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5 Emotional Questions You Should Honestly Ask Yourself

A theater and film director who works intensively with individual and group psychology as well as with communication/language structures.

Self-development is made of small steps and big rewards. Regular introspection will help you navigate your journey and keep up with milestones.

Your self is a never-ending work-in-progress and everything in life is lessons.

Movement is all there is.

Movement is all there is.

Ask yourself these meaningful questions about your life and inner progress every time you have trouble finding your bearings and measuring your success.

Your Self Is Always Changing

Through learning, we grow and become more resilient, happy, and successful. By examining yourself, you can:

  1. See where you stand
  2. Review past strategies
  3. Decide how you want to proceed
  4. Remember what you have left behind

When you pause regularly to check in with yourself, there is little left to impede your progress. Celebrate every piece of baggage you no longer carry. That’s what has gotten you this far.

In this inspiring article, you will find 5 questions you should ask yourself every six months.

Everything in Life Is Lessons

1. Have You Forgiven Anyone?

Forgiveness is a major milestone. One that takes you the farthest and never exhausts itself. You could say human life is a lesson in forgiveness.

Every time you get angry, no matter how small or big, there are at least two people you need to forgive. First, yourself for getting angry and feeling emotionally overwhelmed. And then the person who offended you and triggered your unpleasant emotional experience.

Every self-book out there, every branch of psychology and every religion in the world agree that the reason for the offense is a lack of awareness.

Something in you was moved by the unconsciousness of another and responded with the same unconsciousness in you. When this happens, you need to communicate more and express yourself better while respecting other person's perspective.

It is never about who is right but always about accepting that everyone is right from their point of view.

Forgiveness brings you the greatest reward: understanding and compassion. It makes you a better person. As you grow, make sure to expand the boundaries of understanding and compassion.

Let forgiveness expand your fear-based boundaries.

2. How Are Your Relationships Doing?

Are your relationships growing, stagnating, or ending?

It has been said that a soul is always in search of connection and belonging. We are social beings who come from the same source (even if we do not know exactly what that is).

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We all have the same characteristics, but because of our different individual natures, we see endless variations of the same basic principles. Nature manifests itself in diversity.

And yet, every soul wants to belong.

Sometimes the desire is so strong that we do not care what the cost is. But nothing that is not authentic will survive.

A simple test to check your inner progress is to look at your close relationships. The more at peace you are with yourself, the better those relationships will be.

And if you are not satisfied with the quality of your relationships, it means that you are alienated from yourself. You do not know who you are and you are not comfortable in your mind/body/soul. This is reflected in all your relationships.

Pay attention.

Meditating on a relationship issue will help you gain deeper insight while bringing you back to your center.

Meditating on a relationship issue will help you gain deeper insight while bringing you back to your center.

3. Are You In Control of Your Emotions?

You can control a lot more than you think if you control your emotions. This does not mean that you should stop feeling, but that you should stop reacting to those feelings.

If you get overwhelmed with every feeling, you will never lead the life you want and deserve.

First, let’s get something straight. Emotions are not bad. In fact, they are critical to understanding the world around us.

They help you navigate and make sense of your life if you are smart enough to listen. Emotions tell you if something is good for you. You should never stop feeling. But you should want to learn the art of responding.

Reacting, as the opposite, turns you into the emotion and takes the wheel out of your hands.

Responding, on the other hand, follows the action hidden in the cause of the thing.

When you are jealous, do not just feel bad. Use the emotional feedback to understand what the other person has that you don’t, and develop a plan to get it.

Because that's what really triggers your jealousy. You know that you have let yourself down and that part of you is now suffering. Don’t ignore it. Help it succeed.

Love your emotions.

4. How Many People Know You Love Them?

It's easy to underestimate and difficult to understand the importance we have in another person's life. How do you feel when someone tells you how much you mean to them?

And how do you feel when you know you're loved?

The well-known experiment with plants has proven what psychology keeps telling us. And, for that matter, quantum theory as well.

Depending on who's watching, a particle becomes a wave.

And in the plant experiment, there were three kinds of relationships with the plant. In the first kind, they told the plant how much they loved it. They treated it with gentleness and affection.

The second relationship consisted of lots of negative words, angry feelings, and yelling, while the third one was characterized by neglect and ignorance. They didn't bother to say anything and just acted as if the plant didn't exist.

Guess which plant triumphed and grew the largest and most beautiful? Yes, the plant that was treated with love.

But which of the other two didn't make it and died? The plant that was yelled at grew deformed, but the neglected plant didn't grow at all. It died.

Every living thing needs love and care to grow. Be affectionate. Speak love.

Love is an ocean that carries every message. What message do you wish to send?

Love is an ocean that carries every message. What message do you wish to send?

5. Are You Satisfied With The Time You Spend With Your Family?

Family time is the time you will remember most before you die. This is your natural place to take responsibility and make your good influence felt. It is your gift to the world and future society.

You do not have to travel far to make a far-reaching change. Start with your family.

If you want to live in a society where people treat each other with love, care, and respect, raise your children to be such people.

Use your relationship with your partner to get to know them and yourself.

Always be curious and playful. Talk about philosophical and emotional things. Share your dreams. Motivate others to be brave and daring. Make your family happy by being cheerful and engaging in many activities.

Do not neglect the elderly. Learn from their wisdom. Make them feel useful and important.

Do not control the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren, but let them enrich your life without directing them.

Learn new skills with your family. Take them where you have always wanted to go. Let them share in your professional passions and hobbies.

If you fear for your child's safety, teach them self-defense and online safety.

But most importantly, when you spend time with your family, engage them in what they want and let them do what they want. Be responsive to their suggestions for group activities.

Look at them with fresh, wondering, and positive eyes.

Your family is your secret power.

© 2022 Irena Curik

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