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7 Incredible Lessons From Doing 100 Pushups Daily


Pushups and exercise are just some of the words that you’ve constantly heard in every stage of your life. Maybe you want to do some exercise but time isn’t on your side. You can do pushups daily in under 10 minutes and remember to start off slow.

But there is this constant gut feeling that tells you that there is going to be a positive impact from this exercising.

Exercising may help prolong your life: people who engage in physical inactivity for 7 hours per week have a 40% lower chance of dying early than people who are active for less than 30 minutes a week according to MedicalNewsToday.

You can start by doing some pushups in your own home without having to step into a gym. Start small at first with 20 to 30 push-ups. In a matter of time you will be doing 100 pushups daily.

In this article, I want to share with you some of the almost forgotten realisations or lessons that push-ups guarantee with no strings attached.

What you will get are habits and routines to use in your life. You will experience incredible growth as a person.

So check out the lessons from your first pushup routine, one by one.

1. Having and setting a goal is awe-inspiring.

Goals are want you want and wish to achieve by a certain period of time. It seems easy enough but a majority of people never achieve or fulfil their goals.

You want to do 50 pushups by end of the month? You've to set it as your goal, write it down and take action on it.

According to a Harvard Business study, 83% of populations do not have goals; 14% have a plan in mind, but goals are unwritten; and 3% have goals written down. The study found that the 14% who have goals are 10 times more successful than those without goals. The 3% with written goals are 3 times more successful than the 14% with unwritten goals. Writing your goal’s down set you up to be exponentially more successful.

For you to experience any meaningful change in your path of improvement, goal setting has to be terrific.

As a form of exercise, pushups, your results will be brilliant at telling you how you're progressing. Did you achieve your set goals? If not where did you screw up?

Life and this type of exercise sort of intertwine because all you're trying to achieve and fulfil is progress and growth. The right motivating goal will surely give you results that you had hoped for and you might even surpass them.

2. Having self-belief.

You cannot imagine yourself doing any number of pushups. This all seems impossible to you. How could someone like me be doing 100 pushups daily? There is no way I can do it.

This will be some of the thoughts that will be plaguing your mind. What you're actually saying is that you don't believe enough in yourself. With self-belief comes self-confidence. If you can just start with your first 10 pushups, the belief will be nurtured. You just did your first pushups and didn't die or perish as you had imagined.

What was unbelievable a few hours, weeks or minutes ago has become reality. And it is you who has achieved it. This will get you believing in yourself with no extra cost. It seems too good to be true that such a simple exercise such as a pushup will do wonders to your self-esteem.

Bodybuilders aren’t the only people who can do it; you too can experience the same results with exercising.

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Physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier and more relaxed. You may also feel better about your appearance and yourself when you exercise regularly, which can boost your confidence and improve your self-esteem according to Mayo Clinic.

3. Having tremendous resilience.

It won't be easy as you perform your set number of pushups. You will probably feel like giving up a majority of the time. The excitement you felt before the push-ups are long gone and what you feel is pain.

But in this case the pain is good, what it means is that you're pushing your muscles and comfort zone.

Your arms will feel the pain and sometimes your whole body will ache. Remember no pain no gain and giving up is not an option. This is both mental and emotional resilience.

According to a research team based at Princeton University, exercise reorganises the brain to be more resilient to stress.

This principle can be applied in every avenue of your life from working out to your career building.

4. Having toxic stress affects your productivity.

You won't be waking up every day feeling amazing and great. From your work place, school, home and everyday life, the possibly of encountering stress is real. How you are coping with this stress is very important.

There will be days when you feel vulnerable and a failure. Stresses will be your companion on these dark days. Taking and doing that work out will seem stupid and silly. But don't allow your stress to make you feel unworthy and destroy your routine.

Under such stressful situations, you'll realise that the same vigour and enthusiasm you had yesterday is gone. If working on a project no matter how small will take a much longer and stressful time. The good news is that pushups daily can combat this stress and your low productivity.

