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6 Reasons Why You Should Find an Online Fitness Trainer for Yourself

Ritesh Mahindrakar is the Founder and Managing Director of Into Wellness; who resides in Pune, India.



Fitness is an important aspect of our lives that cannot be ignored for a long time. In today’s day and age, everything is going digital, from grocery shopping to paying bills and everything in between. Despite gyms and other training centers shutting down, we had to find a way to work out and stay fit being home.

This started the trend of finding an online fitness trainer to learn everything from personal training to yoga to martial arts and Zumba from the comfort of home. It is an ideal solution for those who don’t know the correct form and technique for a particular type of physical activity but want to learn it without stepping out.

Listed below are the different benefits and 6 reasons why you should consider an online fitness trainer!

1. Liberty to Research and Choose an Online Fitness Trainer Suitable for Yourself

In today’s time, digital platforms are a blessing to a great extent, where we find help and information about almost everything. We often look for such resources on Google or YouTube where there are a large number of trainers and fitness enthusiasts who are now extensively offering online training sessions.

Every trainer has their niche in which they provide fitness training; some may offer a no-equipment workout, while others may offer HIIT and so on. Some of the well-known experts having a good digital presence are Livestrong Women, HASfit, Abhinav Mahajan, Jordan Yeoh, etc.

You can view some of their videos, demo sessions, check their online presence, and get in touch with the one you think is the most appropriate trainer for yourself.


2. Decide if You Want Group Session or Individual Training

Online fitness training has various options, such as individual/personal training, group workout sessions, Zumba, Aerobics, Yoga, etc.

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Depending on your preference, your availability, and fitness goals, you can choose one or more training options. Ideally, personal training, as well as one of the group sessions can be opted for so that the fitness routine also becomes enjoyable.

On the other hand, if you’re only focused on serious muscle gains then a personal trainer for weight training, and other intensive workouts should be chosen.

3. Great Value for Money

With an online personal trainer, you can reach him/her more often through emails or messages, even if you just have a question. You can also request a workout plan that involves a number of workouts depending on your goals.

Online availability also allows support with your lifestyle goals and can help you build better habits to support your training and energy levels while your monthly investment either stays the same or becomes lower.

If you have an online fitness trainer, you don’t have to pay the extra membership fees of the gym, and you can also save money on the commute travel.

4. The Comfort of Your Home with Flexible Timings

Not all of us may feel comfortable going to the gym and working out with a bunch of other people. Exercising at home with guidance is the best solution for the same; you’re in your most comfortable space with utmost privacy.

Furthermore, no more appointments to keep, no more missing workouts because you’re on a vacation or business trip; with online training, you always have your trainer with you remotely. All sessions conducted are via Skype, email, and social media apps. So, even if you travel or are a busy parent, an online fitness trainer would be a great option for you!

5. You’re Monitored for Better Workout Results

Exercising by ourselves just by looking at random videos without guidance and with a lack of knowledge can get monotonous and may lead to injuries. However, an online fitness trainer can monitor, guide, and provide exercise variation to increase stamina as well as build endurance as you progress with your workout routine.

6. Stay Motivated and Focused on Your Fitness Goals

Working alone at home can sometimes be demotivating or can lead to making excuses for not working out. But having an online fitness trainer can help you reach him via messages or email and vice-versa which can help you keep a check on your fitness routine. An online fitness trainer can pump you up and help you stay motivated to reach your fitness goals.


Online fitness training is an affordable, enjoyable, and effective way to work towards the healthiest version of yourself.

Another bonus of having an online fitness trainer is getting to know others who are also working with your trainer and thus building a community via social media, which can also be very supportive and motivational when you need it.

Sign up with an online fitness trainer today, don’t let another week go by without working out!

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