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7 Reasons Why the Girl of Your Dreams Put You in the Friendzone

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What is the friend zone?

The friend zone is where you and your crush go when she decides not to date you. It's a special place that exists only in the minds of women. Or is it? There are many reasons why a woman might be put off by your advances and decide to keep you as a friend only instead of dating you. Here are some of them:

The friend zone is a situation where you are stuck in a platonic relationship with someone you want to be more than friends with. It's also known as "unrequited love." The term was coined by Ross Jeffries, author of How To Get The Women You Desire Into Bed (1996), who defined it as "a state of existence where one is deprived of romantic companionship due to another person's lack of interest." Therefore, if you are in the friend zone, you were interested in her at some point in time, and she wasn't interested in you back.

  • Why do women use this term?

Women use the term because they see their relationships with guys as having three categories: Friends, Boyfriends, or Husbands/Lovers, which is why men make perfect boyfriends even though they might not be good boyfriend material just yet.* Nonetheless, here is why you may be in the most common zone men are placed in.

You are trying too hard and being clingy.

The first reason the girl of your dreams puts you in the friend zone is how hard you tried to be with her. You were doing everything possible to get her attention, but that only made things worse and pushed her away even more.

When someone is trying too hard, it makes them look needy and desperate. This will make any woman run away from a guy like that because she doesn't want some clingy guy who won't stop bugging her when she wants nothing to do with him.

The second reason your crush put you in the friend zone is how clingy you were around her. Clinging on someone's arm or following them everywhere like an annoying puppy dog will creep out most girls and make them think twice about hanging out with such an overbearing person like yourself again!


You are being too agreeable; a "yes man."

  • You need to be assertive. Don't be afraid to tell her so when you disagree with her, and she is wrong. Don't be afraid to voice your opinion and say what you think, even if it goes against hers.
  • Don't be afraid to say "no" when she asks for something you can't provide or don't want to do (such as taking her on a date).
  • Don't be afraid to say "yes" when she asks for something you can provide or would like to do (such as hanging out with her friends).

You don't initiate intimacy because you fear rejection

Some guys fear rejection and don't initiate intimacy because they think the girl will say no. The fear of rejection is a natural part of human nature, but it can be overcome with practice. Here are some ways to overcome that fear:

  • Practice small talk with the girl you like. Small talk is easy to get to know someone and build rapport with without being too forward or vulnerable. So if you've been putting off asking her out because she might reject your invitation, try starting with something simple like "How's your day going?" instead of "Do you want to go out on Saturday night?"
  • Try setting up one-on-one dates where there's no pressure for anything romantic or sexual—like going for coffee or drinks at a local bar (and not necessarily together). Once you've gotten used to having other interactions with her, those feelings should also diminish.
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You do not meet the requirements to be her partner.

  • You don't meet her requirements. She has a list of requirements that you don't meet, or she has a list of requirements that you do meet, but she doesn't want to date you. This could be because she is not ready to date someone at this point in her life or because she wants someone who fits into a specific mold or looks a certain way.
  • You are not the right person for her at this time. Sometimes we think we're good enough for someone when they know better and have other plans with their lives, which may or may not include dating (or marrying) us!

She doesn't want to date anyone right now.

You may have done everything right, but she's not interested. That's a bummer, but it's important to remember that there are many reasons women might not want to date you. Here are some of the most common:

  • She is too busy with work, school, or family. If your crush has a lot going on in her life and can't devote time to relationships, she might tell herself that dating isn't worth it because it would only add more stress to her plate. Unfortunately for you, this means you won't be able to occupy any part of her schedule until things calm down for her at work/school/home.
  • She may be in an emotional funk and unprepared for new relationships. If she recently broke up with someone or got dumped by him (or maybe even just fought), then chances are high that she doesn't want anything to do with guys right now—especially if he cheated on her or treated her poorly! Every girl has gone through this at some point in their life; no matter how much we try not to think about our exes when we're single again after a breakup--it's impossible not to think about them sometimes!

She thinks "You're like a brother to her."

You are like a brother to her. You have known each other for a long time and are very close friends. You probably met in college or high school and have been hanging out since then.

She doesn't want to lose the friendship that you share because it means so much to her. She doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, so she avoids doing anything romantic with you because she thinks it will be awkward between you after that happens.

How to get out of the friend zone

If you're a man who has been put in the friend zone, there are a few things you can do to get out of it.

  • Be honest with yourself about what you want. If you've been put in the friend zone because she doesn't see you as anything more than just friends, then there's no point wasting more time on her. However, if there is potential for something more between the two of you, but things haven't progressed as far as they could have because of your lack of assertiveness or initiative, then this is where being honest with yourself comes into play.
  • Be honest with her about what you want from her and be clear about how much time and effort you are willing to put in so that she realizes she needs to work harder at making sure she doesn't keep putting herself in this position again if she wants to keep seeing YOU!

Having a diverse group of friends is an essential part of life.

This is an important point. Having a diverse group of friends is an essential part of life. It will make you more successful in your career, help your social life, and even make you happier. Having a diverse group of friends will help you be more attractive to other people because they'll see that you're not stuck in one place or with the same types of people all the time (you know what I mean).

Having a diverse group of friends means that if someone has something they need help with, there's probably someone in your circle who knows how to do it or who wants to learn how - whether it's learning how to change transmission fluid or fixing an electrical problem on their car or fixing their computer or something else entirely! You can also help yourself by learning new things from them too - maybe one person knows how to paint houses but doesn't know anything about plumbing so another friend could teach them those skills so then they would be able to do both jobs and make money doing both instead just one alone!


Sometimes the friend zone is a rite of passage but avoidable.

The friend zone is a natural and often painful place to be. It can be highly frustrating when you feel like you’ve done all the work to get out of it but then find yourself right back where you started—without the girl! However, there are ways to avoid this situation in the first place by keeping your emotions under control, not forcing things on her, or trying too hard. If she doesn’t reciprocate your feelings immediately, keep doing what you were doing: being supportive friends who hang out and have fun together while enjoying life as it comes to them both.

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