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7 Reasons Responsible for Anxiety

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Moon is a professional psychologist. She is an aspiring writer and seeks to create awareness about mental health.

What Exactly is Anxiety ?

Anxiety refers to an inexplicable anxiety and fear that pervades the patient's mind all the time, causing the patient to feel uncomfortable, restless and restless all the time. The patient may think unnecessarily about trivial matters, worry unnecessarily about the future, and become anxious about unknown dangers. As the sky changes its color from time to time, so does the state of mind. Being happy all the time is not a sign of recovery. On the contrary, people with a severe mental illness called mania suffer from excessive merriment, dancing, singing fluently, thinking big. In other words, it is normal to have joy-pain, laughter-cry, joy-sadness in normal life. However, some people experience frequent and excessive agitation or turmoil in the world of emotions. Almost all the time peace of mind is lost. With little or no reason they become victims of negative feelings of frustration, anger, hatred, anxious nature. It has been found that some personality traits or irrational preconceived notions are the root cause of such anxiety. The following are the main causes of anxiety:

Reasons for Anxiety

Reasons for Anxiety

The Problem Has to Be Addressed

It is easier to avoid than to deal with life's problems or complications. Such an idea is a misconception. If you want to achieve something big and creative in life, you have to give up this fugitive attitude. Moreover, no matter how hard you try to escape, it will not open the door to any complications or problems or you will not be able to avoid their evils.

Always Try to Keep Any Event or Situation in Your Favor

"Life or time seems catastrophic only when the situation or the flow of events is not in my favor or does not happen the way I expected or liked." Those who have such false beliefs always live in dissatisfaction. Their lives are cut short by complaints and grievances. Whenever others do not live up to their expectations, they become frustrated and angry. Because the idea is never realistic that everything will always happen according to your needs, aspirations or needs. On the contrary, the opposite is the extreme reality. If you can't accept it with satisfaction, you will never find happiness in your heart and life will be cut short in anxiety. Remember that sad, unfortunate, unexpected events should not make you depressed and overwhelmed.

The Monastic Attitude Must Be Abandoned

"Happiness can be achieved through peace of mind." This monastic attitude is incapable of meeting the realistic needs of life. Entrepreneurial, energetic and dynamic activities are essential in life, whether for oneself or for others. In order to keep oneself in an important position of honor in the world, it is not a matter of indifference or inactivity but a constructive, creative and persuasive attitude.

The Attitude of Being Efficient Enough and Successful at All Times

"I have to prove or prove to be efficient enough and successful forever." If you sit with this kind of delusion, you will always be addicted to excellence in all fields. As a result, whenever you can't reach that level of unreal excellence, depression, frustration, anxiety will work for you. As a result, you will gradually become reluctant to take on all kinds of challenging initiatives or you will become an enterprising person. Confidence will be broken. Therefore, do not want to see yourself as a successful and successful person at all times. There is no need for that to happen. Be content with what you have received or done.

Reasons for Anxiety

Reasons for Anxiety

The Desire to Gain Importance From Others

"All the important people around me will love and love me forever and will approve of all my actions and behaviors as good." If you sit down with such a belief or full idea, when your friends, neighbors or anyone else in the society disagrees with your opinion, it will not match your needs and point of view or your opinion will not be very good. Anxiety will affect you. In this way some may withdraw from social activities because they do not get along with others. Even one's own parents cannot go on loving someone forever. It is not right and it is not necessary that everyone will always like all your work.

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Reasons for Anxiety

Reasons for Anxiety

Survival With Extreme Orthodoxy

"There are some acts that are very heinous and unprincipled and those who do so should be severely punished." There is no single standard or norm of values ​​or values. These are all by-products of society, culture and civilization. Their assessment is bound to be different depending on the country, time and society. A rational, just and scientific man can never sacrifice himself for the sake of some valuable man-made piece of wood. His own cognitive consciousness encourages him to build a unique kind of value, which is normal. Extreme orthodoxy is a form of cruelty. Even if it is applied to oneself. If the standard of good and evil as a human being violates the basic demands, needs, respect and beauty of humanity, then it is not such a strict and one-sided principle that prevails, but a more humane attitude will be the refuge of true peace of mind and conscience. Avoid prejudice, bigotry, and bigotry. It is unjust, bad and very hateful to say that your policy does not conform to the norm.

Reasons for Anxiety

Reasons for Anxiety

Attempts to Control the Environmental Situation at All Times

"I have to have proper and sure control over the situation or the environment." Those who try to have constant control over everything around him will soon find out why they are not able to have effective control over everything, even the most essential things. Nothing in your environment can be like the whims of your will and arbitrariness. It's just the name of an unrealistic endeavor. Moreover, is the mentality of controlling everything according to one's own desires and preferences a very great thought? Just as it is not right to avoid everything as described above, it is also not right and logical to have control over everything at all times.

Problems Never Exist in Anyone's Life All the Time

"Since some things have affected me terribly, they will continue to afflict me indefinitely." A similar event or environment has become a threat to your interests, aspirations, but it will not last forever. With your intelligence, tolerance, generosity, many unfavorable people can bring the environment in your favor and favorable. Try to see that there is a positive side to the situation, not the negative side, and try to use it to your advantage.

Excessive Awareness of the Situation

"I have to be desperate or desperate to do something in a situation where something scary or dangerous could happen." An unpleasant, frightening or frightening event can happen at any time, but if the situation creates a catastrophic chaos or desperate mood in one's mind, then the situation will not be dealt with but the situation may get worse. There are many people who take the situation in a horrible way for little or no reason and the fear, anxiety and panic inside become excessive. Mental stability lacks patience and a sense of integrity that results in the loss of life's comfort and ease environment becomes more dangerous and catastrophic.

Reasons for Anxiety

Reasons for Anxiety

Lack of Control Over Emotions

"The belief that someone has minimal control over their own emotions and some things can't help but hurt my feelings." This is exactly what many of us have become slaves to nature and emotions. However, we have inevitably taken that, so if you try in any situation, you can have proper control over emotions. Man has the power and the wealth that he can use to control his uncontrolled emotions and make his life more enchanting and meaningful. This distrust of self is not just that we can hardly control our emotions. At the same time, the idea that something is wrong is so disgusting and painful that it cannot hurt you. It seems that only a few blind and unscientific beliefs are cultivating valuable and cultural perspectives. Adopting a more liberal tolerant classical humanistic approach will rarely make you or your feelings feel so badly hurt for the behavior of others or for an event. It is not a matter of pride to be injured, it is an achievement to be able to see with forgiveness and generosity. Almost everyone gets angry when their self-esteem is hurt. But try to reduce your sensitivity. There is no real or scientific reason for having high sensitivity to a particular subject. Change your point of view and belief so that you do not feel hurt so easily.

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