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7 Secret Rules to Simplify Your Life


Simplifying your life is not an easy task. Most of the guides that teach you to simplify your life are quite complicated.

Even if you try hard to simplify your life, clutter finds a way to invade your life. If you ignore it, soon it starts to pile up again.

I cannot recommend any one method to declutter every area of your life. But, from my personal experience, I have formulated the seven rules that you can apply to any area of your life.

How to declutter and simplify life?

How to declutter and simplify life?

Rule #1: Choosing only Essentials and Eliminating the Unnecessary

For every new item purchased, remove two items. It applies to everything, such as books, clothes, shoes, handbags, stationery, etc. Exclude expensive items from this list, such as jewelry.

Also, collect all the items in one place. Start doing this activity for a particular storage space, such as a drawer or a cupboard. Do not try to clean everything simultaneously. You will get confused.

Make separate piles of necessary and unnecessary stuff.

Be selective. Pick only the essential stuff you love and make a smaller pile of what you have picked.

You can either give the unnecessary items to a needy person or donate them to some charity.

Rule #2: Limit Your Storage Space

In this, you set limitations for yourself. Do not have lots of storage space. If you have more storage space, you will buy more and stock more stuff.

If the storage space is limited, you will stock only the necessary stuff and get rid of the rest. It will help to reduce clutter.

Rule #3: Clear all the Flat Surfaces

A room with no clutter looks much cleaner. So, clean all the flat surfaces, such as the floor, countertops, tabletops, etc. Make a habit of cleaning once a day or twice a week. Remove all the unnecessary stuff except one or two decorative items.

Rule #4: Organizing the Essentials

Have a designated space for everything. If there is no proper storage space, then you will find items lying everywhere. If there is no particular space for an item, then you need to get rid of it.

Now before organizing, clean the space where you want to put your stuff. Organize the items in small groups with space around each of them. This space around things gives a neat appearance to everything.

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Also, sometimes despite having a dedicated space, you do not have a habit of keeping it back in its place. If this is the case, then you should practice developing a habit of putting things back at their assigned place. It will make a big difference to make your surroundings clutter-free.

Rule #5: Frequent Decluttering Sessions

You have to declutter your home regularly. You might have decluttered at present, but you have to follow a proper clutter maintenance routine. You can schedule your cleaning session once a week, month, or a few months. You have to experiment with intervals and select one that suits you the most.

Rule #6: The 30-Day Checklist

You should control your desires and keep a check on your buying habits. If you want to buy something, add it to a wish list, and write the date in front of it. Now do not purchase that item for thirty days. Within this time, your desire to buy it might vanish. It is a great way to control indulging in unnecessary buying.

Do not apply it to daily necessities.

Rule #7: Transform Your Habits

Clutter did not get created automatically. You are responsible for it. You have to analyze what habits you have that resulted in this clutter creation. Some of them, such as you buy frequently, do not have separate space for each item, do not throw unnecessary stuff, etc., have been mentioned in this article.

Try to change these habits. Pick and work on one at a time and then move on to another. Take a 30-day challenge, focus on it, and try to change it. Your ultimate goal should be to reduce clutter in your life.


Now you know how to get rid of that junk to simplify your life. You can apply these methods to any area of your life, such as a cupboard, desk, work tasks, commitments, wardrobe, room, email box, etc.

I recommend you to start with one area and focus on it. Once it gets completed, move on to the next.

If you have only limited areas to declutter, then begin with one per week. But, if you want to simplify your entire life, then conduct frequent decluttering sessions every couple of days.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Preeti Shah (author) from Delhi on December 13, 2020:

Thank you, Sir.

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on December 13, 2020:

Nice article.

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