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8 Methods That Could Improve Your Mental Health



We all want to be mentally healthy, well at least some people. We all need a boost of improvement in our life. We could all use sleep, creativity, and more. It's always important to do something good for you. So, here are 8 ways to improve your mental health.

Express Your Creativity

Be creative! What I mean by this is, explore, geocache, hunt, be active, produce art, bake, make your own hobbies, and more. There are so many resources around you where you can have fun. Switch things up a bit, For example, if I were to have an interest in painting I would paint portraits for people or paint animals at the park or somewhere where I would feel comfortable painting. Or, let's just say you liked baking, you could facetime your friends or/and family while baking. You could also have a blog or article on where you could develop recipes for people who like baking/eating.

Listen To Music

Create and/or listen to music more often. We all need a boost of happiness and one way to do that is to listen or create music or even both. It can be used to relax or dance. You can even take dance classes or singing classes. While listening to jams, you could write down your feelings and discuss them later with someone you trust. You could also dance with a partner. You should listen to inspirational podcasts or verses. Also have more positive songs on your playlist. There are many ways to enjoy music with yourself or your friends and family.



Be physical, You should at least work out or walk or do something within those for 30 minutes a day or more. It's not just healthy, it's mentally healthy. You could go to the gym, you could try Zumba and you could try yoga lessons or get a coach to help you take on your physical activities, and so much more. Try starting a routine of some sort to motivate you to be physical and active.

Get Assistance

Get support, what I mean by this is try to manage your contact with people. Make sure you're social with people around you and with your friends and family. Tell them what's going on and they might be able to help. Tell different people so you have more than one opinion. Tell your friends or family how they can reach out to you just in case they need you or you need them.

Eat Healthy

To be mentally healthy it is important to eat well, to eat well you need to be committed. Try not to not eat, instead try eating normally but just eat healthily. Less sugar and some fat. Plus if you eat like this you'll have more energy to exercise and you'll get more sleep as well as a good mood. Many foods can benefit your moods, such as avocados, beans, flaxseeds, vegetables, fresh fruit, and nuts.

Educate Your Self About Depression

Teach yourself the common signs of a mental disorder so you can identify them. It's not only helpful for your friends, but it's also helpful for you too, For example, if your friend would show signs of depression you could help him or her through and get them help. You could also help them cope.


Volunteering can help you in many ways, it can help you become more compassionate, it can help you develop a hobby, it can also help with your mental health. The overall work you could be doing for an organization counts in many ways. There are many organizations to attend like, your local pet adoption center, a museum, your local library center, and many more. So what could it do for you, it could relieve stress, it can make you feel like you're doing something important, it could also help you make new friends.

Make New Friends

Meet new people, nothing else relieves stress greater than connections to other people. So how would you meet new people? It's simple, there are thousands of apps designated to help people make friends. You could also make friends while doing the activity you enjoy. Like dancing, or chess, or other 2 player activities. But to make new friends while doing this, you'll need to develop a conversation with someone. For example, if I were to go to a dance class I would say “ hey there, why did you want to dance in the first place”, then they would say something then you would say something and then you would have a connection to that person.

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