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6 Unique Benefits of Grapes


Who loves grapes? I know I do! Delicious, juicy and colored by nature, grapes are known to be low in calories, packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Don't just consider oranges when you think about Vitamin C, grapes are an excellent choice too! Let's take a look at all the unique benefits you can get from enjoying grapes. (spoil alert, it can stop you from aging fast!)

1. Stronger immune system


Since the pandemic, building up a strong immune system by having a healthy diet is as important as it can be. Because grapes have a lot of vitamin C(5% of the DV), they can fight back viral infection and bacteria.

Researchers also found that grapes contain compounds called "stilbenoids", which work with vitamin D to increase certain generic performance. This can give your immune system a boost.

2. Blood pressure


A serving of grapes can fight high blood pressure, especially after a super salty meal. Scientists have found that grapes contain lots of antioxidants, which can be found in the seeds, skin, and flesh of grapes. Antioxidants provide this beneficial outcome, which lowers blood pressure indirectly. On the other hand, grape is extremely low in sodium, which is a great fit to reducing blood pressure directly.

3. Brain health & Memory


Antioxidant that I mentioned above also helps to reduce oxidation, this have a positive effect on your brain. other than that, grapes are full of a memory-boosting compound, which is called resveratrol. A steady resverstrol intake improves memory and learning ability, in some cases, it even increased blood flow.

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4. Bone health


Studies have shown that a grape-enriched diet increases calcium retention, and grape seed extract(GSE) have the ability to prevent bone loss and bone healing. next time when you're making grape juice, try to grind the seeds and enjoy it with the juice itself!

5. Stop you from aging fast


Seriously? yes, grape can maintain your youth longer. This sounds like a myth to good to be truth, how do grapes do that? How do we make this magic potion?

The secrets lies within resveratrol once again, not only does this antioxidant improves brains ability, it also stimulates certain genes, causing them to have a longer lifespan. This leads to protected cells and healthier longevity with aging.

6. Better Sleep


According to scientists in Italy, grapes are packed with melatonin. It is a sleep hormone that gradually soothes you into sleeping mode, and because they don't have a lot of calories, they are a good choice to snack on during evening.

So what kind of grapes should I eat?

The most common color of grapes are green, red, and black. Which ones should you enjoy, and what are the difference in benefits?

Red grapes have more Antioxidants, compared to green ones. They are all packed with elements that increases bone health; green grapes taste more sour, and red grapes taste sweeter. You can choose the kind of tastes and benefits as you wish.

Happy Eating!

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