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9 Tips to Raise Your Confidence

We all have had moments of low confidence or a little episode of self-doubt. This dip in confidence is not necessarily a bad thing—it is a simple human reaction to our progress in life. This is sort of our way of keeping ourselves in check. If the dip did not happen, then we would ultimately become overconfident, which can lead to complacency or even worse, arrogance.

However, when these dips of low confidence change from moments into a constant state of self-doubt, then that is where we begin to have issues. This constant state leads us to believe that we are not good enough, which then turns into indecisiveness and it pretty much just spirals down from there. If you feel like you are in a perpetual state of low confidence, then it is time for you to start doing small tasks day in and day out to help raise your confidence to a higher level.

This is where these nine tips to help raise your confidence come into play. They are very effective in flipping your world the right way up and bringing your confidence levels back to where they should be. I know this personally as I have used and continue to use them daily. These tips have helped bring me back from the brink of no return and made me see the world in a more positive way, ultimately giving me back my belief in myself.


1. Take Care Of Personal Hygiene

This is often something that is hugely overlooked, when your confidence starts to dip, you inevitably end up letting the basics slip and before you know it you have not showered for four days and have been wearing the same underwear for the past two. This has a direct impact on your confidence, after all how can you believe in someone who cannot even bathe? Or how can you interact with other members of the public if you are constantly concerned about your poor hygiene? These are questions I am sure that you will face if your confidence levels hit rock bottom.

The thing with this step is it is really easy to get started, just go and get into the shower for 5 or 10 minutes as this will be more than long enough for you to relax and get clean. There is no doubt that you will go in the shower at rock bottom and come out of it on the next rung up. If you need inspiration or tips on hygiene (If you are a gentleman sorry ladies!) then I suggest that you search for Alpha M on Youtube. This is what I used for my inspiration and I am now a pampered god! Alright alright maybe not but I don’t have cereal in my hair anymore, so you get the picture.

If you can commit to 'The Basics' listed above on a daily basis then you will begin to feel a sense of accomplishment, you will begin to look in the mirror and appreciate just how beautiful you are, thus leading to your confidence levels increasing if not going through the roof!


2. Take Care Of Your Clothing Hygiene

Laundry, what an ugly word that is! Well at the minute it is but it does not have to be because what you see is probably just a pile of clothes on the floor, that possibly has a slight bit of funk to them, but what your brain recognises is someone who can not even achieve the basics. This will clearly have a negative effect on your confidence, after all how can you go out and win the day if you have to trip over dirty clothes to get there?!

The way to turn laundry into a beautiful word is to keep on top of it by doing regular loads of washing, there are very few things in the world that smell as good as fresh laundry. Doing this will also allow you to always have great smelling clean clothes to hand meaning that the first tip in this article was not a waste of time. The added bonus is that if your smelling sweet and your clothes are fresh, then your confidence is going to be on the increase!


3. Meditate

The whole world seems to be meditating these days and for good reason too! Meditating can help you to bring your focus into the here and now, it can return any control that you may feel you have lost and lead you to a sense of calm. At first this tip will not seem that effective, but this is one that you have to try and consistently stick with, this is to ensure that you are slowly training your brain to bring clarity to your mind opening up a whole host of things for you.

I will be honest with you when you first try meditating it will feel a little peculiar and your mind will begin to run away with itself, it is your job to bring your mind back into what you are focusing on.

When you first start out it is recommended that you concentrate on your breathing and all the sensations that come with that. For me, I focus on an affirmation which is “I am strong, I am positive”, I repeat this over and over in my mind until the allotted time is completed. You can meditate in silence or you can also listen to some calming music. You can even find this calming music accompanied by spoken guided meditation.

If you are unsure on where to find meditation music then I suggest that you download an app onto your phone like Headspace, or alternatively search meditation music or guided meditation on Youtube.

4. Take A Compliment

Since you have been following the other tips in this article you are probably starting to notice people looking at you differently, maybe even getting a cheeky little smile from someone out in the street.

You may have even had one of your colleagues or friends say how nice you smell, or how smart you look. These are things that you have not been used to hearing in your low state of confidence, so they are easy to dismiss and at times ignore.

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Take on board what people are saying (provided it is constructive), acknowledge it and say thank you. Allow yourself to feel good about how and who you are.


