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7 Reasons Being A Bald Guy Rocks

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It suddenly one day hits you without warning. A small bald spot turns into the size of a dinner plate on the back of your head. Your hairline begins moving north and eventually looks similar to LeBron James. What has taken place is actually common to most people. Some 70% of men and 40% of women will deal with the disorder known as “Androgenic Alopecia”.

You may be thinking though, “what is ‘Androgenic Alopecia’?” Put simply it is the most common cause of hair loss. For men it has been referred to as “Male Pattern Baldness”. Even as common as it is, some may feel embarrassed, sad and insecure when it happens to them. The thought of never having hair growing as much as it used to be can be depressing.

Fear not!

Just because you’re losing some hair that used to flow like a river and shine like a crystal doesn’t mean it’s all downhill from here. In fact it’s the opposite. There are so many benefits now open to you that you may never have thought about before. To put you at ease, here are some reasons why going bald is not lame, but beyond awesome!


1. It Makes You A Man

When you see guys have hair that’s grown out and possibly even styled, what first comes to mind? That’s right, they’re just a Justin Bieber wannabe. Who wants to be one of the most hated celebrities ever? That’s right, no one! The more hair you have, the more immature you can be.

By losing some hair off the top you have just established yourself as a full grown man. Forget growing hair on the chest and back, people can see the shiny top of a true man as being a manly man. Those looks you get from onlookers can only mean you just shook up everyone around you as being a macho man. Take it in stride and strut a little if you need to. It will only impress others all the more so.

Even being bald, "Ladies Love Cool James" (LL Cool J), has been a favorite to ladies everywhere.

Even being bald, "Ladies Love Cool James" (LL Cool J), has been a favorite to ladies everywhere.

2. Women Love Bald Men

If you were to poll completely random women of what they find attractive in a man, there’s little doubt that most would say a “a confident, manly man”. What could possibly be more masculine than a bald man? Nothing! It’s why women will drool over celebrities such as Vin Diesel, Jason Stratham, LL Cool J, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Sean Connery. The only thing holding you back is your self-esteem. By accepting that you won’t be able to have that Mohawk haircut like the one you had in middle school and see how great you look bald, the more the women will be attracted to you. Plus women who don’t like bald men are usually conceited and aren’t worth the time anyway. Being bald makes it even easier for you without even trying in that way.

3. You Won’t Get Carded When Buying Alcohol

You may have heard from friends how they’re “getting old” or “it’s depressing” when they don’t have a cashier ask for their ID when buying beer at the grocery store. They don’t know what they’re talking about.

Think about all the wasted time you have to spend looking in your wallet for your ID card, handing it to the cashier, and waiting for them to enter your birthdate. By not getting carded you have just skipped all that time of embarrassment. Besides, who wants to openly admit their age to a 21 year old kid working at Kroger who you may never see again? Who is to say that kid is a master hacker and only needs your age to clean out your bank account? From there, you would be out of money and go bald anyway from all the stress of living in your car. Being bald helps you possibly avoid all those problems.

4. It Saves You Tons Of Money

For the individuals who waste money on hair restoring products this does not apply. Think more about your hair in general. How much money on average does a guy spend for just a month alone of shampoo/conditioner, hair gel and haircuts? It may not seem too much, but add that up over time and you understand how much money is truly squandered for something as foolish as hair. The money you save by being bald could be used to pay high energy costing bills, monthly groceries, or given to help save the dolphins. Who ever said they didn’t want more money? No one.


5. All Of The Cool People Are Doing It

The impression that many have is that it’s uncool to be bald. That thought could not be more wrong. More and more, being bald is becoming the new big thing. Just noticing the people you see walking down the street, at the book store or at your job will allow you to see how many are bald. Some even choose to buzz their head to fit in with everyone else. So if you feel discombobulated because you’re now bald, there’s no reason to. You’ll fit in just fine and may even be regarded as the new trendsetter in your neighborhood.

6. You Don't Get As Hot In The Summer

It’s common for everyone on the hot summer days to find ways to cool off. If you have a full head of hair, chances are you’ll be sweating more than Charlie Sheen hooked up to a lie detector. By being bald, you allow your head to breathe and therefore you won’t be nearly as hot. Not to mention if you go for a swim in the neighborhood pool due to the heat, there’s less worry about your hair being wet and getting chlorine and who knows what else in it. Think of all the wasted effort in trying to cool down and the steps that follow in the process when you have hair. Many will look at you with jealously in the hot summer when they feel like a cooked turkey while you’re still cooled off from being bald.


7. You Will Look More Wise

People are naturally attracted to ones who are smart. It’s probably due to the fact that if there’s a problem, you’ll solve it. Take any situation that is going on that’s dangerous or could be fatal and people look for leadership. So who’s the guy stepping up and finding the problem? More than likely it’s that intelligent guy who pulls off his glasses and utters “Dear God!” when something dramatic happens. And you guessed it, he’s usually bald. These individuals may not get their due credit but at the end of the day they receive some form of praise. If you go bald and don’t feel smart, just give it time. Wisdom comes in many forms, so in your case it’s a beautiful bare head.

Clint Howard In Apollo 13

These are but a few ways being bald is truly awesome. The public’s view of one’s who have lost their hair might be sour, but still that should not cause dread. Just remember there are plenty of celebrities and athletes who have embraced being bald. Michael Jordon, Bruce Willis, Ving Rhames, Patrick Stewart and Dr. Evil just to name a few, are ones who are known for being bald. In fact it would probably be strange seeing them with a full head of hair.

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So the next time someone tries to bring you down for being bald, don’t listen to their envious remarks. One day they may join you and see how cool it is to be bald.


MedSpa Clinic from India on February 07, 2019:

Very informative article. Keep it up..thanks for sharing..!!

Akeemovic on April 19, 2017:

Very nice article. It shows being bald is not bad afterall.



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Chrunos on January 01, 2017:

I have concerned about my hair loss for a while,and then I shaved my head.

Robbie on December 04, 2016:

I'm 25, gifted body structure (though I work very hard for it), pretty good face and beard... started losing at 19/20 and I JUST finally decided to embrace it and shave it down (not totally bald, but the Jason Statham look). Gotta tell ya, I was depressed/embarrassed about it at first... but I'm slowly starting to embrace it! The girl I've been dating for a few months thinks I look sexy as all get out, and she's a definite hottie lol great article, and it kinda feels like I joined a new "family" of bald headed bad asses! Rock it ya'll!!

Auz on September 21, 2016:

I actually prefer the bald look! I have super long eye lashes for a guy, and a super baby face when shaved, so the bald look paired with my beard makes me feel a bit more rugged! Haha. Plus it's just so easy. Rock on, my bald brothers and sisters.

BeyondGS (author) from Ohio on October 09, 2014:

I'm glad I could inspire you Chelsea. It truly is awesome to be bald. :)

Chelsea on October 09, 2014:

You've enlightened me, Isaac. I am going to shave my head when I get home!

BeyondGS (author) from Ohio on June 27, 2014:

Thanks for the comment and read. That is true, some places may ask to still see your ID. I think by comparison to certain places it varies, but for the most part ones won't bother.

belleart from Ireland on June 25, 2014:

This is brilliant! My partner went bald at around 21/22 and he's pretty happy it. It definitely makes him look wise but because of his beard people sometimes assume he's a hard ass, he's really not :) Although I have to disagree with no:3. He was actually asked for ID at a bar a few years ago and he was already 25.

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