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Boredom: 7 Ways to Combat It

Ruby is a freelance writer from the Philippines. She has travelled to at least eight Asian countries including Malaysia, Taiwan, Macao, etc.


Climbing on a steep hill behind her house, Fel inched her way up as fast as she could to reach the peak of Mount Horror as we call it. As she got to the highest point of the hill, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” Fel shouted at the top of her voice on a twilight. Hearing her, shocked all of us on the campus who heard and saw her on top of the hill. Curious about it, I asked Fel the following morning what happened. Her answer shocked me even more. “Nothing. I was just bored, completely bored. That’s all I know.”

Well, I have felt what Fel has felt, not just once, but many times in our lives. Boredom strikes anyone. Whether you are a professional, student, plain housewife, or even kids, no one is exempted. What is boredom? Meriam-Webster Online defines it as "the state of being weary and restless through lack of interest." But I would like to define it as "a feeling of apathy and indifference towards something or anything." Listed below are seven T’s to combat boredom. I have found these to be effective in my own life and would like to share them with the readers here.


1. Think

Spend some minutes trying to figure out what makes you bored. Know the reasons for these feelings that often defeat you or overcome you with boredom. Examine your routine of activities. Find out the root causes. Better yet, list them down. And from there, draw out a solution to your problem of boredom. In short, review your own daily activities and one by one, see what's in there for you.

2. Take a bath

This may sound strange or even funny to some of us. But one reason for feeling inactive during the day is lack of bath. Based on my own experience, I have observed this too. I usually take my bath early in the morning on working days. But at times during holidays when waking is late and I don’t report to office for work, I take my bath late. When this happens, I notice the difference. My body is weaker, and I don’t get inspired to do anything. I don’t even like to eat my breakfast unless I’m hungry. But, after a good bath, whether I swim or just take a simple shower in the bathroom, it changes something in me. Research shows that bathing affects a person's mood.

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3. Treat yourself

Get out from your usual routine. Go to a place, a mall away from your home. Sometimes, you don’t really have to buy something when you get to the mall. All you have to do is window shop, enjoy the coolness of the mall and watch the beautiful people’s smiles as they pass you by. Visit a parlor and get a foot spa or new haircut. Eat outside your home where you can enjoy a hearty meal with your family or with friends. alone

4. Travel

Traveling is very educational. In travel, you can learn something you don’t get inside the classroom or in your home. You learn a lot of things that you don’t get from books or from your teachers. Travel will give you a valuable education you can’t find in any school or university. I have met a lot of people who have not finished any degree in school but have traveled a lot. And I found them to be well-educated individuals. Attitude wise they act very professionally. Their manners are commendable even sometimes better off compared to those who have Master's and Doctor's degrees. That’s because when you travel, you are exposed to people of different cultures.


5. Try Something New

Learn a new hobby. Develop a new skill that is not among the ones you are enjoying now. Something different and out of your vocabulary or list of things to do. Do something you haven’t done before. Create. Start. Envision. Let your brain loose just to begin something new. Explore things that are not your usual routine and see for yourself what could be done possibly that you can start.

6. Take a break.

Whenever you do something and it takes you long hours, stop once in a while. Go out from where you are. Go out to see your surroundings outside your room or building. Watch the sun, the sky, the clouds. Look down at the green grasses. Watch the frogs jumping. Listen to the birds chirping. Gaze at the trees and the mountains. They all have something to tell you. Or maybe, just go outside and simply take a pose with friends just to be really out in the world. By doing this, amazing things could happen to you, believe me, it did for me!


7. Trust in God.

Nothing relieves you from boredom than putting your trust in God. God can give you peace of mind. God can teach you something new. God can redirect your life from your current path to a better one. In God, impossible things become possible. In God there are endless possibilities with you. He can guide you on what's better. Simply talk to Him in prayer. His promise is sure. He reminds us. “Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you" (1 Peter 5:7, NLT).

© 2022 Ruby Campos

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