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5 Tips for A Lifetime Weight Loss Program


The author is a Japanese Karate Champion with many experiences in exercise, diet, health and weight management. She shares useful tips here!


Get Your Lifetime Weight Loss Program

The real problem with most diets or weight loss plans is not losing weight itself but is the maintenance part. As we all know, there are tons of lose-weight programs including carbohydrate restriction, fasting, single-item method, workouts…and continue endlessly.

Diet programs are proposed every year, and they come and go. One of the major reasons for their discontinuation is that people get bored with them once they become a part of their daily routine. Also, some of them can be too difficult to be blended into everyday life. There is no point in following the fads and losing weight temporarily.

The trick to maintain lifetime weight loss derives from none of these heavy dietary restrictions or strenuous workouts that you can easily give up. All we need to do is to go back to the fundamentals of weight loss and rethink each factor carefully. Let’s dive into it to find a successful "lifetime weight loss plan" that will prevent rebound weight gain permanently.


5 Fundamental Tips for Rebound Free Weight Loss

  • Tip 1: Build on Small Goals
  • Tip 2: Track and Manage Your Weight and Diet
  • Tip 3: Eating in 3 Plates and Correct Order
  • Tip 4: Exercise in Daily Life
  • Tip 5: Sleep Well

Tip 1: Build on Small Goals

The first of the basics is to set a target weight. We need to be realistic when selecting goals. Many people get enthusiastic and tend to set unrealistic goals but losing a significant amount of weight in a short period can easily lead to rebounding. Also, when the bar is set too high, it's easy to get frustrated with the reality of not being able to reduce enough weight.

To determine a target weight that you can continue to lose without regaining it back, aim to lose 5% of your current weight. For example, if your current weight is 150lbs, your first goal would be to lose 5% of your current weight which is minus 7.5lbs, or 142.5lbs. Achieving your first goal in a month or two means you will be able to continue to lose further weight without difficulty.

Once you reach your target weight, aim for an additional 5% weight loss, and repeat the same procedure until you finally obtain the ideal weight. Building up small goals like this gives you confidence and makes it easier to reach your ultimate goal without losing motivation.

Tip 2. : Track and Manage Your Weight and Diet

The second of the basics is to keep a weight loss journal. Recording your weight and the food you eat will help you become more conscious of the weight loss program you follow and serve as a reminder to yourself.

If possible, record your weight twice, in the morning and the evening, so that you can use it as a clear guide to see if you are eating too much or not. In recording your food, write down all the sweets and alcohol you take. By visualizing the bias and amount of food you take, you will be able to control it.

The most successful tip here is to take control of your entire program. Once you've developed this habit, even if you overeat a little and gain weight temporarily, you can easily control it back.


Tip 3: Eating in 3 Plates and Correct Order

When you imagine a diet for weight loss, you tend to think that you have to eat less, but losing weight by simply reducing the amount of food you eat is not satisfying and can lead to binge eating if you are not careful. In weight loss programs, it is important to consider the quality of the meal rather than the quantity of food you eat.

1st Plate2nd Plate3rd Plate

Staple Foods

Main Dishes

Side Dishes

Bread, Pasta, Rice

Meat, Fish, Eggs, Beans

Vegetables, Mushrooms, Fruit

This quality of the meal is simply described as a balanced meal. Well-balanced meals are essential for our health and be sure to take proper nutrition from the above 3 separate plates (you can combine them into 1 plate) especially in weight loss plans as it increases your metabolism.

Together with the 3-plate diet, try to follow the correct eating order that gently raises your blood sugar levels. Start with vegetables and soups, then move to meat and fish for protein, and finally take carbohydrates such as bread and rice. Eating in this order restricts the rapid rise in blood sugar level, which will consequently prevent carbohydrates from turning into fat and will avoid overeating.

Tip 4: Exercise in Daily Life

People start going to the gym, especially when they are trying to lose weight. However, once they get too busy to go, it becomes a hassle afterward and they easily quit. This is one of the common routines in our modern life.

Exercise, just like a diet, is meaningless if you cannot continue it. Going to the gym is not always the best solution to do a workout, instead, try to increase the amount of activity in your daily life; using stairs and not escalators, walking a little faster, not sitting down on public transport, improving your posture, etc.

Tip 5: Sleep Well

Good night’s sleep restricts appetite abnormalities. Although often overlooked, lack of sleep is another crucial reason why you struggle against your weight loss plan. When you get less sleep, the amount of hormone secretion that increases your appetite rises, in other words, the amount of hormone secretion that suppresses your appetite will be decreased. Therefore, going to bed and waking up early, and getting a good night's sleep are all key basics in lifetime weight loss.


Aim Clearly and Control Your Weight Loss

The truth is that fad programs like low-carb diets and fasting may help people lose weight temporarily, but many people regain weight. This is because if a weight loss plan doesn't match a person's lifestyle, they won't be able to continue. The only people who succeed to maintain the weight they have lost without rebounding regardless of weight reduction methods are those who have perfected the 5 fundamental controls after they achieved their ultimate weight goal.

Lifetime weight loss is composed of the above 5 basic factors and the most successful weight loss method for you is the one that you can continuously follow in accordance with your lifestyle. Find your best weight loss program and simply enjoy it!


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