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5 Ways to Combat the Feelings of Emptiness and Loneliness

Ayonna is an Inspirational Author and Blogger who's passionate about educating others on the importance of practicing self-care.

The Effects of Psychological Abuse

Childhood psychological abuse and emotional neglect will often manifest in our adult lives as feelings of emptiness and loneliness. When people attempt to mask, ignore, or hide these feelings, they often find it challenging to thrive with minimal human contact. Spending time with others allows them to feel emotionally healthy and happy, but what happens when those people aren’t there to fill their unfulfilled needs? Human connection is necessary for us to grow and evolve in life, but it is 100% our responsibility to provide for our emotional health and happiness. When we hold ourselves accountable for our emotional health and happiness, we build stronger and healthier relationships with others. If you are struggling with feelings of emptiness and loneliness, here are five ways to combat those feelings and become your own best friend.

Check Your Emotions

  • When you experience feelings of emptiness and loneliness, it often stems from the emotions of the child within who didn’t feel valued. When these emotions arise, find ways to support happy feelings and practice being kind to yourself. Eliminate any self-deprecating thoughts or limiting beliefs about yourself, and find ways to show yourself some love. Take yourself out on a date, buy yourself some flowers, or give yourself a nice present. Give the love and kindness that you so freely give to others to yourself.

Take Care of Your Body

  • The hidden emotions found in the feelings of emptiness and loneliness are usually key indicators that your body requires relaxation on a mental and emotional level. When these feelings arise, it may be a perfect time for you to get out in nature for a hike, walk, or maybe visit your favorite water source. Perhaps your emotions prompt you to limit your artificial sugar intake and treat your body to water, fruits, and vegetables. Eliminate any addictions and seek out the proper resources if you are having trouble with addiction issues. Taking care of your physical body allows you to be more in sync with your mental and emotional body.

Start a Hobby

  • What were some things you enjoyed doing as a child? As we age, we tend to put aside the hobbies or activities we loved as a child. We may have grown older, but the child inside is still very much alive and desires to be cared for and nurtured. If you love photography, create some time in your schedule to spend a day or a few hours doing nothing but taking pictures. Creativity is your seat of happiness, and feelings of emptiness and loneliness can surface when we are not exercising our creative energy regularly. A hobby is a great way to bring fulfillment and pleasure into your life.

Foster or Adopt a Pet

  • If you don't have a pet, you may want to consider getting one. Studies show that having a pet and caring for a pet provides for our emotional health and happiness. The relationship you have with your pet is often 99% greater than your relationships with other humans. Pets, unlike humans, live carefree lives similar to a child; therefore, the worries of the world don't fill their minds. Learning to live a life carefree of all your stresses and worries brings more satisfaction and fulfillment into your life. It can create more mental, emotional, and physical happiness because you no longer feel depressed, sad, or anxious worrying about tomorrow.

Maintain a Self-Care Routine

  • Lack of self-care is the number one reason why most people often feel empty or lonely. It's so important to treat yourself with love and care, especially when no one is looking. Maintaining a self-care routine creates a healthy emotional balance within yourself. Making sure that you make yourself meals instead of eating fast food is a great way to care for yourself. Taking a warm shower daily and washing off the world's cares is a great way to practice self-care. It's essential to take care of yourself when you're by yourself because if you only take care of yourself when people are around, you're doing it for others and not for yourself. You are your priority and should treat yourself as such, and the more you practice self-care regularly, the more it will become a lifestyle and your daily routine.

Become Your Own Best Friend

If you’ve struggled with external relationships in the past, make today the day that you decide to become your own best friend and start cultivating that relationship with yourself. The most important relationship you will ever have in your life is the relationship you have with yourself. If that is not a positive experience, your external relationships won’t be positive either. Self-love is the key to inner happiness and success and is a skill that you develop with the proper training and assistance. Without self-love, you face an obstacle with self-development.

© 2021 Suzie Ayonna Suttles

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