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5 Tips to Overcome Your Frustration

There are so many situations in our daily lives where we can be disappointed. And when things like that happen, there’s nothing we can do. This or that keeps coming up and we are constantly disappointed.

You want perfection, but it is unattainable, so you are disappointed. You want the other to do everything on time, and if you don’t, you’re disappointed. You want everything to be done according to your wishes, and if that doesn’t happen, you’re disappointed, right?

Here are some tips to help you fight frustration.

# 1. Don't get too stuck in trouble to avoid disappointment.

There are pleasure and pain in the world we live in. That is the nature of the world. There will always be situations that will make you grieve. Sometimes this can be the behavior of a family member or friend. If everything is fine in the family, it may be the neighbors who are causing the problem. If the neighbors are good too, it could be the dogs on the street barking all night and not letting them sleep. And if that won’t be a problem or no problem at all, then you’ll still be unhappy. You will then start interfering in the lives of people who have problems by trying to solve their problems.

# 2. Don’t be Disappointed or Criticized

There are a lot of talented people in the world, but they also have negative qualities. If you only look at the negative aspects, their talents become invisible. When you seek perfection everywhere, you forget to see the imperfections within you. You want everything around you to be perfect, but are you perfect yourself? You have to look for it.

When you reach perfection in some area, you will stop paying attention to imperfections, and you will no longer be irritated by other people’s faults; you will contribute to their growth - you will help them become perfect.

Everyone has flaws, and everyone also has very good qualities. But if you only see the disadvantages, then you will not see their positive features. It is a gradual process and we need to encourage them, help them achieve it.

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# 3. Blame and praise is a Part of Life - don’t let it make you react.

If you live in human society, it is natural that sometimes you will be praised and sometimes blamed or accused. Suppose you work for a company, you can’t expect your boss to always treat you properly. Do you want your boss to be perfect ?!

Let’s say you have a boss who has a habit of making fun of you and has treated you like this 2-3 times. You immediately label him "hopeless" and start treating him/her accordingly. Your perception makes you react. You have to correct your perception and understand that there are imperfections in the world.

# 4. Consciously choose not to be disappointed and maintain inner peace

We are constantly disappointed by others - this is normal. But sometimes we are also disappointed in ourselves; we are dissatisfied with small insignificant things. Maintaining balance is part of yoga - accepting everything that happens and not allowing disappointment to prevail. Then the intellect will work better, the brain will function better, and you will have ideas on how to behave in different situations.

So, don’t be disappointed with people and situations, don’t be disappointed with yourself because you keep repeating the same mistakes. It won't help. It is a very delicate balance - to keep the enthusiasm inside, not to let the frustration intrude. And act only when needed and where needed.

# 5. Accept people and situations

When you accept that things and people are what they are, you suddenly grasp the observer’s consciousness awakening within you, and as a result, you feel you have discovered balance and inner depth. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to the mistakes of others and accept everything as it is. No!

It’s very easy to wash your hands to sit aside and think “I have nothing to do with that,” let it all go the way it does. It is very easy to be disappointed and complain. But the perfect balance is when you take action by cleverly dealing with frustration.

© 2020 Deepesh Devarajan

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