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5 Ways to Stay Afloat and Stay Sane During Pandemic

5 Ways To Stay Afloat and Stay Sane During Pandemic

During the pandemic, everyone must have struggled in some way or the other to keep stress at bay. It's high time we help ourselves to maintain mental peace and stay motivated. So here are some tips which you may find useful to keep your sanity in check.

  • Diary entry

Yes, you heard it right. As we all are stuck at our houses our minds are filled with different kinds of thoughts that we are dying to share with someone. This is where writing a diary is going to help you. Try writing all your thoughts down in a diary, write as if you are writing a friendly email to one of your peers. Don't forget to mention your to-do list for tomorrow and a little cheering up line for yourself, as this will unknowingly put a sense of compulsion to be productive the next day. This exercise will distract you from the continuous overthinking process that builds up stress in you.

  • A happy box

You must be wondering what a happy box is, well let me help you out here. A happy box is something in which you will keep all those things that instantly put a smile on your face. It could be anything like all the pretty gifts you received so far on your birthday or handmade cards gifted to you, the graduation hat that reminds you of that blissful day, your scribbled T-shirt from the last day of your college,it could be anything which could easily transport you to those happy days. The idea here is to treasure your memories because memories act as fuel for your soul.

  • Keep relationships intact

Sometimes in the midst of your staying afloat journey, you will feel that your friends aren't friendly enough to check on you or they aren't there for you when you are feeling low just understand one thing that every single person is fighting their own battle to keep it together. So maybe it is a little too much to expect from them in these crazy times. It's just don't worth it to ruin your friendship on petty issues. Help yourself, adopt a new hobby or brush up on a long-lost one and stay happy.

  • Daily Exercise

Develop a habit of exercising for at least 30 minutes in the morning, it will help you stay active throughout the day. If you are someone who overthinks or is always stressed about life problems then exercise is just the right thing for you as it quickly lightens up your mood. It stimulates good sleep, reduces feelings of anxiety and depression, lowers blood pressure, and improves heart health.

  • The right amount of sleep

It is very important to have a goodnight's sleep. it is a common practice among all of us to use our gadgets until we are off to bed and long hours of exposure to gadgets tend to disrupt our sleeping patterns. Try keeping away all your gadgets at least one hour before going to bed and in the meantime, you could read a book which would help you to sleep as soon as you're done reading and there you have extra hours of sleep. Practice this routine every day until it becomes a habit.

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