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5 Things To Do When Feeling Down

Watch Your Favorite Movie

Comfort movies are always a good way to go whenever you feel like cheering yourself up! If you’re reading this during the summer season, why not try some feel-good summer movies like Mamma Mia and The Parent Trap? You can also go for some horror films to scare the stress away! For the wintertime, I’d recommend a lot of people’s childhood favorite, Home Alone! If you are into animations, however, Klaus is also the way to go.


Read A Classic

I know it sounds boring, but classics are actually enjoyable–and especially distracting. The characters and concepts can be so well-written, that you might just read away all of your worries! Children’s classics are never limited to children only. I remember being addicted to Robinson Crusoe and Treasure Island all the way back. If you like reading or would like to adopt the habit, perhaps you can unwind and relax by picking out a classic based on your favorite genre!


Go On A Hike

For sporty people and nature lovers out there, have some fun by taking a vacation–hike around your local mountains! Not only will you be one step toward being fit, but you also get to enjoy the amazing scenery and clean air that can only do you good! Remember to always make it a safety habit by letting someone know of your hiking plans and when you’ll be back, in case of emergency. Make sure to bring enough water while packing as lightly as you can. It is ideal to bring a companion with you, Enjoy!

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Pamper Yourself

If you’re someone who doesn’t like looking at how you are feeling when down, why not take a bit of a risk to pamper yourself? This is admittedly a little bit expensive, but in the long run, it will make you relaxed, your skin rejuvenated and your pores clean and satiated! You can just buy some face masks and do it yourself at home for less expense, or you can go all out and get yourself a booking at your local spa for acne/ acne scar treatments, skin whitening, etc. If no one else is going to pamper you, then do not hesitate to do it yourself!


Visiting Pet Cafes/ Animal Shelters

Studies have found that having pets significantly reduces your cortisol levels. This means that you do not get as stressed out which may help with lowering your blood pressure. Not only that, but these furry (or non-furry ones) little creatures can help with reducing anxiety and feelings of loneliness. Now, we know that not everyone can afford to keep a pet, so why not enjoy the feeling of being a pet owner for just a couple of hours by visiting some really nice pet cafes? Or you can bring joy to strays, and abandoned/ rescued animals by playing with them at animal shelters near you! You help them, and they help you–really nice, isn’t it?


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