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7 Ways to Evict Depression and Embrace Happiness….

Kiran Khannas a Nuclear Engineer, a die-hard blogger, and writes an article on personality/skills development for the leadership roles.

Killing Depression


Can you escape this?

This is the leading root of your problem since you have allowed the remote control of your life to someone independent to exploit the way they want. So, how do you remain happy always, absolutely not if the remote control you have given to others?

This is exceedingly crucial. How to hold control on your happiness? And perhaps this explains running into a network of depression.

Can you escape this?

Yes, you can. All you must do is to revisit the metrics of our happiness. We can understand it’s difficult, but also not impossible.

The first step is to scribble the list of the things you are passionate about. It could be as simple as swimming, jogging, cooking, yoga, painting or developing your passion to the next level. If you are interested in writing, then making your own web content or writing blogs. Distract yourself from the remote-control range/frequency and have a self-control of your happiness. You need to reset the thoughts recycle that are killing you from inside.

Unnecessary thoughts


1) Practice to Remove Unnecessary Thoughts

For example, someone is not responding to your chat and you end up building several unnecessary negative conclusions/thoughts about that individual. This will deplete your energy and you need to conserve your energy with less and fewer thoughts. Same applies to the relations, we say relations are becoming complicated, which gives you stress.

Not really? It is the negative thoughts in your mind about that relationship that is giving you all the complications, not only in your mind but also in your physical body. Doctors can remove the clots from your brain, but they cannot remove the negative thoughts that are creating this clot. In your day-to-day life, you create many unnecessary thoughts like I know my boss, he never likes me. What are you gaining by creating these thoughts–Nothing right! or doing anything to reverse this? -you are wasting your energy by creating these negative thoughts endlessly.

Conserve Mind Energy


2) Conserve Your Energy How?

You can do mindfulness by consciously not giving attention to routine activities which you don’t like. Like by giving your not required opinion or negative thought on something which happened daily, like your maid is not dusting properly. There’s no point yelling daily on your maid, if you know nothing going to change. Why to do? You need to conserve energy for the unexpected unpleasant situations that you need to face. If you are healthy in your mind, you can face any conditions. Don’t discharge your battery by complaining every day.

Depicting Gratitude


3) Learn To Say Gratitude

Take a situation where you could not able to meet your family or your son instead of cribbing or spoiling your mind with negative thoughts, express gratitude that “Thank God” for keeping you and your family or son safe. Convert complain to gratitude this is one way to convert negative parts to positive thoughts that will change your mind with positive energy. Start your day with gratitude–there is so much you should be grateful of.

Positive Thoughts


4) Use High Energy Positive Vocabulary

While you take an early morning shower, say loudly, I am a powerful, assertive and fearless being. This will make you strong against the influence of remote control or negative thoughts. Avoid scolding someone helpless, showing anger and agitation. Instead, charge your battery with positive thoughts, stay calm – may listen to some motivational speak or spirituality.



5) Take Care of Emotional Health

Spend an hour daily to make a good foundation for your emotional wellbeing.

You need to check the source of your thoughts –

Let go your Past-Experience -heal or clean it- difficult, but you can do by meditation. Do not hold the past anger or hurt, this will make you bitter and lesser loving person. Majority of the thinking is from your past and it makes your future out of your past. Use the word “FULL STOP”, again and again, STOP STOP whenever the past hurt/anger thoughts playing in your mind. Say I will not make me suffer because of the past. Don't let anyone speaking about your hurtful past with you. Forcefully get away and stop thinking about this. Divert to good listening and let go this past anger or hurt. Chant this “Let it go… Let it go…. Let it go… do this consciously every day or whenever the past came into it. Try SHIFT+DELETE. This way old past will gradually go and rewritten again with good thoughts. This is IMPORTANT before this past impact your physical body because of stress full painful thinking. These obsessive, dominant thoughts like Rejection- never go with time. Time is not always a best healer. You need to take some conscious step or make a next happy groove to replace the hurt groove.

Belief system — Your belief system should be comfortable, not competitive–like getting promotion to the next level better make this as your career journey, which is not stressful to your mind and health.

Information–You need not investigate your emails on the phone as the first thing to do, wrong start of the day. Keep your phone away from your reach for at least 1 hour of your high frequency start.



6) Reserve 1hr of Morning and Night for Your Mind

Spend time for your mind to gain energy at the start of the day and absorb spiritual thoughts 10mins before going to bed to ensure not only your body but your mind should take rest. This is the process of energization.

Blessed Vegan Food


7) Take Blessed Food and Water

Before taking food gives a very positive thought, you are eating a blessed food and water for your body. See the miracle it will bring to your mind and body.

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