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6 Best Upper Body Exercises for Women

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Perfect abs for women's

Best exercises for  getting perfect Abs

Best exercises for getting perfect Abs

Best Upper AB Exercises for Women

Today we will discuss about 6 exercises for women s upper abs


2.High Plank

3. Bicycle crunch

4. Hollow Hold

5. Side Plank

6. Reverse Crunch


If you want to develop powerful abs, crunches are a terrific exercise. You won't be leaving any muscle behind in this workout because they are very effective at targeting the entire core area, including the upper hemisphere.

The following advice is for performing crunches:

Put both hands behind your head rather than one behind each ear if you have shoulder problems. Keep your lower back flat the entire workout; do not even hint at arching it.


2.high Plank

In comparison to low planks, high planks provide a better arm workout while also targeting the upper abdominal.

Follow these steps to complete them:

Start in a high plank stance with your hips raised and your shoulders precisely above your hands. So that your back doesn't curve or arch, keep it straight. Hold for 30 seconds, then let go and take a brief moment to rest. To finish a set of three reps, repeat the previous two times.

High Plank

High plank exercise for women's

High plank exercise for women's

3. Bicycle Crunch

The reason why bicycle crunches are so well-liked among gym attendees is clear. They are straightforward, efficient, and frequently sufficient to develop a strong set of abs.

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Here is how to carry things out:

With your arms by your sides and palms facing down, lie on your back.

One knee should be brought up to the chest. Bring both hands behind you till they are over your head and use it to raise your upper body off the ground (or as close as possible). Hold for a few seconds, then slowly lower yourself back to the floor without twisting or rotating. Replicate this motion with the other leg. Try adding weight to each hand or bringing both feet down to the floor before pulling them back up to make the exercise more difficult. Compared to only utilising your own weight, this will aid in strengthening your core more quickly.

Bicycle Crunch

Bicycle crunch exercise for abs

Bicycle crunch exercise for abs

4. Hollow Hold

The hollow hold is a fantastic workout for strengthening your core. It's a good method to add some difficulty to your general workout regimen while strengthening your abs and obliques.

You can do the hollow hold by using only your bodyweight, but you can also increase the difficulty by employing dumbbells or even a medical ball. With a medicine ball, you could, for instance, perform the hollow hold in addition to various other techniques, such as passing it back and forth between partners.

How to do this activity is as follows:

Lean back and lie down. Move your arms behind you while raising them. Keep your legs straight and parallel to the tips of your fingers as you lift them up. Your body should have the shape of a boat. As long as you can, hold.

Hollow Hold

Hollow Body Hold exercises

Hollow Body Hold exercises

5. Side Plank

On your hands or elbows, you can perform side planks. Side planks are a terrific addition to your exercise regimen because they are helpful for toning the obliques and waist.

With breaks of 30 to 45 seconds in between sets, perform side planks for up to 60 seconds. When your strength and stamina improve, attempt holding the plank for longer stretches of time without stopping.

Alternately, attempt this exercise with your knees bent to engage more of your core while only lifting one leg off the ground (which will focus more on the glutes).

Always stop immediately and get medical advice before continuing an activity modification like this if you encounter any pain, such as back pain.

Side Plank

Side Plank exercise

Side Plank exercise

6. Reverse Crunch

The lower abdominal muscles, which are crucial for supporting the torso, are the focus of the reverse crunch. As a result, it's a good approach to tone other parts of the core as well as strengthen this area—and so improve posture.

Performing a reverse crunch

Knees bent and feet flat on the floor, lie on your back.

Only raise your head and shoulders off the floor, keeping them in line with your hips the entire time.

Stretch your legs up to your chest.

Before lowering yourself again, pause for a brief moment.

Do 8–12 repetitions.

As with any fitness regimen, consistency is key to seeing benefits; aim for three sets performed three times a week. Remember that good form is crucial; avoid lifting excessive weight or raising your body too high off the ground to avoid injury.

Reverse Crunch

Reverse crunch exercise

Reverse crunch exercise

You know where is the best part ??

The best part about these exercises is that you can perform them anywhere without any special equipment. Just be careful to perform them on a mat or other soft surface to prevent injury.

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