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6 Things You Worry About and You Should Not.

Engelta loves to talk and study in depth the self-esteem issues, as well as how to improve and cherish relationships.

You are not responsible for other people's feelings.

This one may be the cause of a lot of anxiety for many people. Those people tend to ignore their feelings and do not react on something they believe to be otherwise, only to not hurt the other person's feelings. They spend a lot of time and energy to restrict themselves and act as other's want them to. This is emotionally exhausting and in time you will feel smaller in front of other people, you will feel like your voice has been stolen. You got to understand that you have no control on how people react or how people feel. You should show yourself as you are and talk your own mind. Do not restrain yourself. They are human beings as you. If you can control your emotions, so can they handle theirs.


Their thoughts about the work you do.

Your job may not be the one you have been dreaming all your life. Your job may not bring you as much money as your friends jobs do. However this does not mean you do not like your job at all, nor does it mean that you are not good at what you do. Do not become slave of the thought that others are doing better than you and for that reason them judging you, or laughing at you. They have their jobs, their lives, and you have yours. You do not need their approvals. Do not worry about what other's think or say, especially if you do not know you personally, do not take it as personal judgment. If you are happy with what you do, carry on. If you are not, learn how to give it up, for better opportunities to come your way.

Do not worry over your family approval.

They will get around it sooner or later. Worry about what you are doing, what your future will be like. That is the kind of good worrying. I realize that maybe your family has been there all the time, giving you advice on the biggest problems in your life, or even on how to solve small issues. You have to understand though that your family will always have opinions that will not always coincide with yours, of satisfy yours. They are there to show you another way of doing things, but that does not mean that you should follow the road they show to you. No. That only means that there are other roads which you should consider, but the choice in the end is only yours. Because only you are responsible for your own happiness.


If you are being healthy in the right ways.

Healthy comes in many colors and shapes, as human beings are different from each other as well. If your best friend needs a detox once every week to keep her weight in check, that does not mean that you do too. You should not follow a certain diet just because it is famous. You should not eat foods you can not stand, or can not enjoy only because Beyonce eats them. Do not worry, you will be healthy even if you do not eat like a celebrity! Choose your own kind of healthy, whether you stick to a standard workout, or you incorporate the shadow boxing in your daily life, it is your own choice. Whether you choose to eat pizza and fast food for a whole week, it is your own choice as well, and no one should judge you on that!

What friends think of your choices.

Friends who do not support you whatever your choices are, well they are not your friends! If you are afraid of what they will think or say, or if you are afraid of sharing your future plans with them, you are living in toxic friendships. They are only taking out your breathe, not giving you wings. You do not need that kind of persons in your life. You do not need those so called friends that make every decisions of yours seem stupid, or every achievements of yours seem so small and insignificant. Take action. Remove these people from your life and choose the people that will only make you feel awesome, like the awesome human being you are.

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If you are good enough for the people in your life.

This is another kind of worry that makes people more and more afraid to show their true selves. Afraid that they will not be accepted or love. Afraid that they do not deserve the people they have around or that they care about. The thing is, everybody feels like it. What draws the line is the way people you care about make you feel about yourself. If you feel like they love you and really want to cherish their moments with you, then, you are great for them. If they bring up excuses of how busy their schedules are, or how they have these zillions other things to do, then they do not care about you. Give up on that. Keep the others close to yourself.

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