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Green Tea Weight Loss Plan


Green tea has been part of many cultures around the world, and has increasingly gained a positive reputation amongst other herbal teas.

A lot of people around the world are now using green tea and its extract to lose belly fat and increase endurance. Green tea has a very mild taste and does not require sugar or milk, in fact adding sugar or milk will hinder the benefits of the herbal extract.

Green tea benefits multiply while following a fasting protocol. There is enough research and evidence to show that green tea promotes autophagy in the body, but prior to that it goes through a process of thermogenesis, which uses heat as a catalyst to boil down brown adipose tissue and skeletal muscle, and as a result energy is made for bodily functions.

One major attribute of green tea which not many people talk about is that there are no detoxification effects or any minor side effects that come with it.

In the pharmaceutical market there are plenty of medications that can activate the thermogenesis process, but as a result they will also come with side effects that can tamper with the bodies innate defense system.

A Global Problem

The world is suffering from many problems which are associated with health and well-being. One major contributing factor is cardiovascular problems.

America seems to be at the top of the list of all the nations for the highest percentage of heart attacks in the world. This can be linked to obesity, bad lifestyle choices, not exercising etc...

Two Ways to Lose Fat

There are mainly two ways to lose permanent weight, we are talking about FAT weight and not WATER weight, and that is to either stick to a fasting protocol or a raw vegan diet which hardly consists of any carbs or excessive fat.

By eating less every day you will eventually go through an uncomfortable phase, which might include hunger cravings, fogginess, mood swings and so on and so forth. That's why green tea can help in this specific area and balance out the detox effects.

The catechins in green tea is another natural antioxidant which protects cells from external damage.

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Green tea has been known for its powerful effects in the body, including strengthening the immune system, protecting against disease and also to promote longevity. Green tea has been used in many Asian cultures as part of a staple diet, which also explains why Chinese people live for so long.

I am aware there are other nations that drink tea also, but they add sugar and milk to it, which basically puts an extra load on the body's digestive system.

Please keep in mind that there are some types of green tea that have naturally occurring caffeine in them, so it would be wise to completely stop drinking coffee or any other forms of tea which have any sort of sugar particles in their chemical structure.

Please do NOT drink green tea where it has been decaffeinated or has been chemically modified as this will disturb the bodies natural digestive mechanism.

Calorie Restriction and Exercise

At the same time, it would be very smart and sensible to regulate and restrict your calorie consumption, and to also reduce eating fast food, and bad fats, at the same time incorporate more fruits and vegetables in your diet.

With that being said, it is essential to stick to the plan for at least 8 weeks to see optimal results. As with anything and everything, it will take time. The weight loss will be gradual and the energy levels will stay at a peak and will not drop.

If you want to see results faster, then you can of course take more green tea throughout the day in intervals and also introduce high weight low rep exercise. I would stay away from cardio as it would burn up your overall energy in an instant.


The conclusion to all this is, that green tea is a healthy, easy and cheap alternative to a lot of diet pills out there which cost a fortune. And can be easily adjusted into your lifestyle.

You can even add a bit of cinnamon and ginger extract to boost the efficacy of the tea. I hope this article helped and I will introduce more diet related tips and hacks for weight loss in the future.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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