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7 Relaxing Things to Do Before the School Year Starts


With the school year approaching, many people feel a little panic when realizing their summer is coming to an end. For this reason, I have decided to compile 7 things one can do to relax before the stress of the school year sets in. Enjoy.


1. Go for a Hike

Take advantage of nice weather by going for a hike. Or find a trail and go for a walk in the woods if mountains are scarce where you live. It will force you to get outside and you'll feel great about getting some exercise. I have always found peace in hiking and I recommend going by yourself at least once to maximize this feeling. Make sure to bring plenty of food and water as hiking can be depleting if you don't go very often.


2. Clean out Your Closet

Although some may argue it's not as relaxing as other activities, cleaning out your closet is one way to make yourself feel better by getting rid of unnecessary clutter. Donate your clothes to charity, such as the Salvation Army, to rid yourself of your unwanted items while giving to those in need. Or sell your clothes to a consignment shop to put a couple extra bucks in your pocket. Either way, organizing your closet will prevent it from causing you stress in the future.


3. Buy Fresh Produce at Your Local Farmers' Market

Visit your local farmer's market to take advantage of fresh fruits and veggies before it's too late. You'll feel great about getting out of the house, enjoying the weather, and supporting your local vendors. I personally love the taste of local fruits and veggies. In my opinion, there is no comparison taste-wise between store bought and locally grown cherry tomatoes.


4. Go Berry Picking

Depending on where you are, go berry picking while they're still in season. Perhaps, go by yourself one morning. You'll feel great about supporting a local farm while obtaining fresh fruit for a decent price. Personally, I find berry picking very peaceful. Although it helps that the blueberry farm I go to has a winery on-site.

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5. Finish a Book at the Beach

Go to the beach and finish the rest of the book you started at the beginning of the summer. At the beginning of every summer, I vow to read as many books as I can before September. And at the end, I always regret not being able to fulfill this promise to myself. Finishing a book while soaking up the sun one last time will leave you feeling satisfied and a little bit tanner.


6. Invite Your Family to Lunch

Get together with the family members you wish you saw more often. They will appreciate being thought of and you won't feel guilty for not spending time with them when you're too busy to see them after the school year starts up. Invite them out for lunch or over to your house for appetizers and drinks.


7. Run a Marathon

Sign up for a 5K for cancer research. It will give you something to works towards and you'll feel great about supporting a good cause. Some may argue that this activity is not "relaxing." If so, than walk it with friends or family. I guarantee you'll feel better about getting outside and enjoy spending time with the people you love.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for stopping by and reading my article. How do you relax before the school year starts? Feel free to comment below. I'd love to get as many ideas as possible on how to relax and maximize the summer.

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Liz Westwood from UK on August 16, 2018:

I had to laugh when you mentioned the winery. We went to a coffee plantation, which also had a winery onsite. A good glass of wine in pleasant surroundings always helps. I enjoyed reading your hub.

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