5. Take Action

It is very easy for you to go about your day feeling too busy and overwhelmed or the complete opposite feeling lethargic and unambitious. Both of these are dangerous states to be in, they will eventually lead to your confidence levels dropping. The way to combat this is to organise your day efficiently for example;

If you are feeling too busy and overwhelmed then look at your day to see if there are any tasks that are not necessary, that you are purely completing out of habit. Once you have done this then you should notice pockets of time opening up which you can then utilise for your efforts towards self care.

If you have done all this and are still struggling to find time then I suggest getting up an hour earlier to allow time for self care. This can seem counter intuitive as it is almost giving you more things to do, however if you are feeling more confident and ready to win the day, then your efficiency levels will increase which will then bring down the length of time tasks take to complete, freeing up even more pockets of time throughout your day.

On the flip side if you are feeling lethargic and unambitious then you should be looking to complete the first 3 tips regularly, which will help to train your brain into noticing that you are a person who achieves things. When you feel this slight shift in your focus, then look over your day and see where you can be completing just basic tasks step by step, until you have convinced yourself that you are a person who achieves things. I find that the morning is the best time to obtain a positive attitude.

6. Do Something You Love

Once you have taken action and freed up some time during your day, then you should utilise this time to continue on your self care journey by using that time to do something that you love. This time is yours and should be spent how you see fit. I would include a hobby or a creative element to help boost your confidence.

Creating something out of nothing can really lift your overall mood and self belief so should be harnessed fully.

7. Exercise

This is one word that I used to hate until I realised that it was not the word I hated it was the fear of the change it brought with it. By exercising it meant that I would have to push myself and if I could push myself then I could achieve anything and that right there for some reason is scary! To this day I could not tell you why but it was just a fear of mine at the time, I guess it could be a fear of the unknown?

Most peoples low self esteem and poor confidence levels are created by their own perception of themselves, this perception leads to a lack of self belief which can allow them to have a negative view. So for instance, if you are a larger body size and you dislike yourself because of this, you have low self belief which makes you think 'well how can a large person exercise twice a day it’s just not possible, it’s just not me.'

Well correct, well on the it’s just not me part, because it is not! You are a person who with the right frame of mind can achieve and create amazing things. Exercise is therefore within your ability!

The art of exercise is starting off small but efficiently, if you have never run before then trying to run 40 miles because the person next to you can is not going to work and will only put you back to square one with an even more negative mindset. So the point is to start and start small, work your way up to the 40 miles if you want to over the course of time, but in the meantime set yourself small achievable goals and make sure you pat yourself on the back when you achieve them!

This sense of accomplishment will not only raise your self esteem and confidence levels it will also bring with it a healthier happier you.


8. Nourish Your Body

Food can be a great way to boost your confidence as well as health, you must ensure that you are consuming a balanced diet and try where you can to cut out processed sugary junk. The way I look at food is the fact that it is fuel for every cell in my body and I need that fuel to be able to achieve the previous 7 tips and well beyond.

If you do not know what to eat then there is a whole host of information online, which will pretty much pinpoint a high consumption of vegetables as a solid base for your nutrition. There are plenty of recipes out there that you can pick and choose from that either come in written or video format, my favourite recipes come from the Happy Pear on Youtube, just watching them two will give you a great belief in knowing that nutrition is going to really up your confidence.

9. Stop Comparing Yourself

The world we live in forces us to unfortunately compare ourselves to others due to the amount of information available and the levels of access to social media. However these comparisons may be doing a great deal of damage to your confidence, as you may feel like you are not where you should be in life, or as successful and as lucky as that influencer on Instagram. The bottom line is that the images you see and the posts you read are usually a snippet of that persons life, the bit that they want you to see. What those images or posts don’t show you is the negatives that happen in that persons life, the bits they do not want you to see.

So stop looking externally and look internally to find that beautiful amazing person that is in there somewhere and bring them to the forefront. Let the person you are really shine through and begin to take action on where you want to go in life. You are competing with nobody in life so stop comparing yourself to others like you are.

Look at what you have, take a minute to be grateful for it and then build on from there.


Well there you have it, 9 tips to help raise your confidence. Of course there are a multitude of other things that you can do alongside these tips to get your confidence levels higher even quicker, but these are the core 9 that I have used on a daily basis.

If you have any tips that may benefit me or other readers then please let me know in the comments box below, alternatively if you are using or have used these tips to raise your confidence then I would love to hear your journey with them.

I must stress once again that if your confidence is that low that you feel overwhelmed or out of control then please reach out or talk to a medical professional, there is always someone there to help.

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