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6 Easy and Practical Tips to Create and Enjoy Your Perfect Day


No day can be perfect unless you work hard to make it perfect. You can try various ways to make things work for you. It will make a huge difference in your life and the way you manage your day. You will have more fun, make more money, and enjoy more freedom in your life.

Here are a few methods which you can follow right now to make your day perfect.

Follow these 6 easy and practical tips to make your every day a perfect day.

Follow these 6 easy and practical tips to make your every day a perfect day.

Develop Positive Morning Habits

Develop a morning routine that empowers and charge you up for the rest of the day, such as:

  • Stay away from gadgets for at least an hour after waking up. Do not check your social media accounts or emails. Put your phone in silent mode and also turn off the notifications for some time to avoid distractions.
  • Spend time with nature. Get up early and go for a brisk morning walk. It creates a feeling of well-being. Hormones named endorphins are released while exercising, which makes you happy. Sometimes you may also get ideas about a task or a solution to a problem. You can do some stretching exercises, meditation, or yoga if it is not possible for you to go out.
  • Have a glass of warm water or a cup of herbal tea. It is not only good for the body but also rejuvenates your senses.
  • Write down at least ten positive affirmations or inspirational quotes in your diary. Develop a habit to read those motivational readings each morning to experience abundance in your life.
  • Set your goals for the day. Divide your goals into small achievable tasks.

Create a Not-to-do-List

Creating a not-to-do-list is as important as having a to-do-list. Make a list of activities that you won’t like to do on a particular day. Your stress will reduce, and productivity will increase. You will be able to complete tasks from your to-do-list more effectively. Do not copy what others are doing. Every human being is different, and so will be the items on your list.

Identify Your Productive Time

There is time in a day when you are most productive. Dedicate that time to complete your major and essential project or task. Most of us have this particular time of the day. The only problem is to identify it. The duration of productive time should be at least 90 minutes without a break.

Plan Your Work and be Focused

Do not chase two rabbits as you will catch none.

What does it mean?

It means stop doing multitasking. It reduces the quality of your work and makes you mentally depressed. Break down your work into small workable batches. Have a dedicated time for each of your activities, such as reading and sending emails, answering phone calls, creating videos, posting on social media, etc. But focus on the most important and big task first as it will take up most of your time and energy.

Productivity will decrease by the end of the day.

So try to complete essential tasks in the beginning. The longer you wait to complete an essential task, the more frustrated you will become. Small and less important tasks can be completed later. When you get involved in one activity at a time, you repeat your actions again and again. It helps your mind to get into the rhythm, and your productivity to complete that work increases.

Take Lesson From the Past

What does living in the past, present, and future means?

Living in the past:

It means you are living a life full of regrets.

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Living in the future:

It means you are a victim of anxiety.

Living in the present:

You should take a lesson from the past and try not to repeat your mistakes. Also, there is nothing wrong with being excited about the future. But you should be aware of what action to take in the present to make your future exciting.

Plan a Pre-Sleep Routine

A pre-sleep routine will help you to calm down and relax your brain. Here are a few tips you can follow to plan your perfect before sleep routine:

  • Close your eyes and think about the entire day. What mistakes you made and what lessons you learned from them. What will you do to not repeat them in the future? Ask yourself how much progress you made towards your goals. To whom you are grateful? I recommend you maintain a journal or a diary and write down answers to these every day. It will help you to plan your next day more productively.
  • Plan your day the night before. I am not talking about general activities like cooking food, doing laundry work, etc. Create a separate list of all household chores. But here we are talking about creating a list regarding your goals. Write the number one problem you are facing right now, and create a list of tasks to solve that problem. It’s a powerful technique. Once you follow it, your productivity will increase and, every day will be a perfect day.


I hope now you are aware of what a perfect day is. All the strategies mentioned may not work the same for everyone. They can guide you, how to plan your day to maximize your productivity level. By being focused, you can achieve what you want.

Have you ever planned your perfect day? If yes, please share some valuable tips in the comments below.

Even if you have not done this before, then also share whether you will like to do it or not in the comments below.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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Preeti Shah (author) from Delhi on November 04, 2020:

Thank you Mr. Eric for your valuable feedback. I share my personal experiences through my articles. I hope they prove helpful to people.

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on November 04, 2020:

I just kind of got caught with the notion of living in the past = regrets. I love my past and love to sit quietly and reminisce.

Making a "not-to-do" sounds so good. Well done on this whole piece.

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