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6 Ways to Expand the Capabilities of the Mind


6 Ways to Expand the Capabilities of Your Mind

Before I see these 6 ways to expand your mind, let me introduce you to this section of the Networks program called “Stimulate Your Brain to Live Longer and Better” .

The brain is a vital part of our body that determines all our behaviors, actions and decisions that we can make throughout life. It is very important to be able to stimulate it so that we can increase all our brain capacity.

How can we increase this ability of the brain? We have prepared 6 ways to expand the capabilities of your mind that will surprise you. Make sure you work on them daily to understand everything your brain has to offer.


1 1. Training

2 2. Maintain a high level of mental activity

3 3. Exercise a lot

4 4. Eat a healthy and balanced diet

5 5. Sleep well

6 6. Improve personal relationships

1. Training

Psychologists have determined that there are some aspects of the brain that remain unchanged throughout our lives. However, there are others that can be improved through good training.

Some smart games are able to increase your full strength. There are a few exercises to help you achieve this; You just need to find the ones that suit you best and you feel like you are learning by practicing them.

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2. Maintain a high level of mental activity

You need to find a way to "turn on" your brain. One of the best ways to achieve this is through riddles, crossword puzzles, sudoku puzzles or any other type of practice.

How to get organized

Any cultural activity is suitable to be so active. In addition, an interesting conversation also helps us stimulate those parts of the brain that will increase the full potential it is capable of reaching.

3. Exercise a lot

You need to know that exercise is the solution to most problems, both physical and mental. When we do any sport, we really increase the amount of oxygen and glucose that your brain sends and receives.

It also helps the growth of new brain cells and the renewal of existing ones. This helps minimize the risk of inflammation, developing new blood vessels and reducing the rate of cell self-destruction.

Exercise has no side effects, so all the benefits to our brain and its normal activities.

4. Eat a healthy and balanced diet

Avoid foods that are too high in fat, and always follow a balanced diet of meat, vegetables, fish, fruits, cereals ... and other related foods.

A good diet is able to stimulate the brain and maintain it in the best conditions over time.

5. Sleep well

The brain does not turn off when we sleep, it continues to work. We need 7-9 hours of sleep each night to really benefit from what rest can give our mind.

Inadequate rest can increase stress levels and lead to illnesses that can become serious.

6. Improve personal relationships

Try to communicate with everyone. Hatred and resentment only serve to make us worse. It is good to resolve any conflict that may arise with an acquaintance so that the brain is not affected by stress.

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