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5 Self-Care Tips for Better Mental Health

Personal development is one of my passions and one I pursue in my day-to-day life.

Let the sunshine of self-care guide you through your life.

Let the sunshine of self-care guide you through your life.

1. Have a Meeting With Yourself

Meeting with yourself may sound foolish, but trust me when I say that that's the one meeting you don't want to skip. We usually have meetings to discuss important things, most often at work. It is where we get to vent our ideas, issues, and opinions so that we thrive and collaborate better in the working environment.

But guess what, you spend with yourself 24 hours a day, every single day. So wouldn't it be great to schedule a meeting only with yourself? You may feel awkward at first, but this can work wonders long-term. If you're experiencing a tough time, there's nothing better than shutting everything off, making some tasty tea or whatever else you want to drink, and just discussing life with yourself.

During this process, make sure you focus on the most important things. You can, for instance, schedule different meetings for different topics.

2. Make Sure You Stay Energized

It can be very tough to manage but try to stay energized as much as possible throughout your day. There's no more affecting mood killer than when your energy starts to dip. It can happen without you noticing, but when it hits, it hits hard.

Make sure to stay energized both physically and mentally. Take breaks, do a couple of exercises, and eat and drink whatever makes your body feel good. Take your time to reset mentally, especially before you go to bed. Make always sure that you give yourself time to process things. Having an inner dialogue is a helpful tool for precisely that. If you struggle with overthinking and nothing else helps, try breathing exercises.

It may sound like quite a difficult task at first, but it's easy. Breathe in, hold for a couple of seconds and then release. Work with it, and see what makes you feel good and relaxed. Some people prefer deeper breathing with much longer holding, but please be careful. If you are new to this, you should only do the basics and build into it slowly.

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3. Try to Be Organized

Boring, right? But one of the most important things to do to feel better and more focused is to have as much control as possible over your life. However, only over aspects that you can influent and affect. Do not overthink things beyond your control, as there is not much point in doing so.

Start with looking over your workspace, home, car, or space you operate in during the day. Make sure you clean enough and organize your stuff in a way that makes you comfortable. Try to sort and read your emails in time. Make sure you have control over your economy so that you know how things are and can react fast enough if you start to struggle for whatever reason. Never push away an issue you know needs to be sorted, no matter what. Leaving it for later will only make the problem worse.

4. Try to Get More Into Flow State

A flow state is when you get into some activity and completely forget everything else, focusing purely on that one thing you are currently doing. It is a powerful state and something that, for example, musicians use when they need to get into that creative flow to create their music or when they have to perform in front of a crowd.

You can achieve a flow state through basically any activity of your preference. The rule of thumb is that it needs to be something you love to do, something that is your passion. Do you love sports, playing video games, reading books, painting, cooking, or something else? No matter what it is, if it makes you smile, if it makes you forget your struggles in life and recharge your mind – do it. You will become much more joyful and mentally healthy.

As the note says, try to enjoy the little things.

As the note says, try to enjoy the little things.

5. Try to Enjoy As Much As You Can

Everything that gives you at least a little bit of joy is valuable. We are living in a dark world right now. We have wars, economic crises caused by inflation, climate change issues, et cetera. It is easy to get overwhelmed and depressive in times like this. But there is a joy to be found and things to be grateful for, so try to focus on those. After all, the main goal in life is to enjoy as much as possible and try to achieve and feel as much happiness as possible.

Therefore, do not think twice about whether or not you should right now do something that brings you joy. Even if you don't have much time, even if you only have just a couple of minutes, try to make yourself happier than you were before reading this. Remember this – the little gains can sometimes have the most significant impact on our lives.

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