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6 Best Tummy Toning Exercises for Beginners

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Simple exercises to get fit

Tummy Toning is not a impossible task

Tummy Toning is not a impossible task

Tummy Toning exercises for beginners

Beginners may find tummy toning exercises intimidating. Contrary to popular belief, eliminating belly fat is not incredibly challenging.

By integrating activities that target the core in your regular regimen, you may slim down your midsection and lose that excess flab. Of course, you should do other exercises to give your workout a well-rounded feel. You can achieve a flat stomach by eating a low-calorie diet and doing activities that target your stomach.

Let's discuss about the exercise

Here are six simple workouts to tone your stomach

1 .Cat - Cow Pose

2. V- Sit Crunch

3. Burpee

4. Deadburg

5. Slow - motion mountain climber

6 Bear Crawl

Now we can see few exercises name's above , now we will read about these exercises below & we will know how we can do it

1 . Cat - Cow Pose

This well-known two-part yoga pose is excellent for toning the stomach. The abs are strengthened, and the lumbar and cervical spine become more flexible. When you move your abs, it also serves as a reminder to breathe.

■ How you do this exercise : -

☆ Begin by kneeling down and placing your hands beneath your shoulders.

☆ As you take a breath, lower your chest and return to the "cow" position by pushing your hips and shoulder blades.

☆ Look directly ahead while lifting your chin and chest.

☆ Exhale while pulling your belly button up toward your spine and arching your back upwards like a cat.

☆ With a minute of rest in between each set, complete two sets of 10 repetitionsm

Cat Cow Pose

Cat - Cow exercise for tummy toning

Cat - Cow exercise for tummy toning

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2. V - SIT Crunch

This stomach-toning exercise tones your abs in a manner similar to a regular crunch. But it also prevents you from overworking your neck and allows you to employ momentum to finish the crunch.

■ This is how you perform the exercise:

☆ Put your hands over your head and begin by lying on your back.

☆ If you elevate your legs and crunch up at the same time, your body will appear in the shape of a "V."

☆ Exhale as you raise your legs.

☆ Crunch and inhale as you return to the beginning posture.

☆ With a 60-second break in between each set, perform two sets of two minutes each.

V - Sit Crunch

V - Sit Crunch exercise

V - Sit Crunch exercise

3. Burpee

You get all the advantages of push-ups with this full-body stomach toning exercise that resembles a push-up, but it also works your heart harder and makes your workout more difficult.

■ This is how you perform the exercise : -

☆ Squat down starting from a standing position. As you "leap" your feet out into a push-up stance, place your hands on the floor.

☆ Push yourself up, then jump from your feet to your hands. Throw your hands over your head and jump as high as you can.

☆ With a minute of rest in between each set, complete two sets of 10 repetitions.


Burpee exercise

Burpee exercise

4. Deadbug

The core is a crucial component of the majority of strength-training exercises because it allows you to move your limbs while maintaining spinal stability. This lower back support exercise keeps your lower back safe while you move, saving you energy.

■ This is how you perform the exercise: -

☆ Bend your knees and hips at a 90-degree angle while lying on your back. Raise both arms up toward the sky.

☆ Pull your lower back toward the floor to close the space. Start by extending one leg and tapping the heel of the leg against the floor.

☆ Exhale as much as you can while maintaining your lower back firmly planted on the floor while you extend one leg.

☆ Bring your knee back to where it was after you are finished exhaling.

☆ By lowering the arm and leg not being used or by carrying something heavy in your hands, you can make this pose more difficult.


Deadbug exercise for tummy toning

Deadbug exercise for tummy toning

5. Slow Motion Mountain Climber

Runs, lifts, and jumps can all be improved by engaging your deep core muscles while maintaining a neutral torso and controlled hip flexion. Mountain climbers can become a calorie-burning, belly-toning exercise if you perform them slowly.

This is How you perform the exercise : -

☆ With your feet on sliding discs, perform a push-up. To lock in your hips and lower back, tighten your glutes.

☆ Pull your belly button up towards your chin and your knees up to your chest to exert tension in your legs.

☆ Keep your torso upright as you slowly bring one knee to your chest. Return that leg slowly to the push-up posture.

☆ Repeat the process with the opposite leg. A 3:3 pace, or three seconds in and three seconds out, should be used for each rep. Breathing should be timed to the motion.

☆Pull your knee in slowly while exhaling, then inhale to return to the push-up posture.

Slow motion mountain climber

Slow motion mountain climber exercise

Slow motion mountain climber exercise

6. Bear Crawl

Bear crawls are a fantastic abdominal workout that may also be utilised as a warm-up, cool-down, and conditioning exercise.

This is how you perform the exercise : -

☆ Knees should be under hips, and hands should be under shoulders.

☆ A little bit off the ground, raise your knees. Keep your head down and avoid raising your butt.

☆ Aim to keep your sternum from being pierced by something sharp by keeping your chest off the ground.

☆ Start moving forward by raising your head so that you can only see what is in front of you and using your opposing arms and legs.

☆ As you walk, try to float and breathe normally. Increase the challenge by changing directions and accelerating.

Bear Crawl

Bear Crawl exercises for tummy Toning

Bear Crawl exercises for tummy Toning

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