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7 Simple Tips to Develop Healthy Eating Habits: There’s No Shortcut for Good Health


Food is an adventure meant to be enjoyed. It nourishes your tummy and mind; of course, it is something you cannot live without. The good news is you can still enjoy your favorite foods and achieve your health goals.

This post offers tips on developing healthy eating habits and helps you create a healthy relationship with food. As a health and wellness enthusiast, I am constantly on my toes to find ways to improve my overall health. So I am just like you and everyone else in the world, who wants to be healthy in the most realistic and achievable way possible.

Best healthy eating habit tips – and how to stick to them!

Healthy eating habits are more than just eating green leafy vegetables and bland chicken breast and avoiding sweets and processed foods. It also involves making small but impactful changes to your diet, managing what you eat, and complementing it with a healthy lifestyle.

As you already know, having a healthy diet and lifestyle has amazing benefits. However, maintaining healthy eating habits might be easier said than done. But maintaining a healthy lifestyle will be a piece of (ahem) cake through consistency, determination, and patience. Here are the best ways to start a healthy eating habit:

  1. Explore a variety of foods.

That means an individual should eat meat and vegetables, fruits, grains, and dairy products. You can still enjoy your favorite sweets, but don't overdo them. Remember, you should not deprive yourself of your favorite things in life but still be responsible for your food choices.

2. Lessen sugar intake.

We all know how irresistible and tasty sugar is and that cutting back from it could be hard. Science tells us to reduce sugar intake as it harms our health. Several studies reveal that too much sugar consumption could lead to several health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Cutting back on sugar helps with :

  • Reducing cholesterol levels
  • Better oral health
  • Achieving a healthier weight
  • Boosting heart health
  • Better skin
  • Improving your mood

3. Don't be afraid of carbs.

So-called fitness experts strongly advise against eating carbs and shunning it away from your life forever. But did you know that carbs are not always a bad thing? Well, it depends on the carbs, that is. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains contain carbohydrates but are also packed with essential nutrients for better holistic health. Meanwhile, white bread, glazed doughnuts, and sugary cereals contain carbs, except they also have "empty calories" and are void of important nutrition. So choose your carbs wisely.

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4. Drink lots of water.

Ditch those sugar-sweetened drinks and make it a habit to drink 8 glasses of water every day. Drinking water helps boost skin health, maintain blood pressure, lubricate the joints, flush away body waste, and aid in weight loss, among a few.

5. There is such a thing as good fat and bad fats.

There has been a common stigma about fat and how it is unhealthy for the body. Guess what? Our body needs fat to function. It’s a matter of choosing the right kinds of fat, and there are two kinds: good and bad.

  • Good fat: Foods with unsaturated fats like avocado, nuts, and olives, which nourish the skin, eyes, and heart health.
  • Bad fat: Foods with trans fat, such as processed foods, can clog arteries and cause certain cancers.
  • The “in-between”: Foods with saturated fat, such as red meat, cheese, and butter. These should be consumed sparingly as too much can lead to high blood pressure and stroke.

6. Use a smaller plate.

It could be a silly recommendation, but it is effective. Regardless of the plate size, people tend to fill it. Also, pay attention when you are feeling hungry. Stop when you already feel full. These simple tricks help with managing food portions.


7. Don't fall for shortcuts.

There are no shortcuts to weight loss (if that's your main goal). Those slimming coffees and patches won't do you any favors and even waste your money. Proper diet, healthy eating habits, and regular exercise are still the most effective way to achieve a healthy mind and body.

Healthy body and mind, happier life!

Do you agree with the list? The abovementioned tips will make it easier for you to adopt healthy living. Not only will it improve your physique but also your state of mind. You might encounter some roadblocks (a.k.a food temptations) along the way.

But always think about why you are doing this in the first place. Remember, good health is our ultimate gift to ourselves and our loved ones and one of the keys to a healthier and happier life!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2022 Giselle R

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