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7 Reasons Why Depressed People are Humorous

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This article based on is my personal experience and observation. People who were once depressed can very well tap into their fun side.


'Wide eyes and dropped jaws.' That must be your reaction after reading this title. Not to say, the non-depressed ones aren't humorous. But, how on Earth can a depressed person have a good sense of humor? The answer lies in the seven points discussed below.

After rambling through the city and country streets, I found out that my sense of humor is slowly improving. The moments when I'm not drained in the sea of past regrets or anxious about the unpredictable tides of the future, I catch myself shifting to the funny side of life.

Depressed people develop a new perspective over time - The attitude through which every struggle seems too habitual to cry over. Instead, they choose to laugh off. It's human nature to laugh out loud at your teenage tantrums after spending some years of adulthood. Many great personalities have overcome depression and are humorous. But why do those who had endured nervous breakdowns possess a good sense of humor? These seven speculations are the rejoinders.

1. They Have Gone through a Lot of Shit

When life throws everything at you, you go numb at some point. A depressed person gets habitual to constant failures, rejections, and loneliness. That leads to indifference towards pain which otherwise gets you quite good. The tragic events later turn out to be nothing more than a foolish memory to laugh over.

The people who were once depressed and endured a lasting agony are now calm and witty. They get over the hump and learn to make their life less serious and more humorous. Since they digest plenty of trouble, they begin walking away from breakdown and witness a breakthrough that makes them enjoy life's ride. Hence, for someone who truly enjoys their life, a good sense of humor is a natural consequence.

2. They have Learned to Convert Pain into Pleasure

A depressed person who has accepted the inevitable events of life gradually learns to play along. One can turn the tables only after acceptance. That must be the reason why once depressed stand-up comedians crack self-deprecating jokes pretty well. They talk about their failures in a way that conveys they were never serious about anything.

But the fact is that they have managed to add some sweet ingredients to the sour recipe of their life. After all, who says only success deserves celebration? If you learn to celebrate life, then success and failures are mere pawns. Yeah, the pawns that some nutty people use to measure their life's worth.

3. They Look for a Break

You can't trifle with the depressed man. He hardly takes a breather to save himself from pessimistic thoughts, panic attacks, and loneliness. But he craves to break free from worries. But when he finds a little light somewhere in the tunnel, his demeanor changes.

Whenever someone makes a seldom attempt to understand him, the feelings reach his heart, and he opens up. He feels that he is being listened to. So he lets out his true self. If you can be yourself, then you usually feel happy.

When you feel happy, you naturally display a good sense of humor. It's the outcome of awareness. The happier you feel, the more you will be able to disconnect from the mind's chatter. In this way, you will be aware of your surroundings. The awareness will help you catch fun in the slightest remarks and reply with humor-filled comments.

Suppose your authentic character is suppressed for a long time, then it will tend to expose when you feed it with care and understanding. It is like you are thirsty, and you finally find an oasis after hours of wandering in a desert. You will find the water tastier than the water you drink from a water bottle that is always upright on your desk.

The depressed man seeks a break from his psychological rut. Once he finds someone who understands him without being judgemental, he comes off as a humorous guy over time. This transformation isn't easy to notice. But it can be analyzed either by the depressed one or the one talking with the depressed person. Once analyzed, it can also help to further reduce depression.

4. Their Good Side is Showing Up

It is said that there's a light at the other end of the dark tunnel. Depressed people who keep going through pain finally find this light. Their good side is waiting for them on the other side. If you endured tough times packed with nervous breakdowns and panic attacks, now can be the moment to show who you really are from within.

After a lasting series of trauma, a depressed person starts showing his/her good side to the world. This side is fun, light-hearted, and humorous. As discussed earlier, gradually the pain transforms into pleasure. You can witness your depressed friend at his/her best.

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One who is shy, isolated, and nervous has hidden talents. These talents come to the surface when the depressed person gets fed up with repeatedly crying over disturbing past life events.

I believe that one who overcomes depression has a lot of intriguing stories to share than the one who is free from any trouble. When the impaired souls heal, their good side shows up. It shows up so well that people enjoy their company.

5. The Push-Back Effect

Sometimes, we have to push a little longer to pull a little longer. Sounds irrelevant? Alright. To simplify, some sad patch in life is followed by a good patch. The value of good times, when they come, doubles if we had moved through a rough patch with great fortitude. A depressed man turning into a witty guy is a push-back effect.

To make a long jump, we move a few steps back. Likewise, our depression serves to be a push that later pulls us to our jolly nature. A ball travels a long distance when hit by a bat lifted backward before striking it. Likewise, depressed people come up with more laughter-inducing puns than the people whose life wasn't much cruel to them. Behind today's Guffaw was yesterday's wail.

6. Their Dots are getting Connected

Some depressed people are not even near to humor. They even don't smile. Their life is arid for years. However, an event comes in their life when everything starts making sense. They can figure out the origin of the trauma that led them to depression. If they can find the real cause of destruction by themselves or with the help of a doctor, everything changes. They then emerge as different humans.
People who can find the reason behind their severe condition feel like they have given a full stop to their bad past. They escape the loop of overthinking. The cause is found, so they start to find the solution.

A circle completes. Dots get connected, ensuring them to move to the brighter side of life. The fun begins. People like you and me wonder how great presence of mind such people have. Such depressed people who have attacked the roots of their problem tend to emerge as humorous and kind-hearted. Yes, they have faced the shit. They feel compassionate about those who suffer from it.

7. They have Found a Purpose

What spikes up the humor in depressed people? - Those people who haven't got their dots connected as mentioned above. A man with a purpose can keep moving through thick and thin.

If a depressed heart finds one thing that is his/her last resort, then that's enough to not only exist but also to live. A sole purpose not just makes one subsist in dark times, but adds zest to life too.

After all, a depressed man with purpose has better chances to uplift his spirit than a sane but lazy man without a purpose. A definite purpose makes the depressed man give a fuck only about what he wants. There are many other things he can't have control over. However, he lives by that one thing that matters. That, in turn, makes him happy. Fun stems from happiness. A fun-loving person carries a good sense of humor.

These are the seven among many other reasons why people who were or are depressed have a good sense of humor. I don't claim that normal people aren't humorous. I also don't claim that all the depressed people are humorous. Moreover, I'm not talking about the people who had reached the later stages of depression.

But I can surely say, considering my experience, that I naturally open up and sound witty at times in front of a few friends. I don't notice this change then and there itself. However, I recognize later that I was light-hearted and seemed happy and humorous.

To give an instance of a third person, here's my experience with a stand-up comedian. I went to a cafe that arranged a stand-up show.

One guy came and made everyone laugh out loud with his self-deprecating jokes. He had a tough time, but he funnily illustrated that time. He faced some serious failures in his academics, but now he made them look like he was having fun in constantly failing in the subjects.

So just stir your favorite drink, sip it in, and don't worry about your depression. I know it's easy to say and hard to apply. But going through depression (not chronic depression) is less dangerous than worrying about depression. See Ya!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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