn't make sense for winter but a maternity tank is a wardrobe hero ☺. Not only can you save it for the warmer days of spring or summer, you can use it this winter season by layering it under jumpers and jackets or under a blazer to dress it up. Buy those designed with a built in shelf bra, it has a slim fit and has a ruching detail so you know it’ll be a great fit throughout your pregnancy. You can pair it with leggings or maternity jeans or some slouchy pants. It goes with everything and so comfortable and stylish.

3. A Knitted Cardigan

A cardigan is a favorite among pregnant women, myself included. It’s great to layer it over your favorite long sleeves or tank. You can wear it with leggings or with jeans. Because of the stretchiness, a knitted cardigan design to fit you all through pregnancy; you can wear it with a belt or without depending on where you are in your stage of pregnancy. For the crafter, why not spend some time to knit your own cardigan? It's a long lasting piece that is awesome for pregnancy and even after. Remember to get the buttons kinds for nursing convenience after your birth.

4. A Maternity Top

This maternity top would be a good investment piece when you are still early in your pregnancy. It has a front pleated empire waist style so you’ll look slimmer and it totally showcases the bump. It has flow too, so you can wear while watching the belly grow. The design is comfortable and stylish and so versatile that you can wear it for all occasions. Pair it with leggings, pants, jeans and you’re set.

If you happen to have a piece that has a front pleated empire waist style, it will work well too (no need to spend on a maternity top!). It is just that regular tops tend to be focused on the waistline which is impractical for pregnancy cause eventually you will not have any waistline - I can guarantee you this!

Winter Boots for Pregnant Moms

Now let’s talk shoes! You’ll need good footwear that can provide stability and support to your growing bump. Now, comfortable and pregnancy safe shoes doesn’t mean ugly. There are so many options in the market these days from where you can choose.

Your best friends during the winter are going to be a pair or two of winter boots. Here are my personal favorites that I use now. My recommendation of shoes will be more specific (ie with brand names) as I feel it make a big difference on the quality and the comfort level - perhaps due to the shoe technology. Of course if you can find an alternative, just make sure it's with good sole and grip as winter in these few years can get rather slippery (I get less powder snow and more of hard ice nowadays).

5. Columbia Women’s Ice Maiden II Slip Winter Boot

If you are pregnant and want to look stylish and be warm and comfortable when winter arrives, then you have to get this boots. They are lightweight thanks to the Techlite lightweight sole. They are waterproof, have a leather exterior (so they’re durable). They will keep your feet protected from the cold while looking good.

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6. HARENCE Womens Winter Snow Boots Fur Lined Warm Ankle Boots Slip On Waterproof Outdoor Booties

One of the best winter boots you can find. They are waterproof and lined with fur so your feet will be warm and dry during the winter months. The fit is not tight which is great because you’ll have plenty of room for you expanding ankles and feet. They are a slip on so that’s easier to handle than laces. You can check the boxes for comfort and safety; these boots are low healed and have a non-slip sole. And you can choose from a variety of colors.

Maternity Leggings Suitable for Winter

Leggings are one the most versatile outfits you can have in your closet when you’re pregnant (and when you’re not too). They are comfortable if you want to stay home, and can be dress up if you paired them with a nice sweater or a proper top if you want to go out. Just be sure to pick one that is right for your body and your pregnancy stage.

7. Fleece Maternity Leggings

Yes, fleece leggings are the winter leggings even when you are not pregnant. Well, it is even better for winter pregnancies for layering your tops. The difference between a fleece maternity leggings versus a regular legging is the stretchability of the material and a might thicker top fold so that you can wrap your belly, wear it mid-belly or under-belly. You can choose from a variety of colors and styles. Launch in them or dress them up, they’re good for all occasions.

Initially I started off with the regular leggings but as my bump grew, I could not stand wearing the leggings under belly as the rubber was cutting into my belly and making it very uncomfortable. I ditched my regular leggings around mid of my second trimester.

8. Full Length French Terry Belly Leggings

French terry fabric is mainly made of cotton. It is soft and helps to keep warm. You can check the material when you buy the leggings with the packaging. Sometimes, it will be outright written on the title.

These French terry leggings could pass for real pants, they’re made from a thick material and have pocket details and are super comfortable. Perfect for layering too, you can wear them for work and nobody will know the difference. You’ll be comfy, warm and chic.

The one I wear and is really comfortable is this: Motherhood Maternity Women’s Full Length French Terry Secret Fit Belly Leggings.

Nursing friendly Maternity Clothes for Post Pregnancy

Are you going to be breastfeeding mom? With endless heaping on the benefits of breastfeeding, most mom will at least try to breastfeed, so why not prepare yourself for nursing.. and yes, nursing will need clothes with convenience to breastfeed. To get best of everything, try getting clothes suitable for nursing that also look fashionable! It's good to have 1-2 nursing outfits especially when you know you are going to breastfeed for awhile! (My last nursing stint for my daughter was 3 years).

There are also options of outfits that you can use for both pregnancy and nursing.

Wrap Hem Maternity Nursing Top

This wrap is so versatile that you can wear it before, during and after pregnancy. It’s great for layering, and totally nursing-friendly. As usual, if you can find a wrap top in your regular clothes, go ahead! There's no need to pay extra just because it's meant for nursing (yes, I am a money pinching pregnancy mom).

Maternity/Nursing Dress

A very stylish dress that you can use during your pregnancy and is totally nursing friendly because it has a discreet panel at the waist that’s very comfortable and makes it easier for you to breastfeed you baby discreetly. Plus it’s a very flattering outfit that you can wear on a night out or to work, even after pregnancy or nursing.

Top 3 Best Places for Maternity Clothes

Buying maternity clothes can be a little overwhelming, so many choices and you’re not sure what will fit and what style will be the most flattering to you and your bump and how much you’ll have to stretch your wallet. To help you with those decisions, here are 3 places where you can get maternity clothes.


1. Isabella Oliver

If you’re looking for trendy maternity clothes because that’s your style or because that’s what you’re aiming (comfortable and chic) then you’ll find that at Isabella Oliver. It is a UK company and it ships to US!


2. Pink Blush Maternity

Do you want to look polished at work and be comfortable in your maternity clothes? Then go to Pink Blush, you’ll find everything you need there.



If your wallet is a little tight right now or you don’t want to spend as much on maternity clothes then ASOS is your to-go place. You’ll find cheap maternity clothes with style, so you’ll look great throughout your pregnancy without spending too much.



Dressing yourself and your bump for the winter season just got easier. Enjoy this magical time called pregnancy and look amazing wearing outfits that are comfortable, warm and cozy.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Muriel B Tewes

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