Studies show exercise can relieve stress, reduce depression and improve cognitive function according to the American Psychological Association.

5. Having a poor mindset is deadly.

According to US News and World Report, exercise is the single best thing you can do for your brain in terms of mood, memory and learning. Even 10 minutes of activity changes your brain.

The type of mindset you have about yourself and working out will be the differentiation if you develop this as a habit. Remember that your brain is very powerful in determining how you react to a situation or event.

You can't expect to have amazing results when all you think about pushups is pain and horror stories of people breaking their arms while working out. This will just be counter-intuitive because you'll be too frightened to do anything. You're not a victim here.

Just change your mindset and you'll be the best. Do the pushups daily workout without worrying about whether your arm will break. The possibility of that happening is just silly.

6. Fear can be an excellent motivator.

Having and experiencing fear is normal and okay but allowing that fear to stop you in your tracks spells doom and tragedy. Everyone has a fear that is paralysing. To you it might be doing some exercise or push-up. It's nothing to be embarrassed about as a person. What most people don't realise and take advantage of is this fear itself, you are fearful of taking a cold shower? Do it and let's see what's up.

According to Philippe Goldin, a Stanford neuroscientist, exposure is hands down the most successful way to deal with phobias, anxiety disorders and everyday fears of any sort.

If you take what you're fearful of and just take action on it. The results will amaze you on how your fear was wrong. Do the pushups and see that you won't puke your guts out. Fear of the unknown is scary but allowing it to dictate your life isn't pretty.

So you've a fear of taking a cold shower, working out or saying hello to a stranger. Just do it and the results will make you've a different perspective on fear?

7. Good exercise equals fantastic health.

Taking care of your body in such golden times is a priority. You can't neglect how your health is because you'll be prone to diseases that is life threatening. The best and simplest way to achieve a healthier body is through exercising or doing pushups daily.

Physical inactivity is one of the leading causes of death in developed countries, responsible for an estimated 22-23% of CHD, 16-17% of colon cancer, 15% of diabetes, 12-13% of strokes and 11% of breast cancer according to Sustrans.


Time should not be a hindrance or excuse as to your lack of not doing 100 pushups daily. You can wake up earlier and start working out.

You clearly understand that there is a benefit to this work out. If laziness is your stumbling block, start small and your laziness will be a forgone memory.

Also remember to allow your muscles time to rest and recover. Do take a break once in a while but don't fall into a laziness trap.

Push-ups are perfect for muscle buildup but are you ready to do them. What if you don't? What will 5 or 10 years be like if performing such a work out is a no to you?

Do you have any other tips or realisations that I haven't mentioned or highlighted?

Do share and inform me in the comments section below. Also share this with your friends and family, sharing is caring.

Talk soon.

-Michael Kamenya


Michael Kamenya (author) from Nairobi on December 14, 2018:

Thank you for your comments Eurofile and I know how tough it is to travel or do anything else with any sort of bodily pain.

Liz Westwood from UK on December 13, 2018:

Thanks for the advice. I will bookmark the article for future reference when I suffer back pain.

Michael Kamenya (author) from Nairobi on December 11, 2018:

If you have back issues or lower back pain, pushups shouldn't be performed if there is any body pain.

But there is something you can do for that lower back pain, check out this article on that same issue;

Liz Westwood from UK on December 09, 2018:

The back problems were not caused by doing pushups. I just wonder if pushups are safe for people with back issues to do.

Michael Kamenya (author) from Nairobi on December 08, 2018:

Pain while doing pushups is usually as a result of doing them wrong. For instance wrong posture.

Liz Westwood from UK on December 03, 2018:

This a great encouragement for people to do push-ups and much cheaper than joining a gym. How would this be if someone has a tendency to have back problems? I usdd to do push ups but have become more wary due to back problems.

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