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8 Common Meditation Mistakes to Avoid in Your Practice


Achieving a state of deep meditation requires lifetime practice. It is not easy but not impossible also if done the right way. But, at times, you face obstacles that make it difficult for you to meditate. These are common mistakes that everyone makes which prevent you from going deeper into the meditation. In this article, we will discuss what these mistakes are and how to avoid them to reap maximum benefits from doing meditation.

Here are the eight most common meditation mistakes:

8 common meditation mistakes to avoid in your practice

8 common meditation mistakes to avoid in your practice

Mistake #1: You do not Maintain a Consistent Routine

It is the most common problem. Practice meditation daily to have a positive mental and emotional impact on your life.

In the beginning, do not worry about the way you sit or the duration of meditation. Only focus on practicing it daily. Practicing it daily for ten minutes is more valuable than doing it for one hour twice or thrice a week.

Here are a few tips for you to meditate daily:

  • Meditate before breakfast every morning. Start with only five minutes per day, but do not skip any day.
  • If you have a busy schedule someday, wake up a little early.
  • If you are a student sharing a room, then you can meditate in the bathroom.
  • Do not let external or internal circumstances alter your commitment to meditate.

Mistake #2: Do not Expect Instant Results

You start practicing meditation as you are aware of its several benefits. Once you have built the habit, practice daily, do not make expectations, and enjoy every moment during the practice.

You will get focused, relaxed, stress-free, and calmer. Enjoy every feeling. You will not experience the same feeling of goodness every time you practice meditation. But, on average, you will feel quite good.

You have to be consistent in your practice not for some days, but several months and years, if you want to experience the benefits of deep meditation. So, do not expect too much in the beginning, or else you cannot continue to practice it for a long time.

Mistake #3: You do not Prepare Yourself Before Practice

Though you can practice meditation any time, but, if you want to attain the state of deep meditation, then prepare yourself before practicing. Relax and calm your body and breath. It is similar to doing stretching exercises before a workout.

Mistake #4: Always Jumping From one Technique to Another

In the beginning, you can experiment with various techniques, as you have to select which one suits you the best. Try one style for only one week to one month, and if it does not prove right for you, switch to another. But, select a particular technique and practice it daily.

Sticking to one style becomes even more important if you practice concentration meditation. In it, you focus on one object like a breath or mantra. This object gets charged up with your continuous attention. There is an intimacy between your mind and that object. It makes it easier for your mind to focus during future sessions.

Mistake #5: You doubt and Evaluate Yourself

In a zest to improve your practice, you start evaluating yourself too much.

Here are a few problems that arise due to self-evaluation:

  • During the practice, your mind remains busy at every step rather than getting involved in the process.
  • If you are not able to find an answer to your question, that whether you are doing it the right way, you get demotivated. You may also give up doing meditation.

So, practice daily, keep learning, and with experience, things will become clear.

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Mistake #6: Poor Attention and Intention

Practice meditation with full intensity. Don’t get distracted by negative thoughts and daily tasks. The more you commit to meditation and deepen your intention, your mind will become calm, still, and will always engage in the process.

Do not consider meditation as a part of your to-do list. Consider it as the most important activity of the day. And, when the time gets over, do not immediately switch to another task. Deep breathe for a few seconds and move out of the meditative mode slowly. By doing this, the relaxing meditation experience remains with you throughout the day.

Mistake #7: Mind is too busy Throughout the day

If your mind is restless throughout the day, going in the wrong direction, you become less productive, and sometimes your self-confidence level also falls.

The way you practice meditation affects your mind throughout the day. Similarly, the quality of your mind also affects meditation. If you meditate deeply for 30 minutes but are restless throughout the day, then it is of no use.

You can compare this with working out in a gym daily. If you work out daily for 30 minutes at a gym but eat junk food the entire day, then it will not help you.

So, observe what is going inside your mind. It will help you do the meditation in a better way.

Mistake #8: Too Much Involvement with Media

Media surrounds you in the form of movies, games, social media, news, TV, etc., throughout the day. This problem did not exist in ancient times.

The more information your brain receives, the more distracted it gets. This information in the form of images, ideas, thoughts, etc., can pop up any time in your mind. It creates a feeling of restlessness.

Here are a few tips to control your mental and emotional state:

  • Analyze how you feel when you read or watch a particular type of media. What effect does it leave on your mind? So, you should limit its usage.
  • Reduce the time you get involved with the media. For example, you can limit checking emails or Facebook to once or twice per day. Also, make a habit of not checking your phone before breakfast.
  • Try media detoxification. Fast for one day per week when you will not use media in any form.


Meditation reduces your stress and increases your productivity level. If you avoid the mistakes mentioned in this article, then it will benefit you in a big way. But, if you are a victim of any of these mistakes, then do not panic. Work on one mistake at a time and rectify it before moving to another. You cannot master the art of meditating in a couple of days or months. It is to be practiced consistently to re-program your mind.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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