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7 Ways to Cope With Difficulties in Your Life

I have some experience in coping with difdiculties and I'd like to tell you, how to stay positive in spite of numerous problems.

How to Stay Positive in Hard Time

How to Stay Positive in Hard Time

What Do We Need to Cope with Problems

Difficulty is a rather subjective thing. But despite the fact that there are still many reasons to be sad (loneliness, low salary, health problems) we should be able to deal with depression effectively. Coping with problems is a long process, that requires a lot of work on yourself. Let's disclose some secrets, which make you to cheer up.

I am enjoying my life because things aren’t going the way I planned.

— Rohit Pandita

Be the Creator of Your Life

Remember one thing. You create your life, your present and future only by yourself. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. If you want to change something, do it yourself. Don't wish, set targets instead, define the road to your goal and go ahead, don't be lazy. Of course, there will be difficulties on your way, but coping with problems you will become stronger. You can find endless evasions, but in the end, you will lay the guilt just at your door.

Laziness is the most dangerous killer because it kills our time. Indeed, what is wrong with getting out of bed at 12 noon? Nothing special, you will just lose an opportunity to change your life, to achieve your goals. Say, instead of sleeping, you could spend the morning hours jogging or reading, or talking.

It doesn’t matter what you would do instead of sleeping, but while awake, you would think, and these thoughts could lead you to enlightenment. And while you sleep, the most useful thing that can happen to you is that you will see a prophetic dream, unless of course, you believe in it.

Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself

Of course, it's very difficult for you to cope with all the problems, which are attacking you now. But there is always a person in the world, who feels himself worse, much worse than you.

Just think about all these disabled, who can't even move about. Just remember of poor people who can't pony up the cash for a loaf of bread.

Every minute 106 people die in the world, but this is still not you. So why not to be happy about this fact? You still have time to feel different emotions, to love, to laugh, to cry, to give your family hugs. This is inestimable, isn't it?

Look at these people, who feel themselves worse than you. Look, how do they organize the process of coping with problems. Instead of crying your heart out, help those in trouble - orphan children, sick people or even lonely old woman living next door. It really works, just try!

Doing Good Can Help You to Cope with Difficulties

For example. you can:

  • Giving charity to penniless man, look straight at his eyes and sincerely smile. This simple step can immediately put both you and the poor man in a good mood.
  • Passing the person who is begging for charity, go to the nearby bakery and buy a fresh pie for him. You will spend 1 dollar, and that person will get not only food but also your attention, which is much more important for him
  • Visit a friend in the hospital or even in prison.
  • Give the passerby something hand-made. It may be a decorated post-card, balloon bouquet or any other gift.
  • Bring some of your books to the public bookshelf. Don't make it a show, choose really interesting ones.
  • You can be good not only to people but also to nature. Arrange street cleaning with your neighbours or clean up garbage from local woodland.
  • Bake a cake and hand it to your beloved saleswoman from a nearby store.
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People Around You Are Your Reflection

And not only people. Even pets reflect our mood. We should always control our frame of mind. Be a severe critic of yourself. After all, you yourself turn to positively minded people. You are unlikely to communicate with a person who constantly complains about life and blames everyone except himself.

Find Good Things in People

Forgiving enemies is easier when you remember only their good deeds. It's so easy to talk a lot of trash while quarrelling. But keep cool! Even the most beastly person have the right to be forgiven. Moreover, you may fall into the same situation in the future. Develop a habit of not judging people even mentally. This is extremely difficult. But those who succeed in this, live much easier.

Enjoy Every Period of Your Life, Even Loneliness

If you are alone, enjoy this period of your life. There is no need to purposefully seek a future husband or wife. The period of loneliness is always temporary. And just now you have a unique opportunity to make what you want. You do not need to adapt to family members.

You can cook what you want, listen to any songs you like even at top volume, travel to any destination and many other things. As Mandy Hale said, "A season of loneliness and isolation is when the caterpillar gets its wings. Remember that next time you feel alone".

Be Grateful to Life and You Will Be Able to Cope With Hardships

Be Grateful to Life and You Will Be Able to Cope With Hardships

Listen Just to Your Heart

Listen to your heart, but not to others. Society constantly dictates its own rules to us. How much an ideal husband should earn, at what age should we have children. It tells us that being alone is bad, that believing in Santa and miracles is not good for an adult. It hangs labels and constrains us in our actions.

"Don't be artist, be a manager" our parents say to us before school graduation. After that, we live not our life, but the life of people's thoughts and instructions. How often our decisions are made not by us, but by our relatives and friends. All you need is to listen to your heart's voice.

Don't Be Afraid of Changes

Have you got fired from work? Great, tell your chief "thanks" for the opportunity to finally start doing what you really love or change your place of residence. Everyone knows, "If one door closes, another one opens" And if you still haven't found your door, maybe you are looking in the wrong direction.

Motivational Phrase to Cope With Problems

Motivational Phrase to Cope With Problems

Summarizing the Above

To sum up, the listed rules can help you to stay joyful even going through a very tough time. Coping with problems make us tougher. So why not to say "Thanks" to the difficulties on our way? A good mood is key to well-being. Smile more often, don't be lazy, remember the value of time; find good in everything and everybody! Cheer up and life will change for the better!


Alyona Gorbatova (author) from Russia, Sochi on January 15, 2020:

Thank you, priyali Bathla! I' ve started writing hubs recently, but it gives me great pleasure.

priyali Bathla on January 13, 2020:

Well written ;)

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