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6 Tips to Improve Your Toxic Mind


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Full confession, I've struggled in this area this last year with some bad experiences, and 2020 has been a tough year for me and many people. It is hard to always keep your mind in a good place and it is even harder trying to get adult things done when you are struggling with a toxic mental overload. It seems like every word you say is something negative and you end up alienating everyone around you. The good news is, you can correct it.

Learn To Be Grateful For Small Things

Being more positive isn't always about trying to be as happy as possible. A major goal should be to try to find an inner source of contentment that brings you peace, zen, and keeps anxiety at bay. A lot of little things add up to your overall perception.

Maybe spend some time to enjoy being outside during a light rainstorm and listen to the sound of rain. Go on a walk and try to appreciate small delights along the way, maybe you will see a small flower or maybe pack a small sandwich and enjoy eating it out in a small grass patch.

Take some time to make note of how clouds look or listen to music that brings you delight. When you learn to appreciate more of the little things they can add up to a good basis of overall contentment. Try to live in a world of curiosity and wonder, where things are still beautiful and bring peace.

Control Your Emotions

The only thing that seems definite is you have limited control over what happens in your life. Part of it is choices you make and part of it is just random chance.

You can control how you react to things that happen to you. Many people have something happen that stresses them out. Practice trying to see the good side of any situation. You might have had something terrible happen to you, but you survived and you learned.

Change Where You Are

If you are feeling like life is dull, maybe you need to get away a bit. Things are a bit tough until the pandemic stops being so much of an issue. If you can't do a plane ticket, maybe drive a short distance to a nearby location.

It is fun to go to new places and meet new people. It is hard living a life where every day feels the same. The best fix is to change your environment and sights from time to time.

Change The Words You Use

Words are very powerful things. You literally program yourself day to day by the words you think or say to yourself or others. Certain ways of thinking need to be examined critically. Ask yourself if certain nightly thoughts are helping you or hurting you.

You may have a problem with past guilt that you carry with you into your future. Maybe you have old mental patterns that were instilled by abusive people in your life. Perhaps you had a friend or two who struggled or complained about the world and their thoughts bled over into your perception.

Whatever you are dealing with, it helps to reframe things so your words and thoughts reflect a more positive and content person.

Retrain How You Think

Playing into the above where you change your words day to day, it helps to create and organize positive affirmations. These should be phrases of your choosing that help you train your mind. You want to make phrases that suit you and vibe well with you.

What works for one person is not ideal for another, so experiment until you find words that suit you. Some people like to recite their affirmations while looking in a mirror. Some like to say a couple of phrases before bed. Other people use phrases to calm down during a stressful workday.

If you start to feel down, then recite whatever words you need to feel more pumped or relaxed. Positive affirmations will feel a bit alien if you are recovering from a situation where you are getting over a situation where someone was criticizing you or saying bad things to you often.

Change The Media You Consume

The content you consume day to day affects you to a larger degree than you are aware of. If you only watch movies that make you feel depressed, perhaps you should try changing that.

If you listen to music that enhances your sadness, there is nothing wrong with that in moderation. In excess, it might help you hold onto those sad moods you want to get out of.

It helps to find music with positive messages, or read books that inspire you, or maybe even search for content that helps you feel like your moods are higher. The main thing is to change environmental cues that feed into how you feel.

One of the biggest changes in this area has to be with who you are around. If you have people in your life that feed you bad thoughts or messages or make you feel bad about yourself. You may need to think about limiting contact or cutting contact entirely. You need to figure out your mission in life and work to build a community that feeds into your mission.

You might have to work on being happier or content. Start by changing habits and training yourself to be comfortable no matter what your life is doing. Positive people have better life outcomes overall. With an improved mindset, you’ll be able to start the work and changes you really want to do. Do your best, stay content, and know you are enough. When all your thoughts are more in order your life experience will improve.

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