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7 Freakish Bodybuilders Who Bulked-Up the Wrong Way

Mamerto Adan is an engineer by profession, but a writer by night. He loves toys and knives. He also has a martial arts background.


In our office, we made an unofficial survey on what women like about men’s physique. We are expecting “abs”, biceps, pecks, and any male parts bulging with muscles. To our surprise, most women preferred chubby boys, and they don’t mind daddy bods. Some even openly admitted that skinny guys are their types. Only a small percentage say they will go for muscular hunks.

We never saw that coming, and we got to admit that it gave us hopes. After all, most of us are out of shape, as achieving the action figure look is quite demanding. We work for more than 8 hours a day, and family guys only have limited free time. We did dedicate an hour or so for exercise, but a ripped physique demands more than that. Plus, we got bad genetics, and it will take a certain amount of conditioning to fight our body plans.

Before we move on, we are not being sour about our status as frustrated bodybuilders. Yes, we still work out until today, and we do that to get healthier and stronger. But we are warned by our coaches to not be like those guys in some corners of the globe. These people will try anything to be “swole,” even if it kills them. And the result is sometimes not impressive. And below are just some of the examples.

Before Anything Else, the Adonis Complex

The flawless beauty portrayed in media became a cause of alarm nowadays, when women exposed themselves to unhealthy practices just to attain them. Aspiring for impossible standards of beauty contributes to body dissatisfaction and could lead to lower self-esteem. Worst, girls could end up engaging in starvation or purging just to look better.

If that’s the case for girls, guys are having the same problem.

Men could be desperate to attain the muscular look media presented, not knowing that genetics could be on the way. Eventually the quest for physical perfection leads to muscle dysmorphia, a delusion that a well-built man still sees himself to be skinny. Eventually, one will turn to steroids though the results could be far from desirable. If not, laughable.

If that happens, people will miss the point of bodybuilding in the first place.

1. The Cartoonish Arms of Arlindo de Souza

Those muscles are fake though.

Those muscles are fake though.

We guys wished to have bigger and stronger arms. We need them, especially if a day job involves heavy lifting. Even office workers could use strong arms, in cases we need forceful handling. Nevertheless, I often see guys with skinny arms manhandle heavy objects like it weigh nothing, so size don’t always dictate strength.

That’s why guys should not be like this one.

Arlindo de Souza is a Brazilian body builder who injected oil and alcohol straight into his muscle. The results are biceps measuring 29 inches. Before that, he was juiced on steroids, hormones and even horse vitamin. It was a friend at the gym that offered him the oil injection, to get the upper hand from his muscley rivals. Do note that this method could cause infection, amputation and death. And although we often respect people’s decisions to do what they wished to themselves, legit trainers won’t recommend this potentially lethal practice to anyone. And no way will I want to have arms like that. As what coaches pointed out, Synthol muscles are fake.

2. Gregg Valentino and His Record-Breaking Biceps

Those guns could be amazing, if not for steroids.

Those guns could be amazing, if not for steroids.

And now that we speak of giant biceps, this guy just holds the record for the biggest in the world. Unlike de Souza however, Gregg Valentino never used oil injection. He started training naturally for 23 years, until he used steroids to enhance growth. His biceps grew a lot, and it bulged to a frightening 28 inches.

It is all muscles, unlike the Synthol arms of de Souza. But being juiced with steroids, we understand people’s disgusts to his arms. To cap it all, those arms are out of proportion. Symmetry are desired in bodybuilding competitions, and no judge will let someone with cartoonish proportion bag the golds. And yes, years of steroid injections eventually caused his muscles to “explode”. It got infected and Valentino ended in the emergency room.

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3. Andreas Munzer

The tragic effects of performance enhancing drugs.

The tragic effects of performance enhancing drugs.

The two cases above seems to be laughable, given the fact that they look silly with those out of shape limbs. But Andreas Munzer’s story is tragic. He started life as a tool maker and worked out every day. Soon he had success in professional bodybuilding competitions, but his habit of taking steroids, insulin, growth hormones and other drugs was his undoing. In March 13, 1996, he was rushed to the hospital and died a day later due to severely damaged liver.

Munzer’s case is an example of harms done with bodybuilding malpractice. And unfortunately, people still never learned.

4. Kiril Tereshin’s Muscles of Abscess

Those are swollen infections, not muscles.

Those are swollen infections, not muscles.

It seems like the world never learned from the tragedy of Andreas Munzer, and many more bodybuilders will follow his fate.

Our trainers often warn us to make the biceps the least priority. We only got limited time, and it should be well spent on multi jointed lifts. But this kid from Russia gave it all for his biceps, and he almost payed for it dearly.

Kiril Tereshin wanted impressive arms. But instead of doing the right thing with hard works, he preferred the easy was and injected oil into his arm.

It might sound familiar, and yes that Brazilian bodybuilder we mentioned earlier already did that. As was expected, he got humongous biceps. But inside are infected tissues and abscess. He ended up in the hospital, and a large portion of oil deposits and necrotic tissues have to be removed. What was left of his arm afterwards were deflated skins with stitches.

5. Valdir Segato, Another Oil Bag

He looked hilarious, not badass.

He looked hilarious, not badass.

Honestly Synthol is becoming the new steroid, and we might see more Kiril Tereshin in the future. Men only wanted to get bigger, and they forget the original point of bodybuilding.

Valdir Segato chose size over health.

He upped the ante by injecting synthol not just in his biceps, but also in his chest. We all know how Synthol biceps are ridiculously out of shape. Imagine having a pair of evenly out of proportioned chest to back it up. Valdir was once a skinny guy, but I have a feeling that pumping yourself with oil is not the right way to improve your frame. With ugly proportions, risk to your health, and the fact that serious bodybuilders consider Synthol to be a joke, we wonder what good Segato gained so far.

6. Romario Dos Santos Alves, More Oil Bag

People never learned.

People never learned.

Synthol again? Brazilian Romario Dos Santos Alves is a good example why you should choose your people carefully. Back in 2012 when he moved to the city, he made friends with “gym” buff and they introduced him to Synthol. He got too excited, over injected, and the doctors almost got his arms. His health declined due to Synthol and he was lucky that the doctors were able to nurse him back to health without amputating his infected arms.

7. Dean Wharmby

Dean in the hospital.

Dean in the hospital.

Another case of a tragic lost due to steroids abuse. Dean looks like a typical bodybuilder on the outside. A typical steroidal bodybuilder to be exact. Freakish and sinewy, he was what people expected of the modern-day bodybuilder. He never soaked in synthol, but due to anabolic steroids he developed liver cancer. At first he blamed it on high calorie diet, but for coroner Lisa Hashmi, steroids was the one to be blamed.

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