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5 Shoulder Exercises for Men and How to Do Them.

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Shoulder exercises are very important for men. They not only complement your workout routine, but they also help you curve those desirable V-shapes. Of course, strengthening your delts fosters the image of a slimmer waist while augmenting your overall physique. Nevertheless, studies show that the best shoulder exercises decreases pain and the chances of future dislocations. Really, when all things are considered, you seek a chiseled body and that alone should be the impetus to dive in.


Just like the other exercises on our list, there are many, many, many variations of the shoulder press.

Shoulder pressing is essential for shoulder strength and development.


The military press is a strict barbell shoulder press. No cheating allowed for the military press.

How to do it:

Stand at attention, feet close together, take a shoulder width grip on a loaded barbell, press over head.

Side note: There are two types of grips when shoulder pressing: thumbs around the bar and thumbless (or “suicide”).

I prefer the suicide grip.

You will need to experiment and see which grip works best for you.

There is no reason to go over 10 repetitions.

Aim for between 5-10 strict repetitions when performing the military press.


The push press is a barbell shoulder press that allows leg drive.

Rather than keeping strict as with the military press you will want to use leg drive to press more weight.

Leg drive allows you to lift heavier so that’s what you should do, go heavy.

How to do it:

Keep your legs shoulder width (a little wider than you would with the military press) and use leg drive to explode the weight.

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Side note: Aim for between 1-5 repetitions. There is no reason to go above 5 repetitions on a push press.


If there is one exercise that scares men more than the deadlift it is the behind the neck push press.

It’s a shame too because the behind the neck push press is a great developer of the shoulders.

To perform, load a heavy barbell onto your back (like a squat position), use leg drive to press the heavy barbell into the air.

Lower the weight and catch it on your shoulders.

When you catch the weight you will want to lower yourself to the ground and drop with the weight just a little bit.

You don’t want the weight to come crashing down on your shoulders, you want to gently catch it.

The behind the neck press is scary for others but don’t let it scare you.

It is one of the best shoulder development exercises in existence.

Start with a light weight to get the form down.

But don’t stay at a light weight.

The behind the neck push press is supposed to be done HEAVY.

Side note: Aim for 1-5 repetitions.


The Scott Press (or Arnold Press) is a dumbbell shoulder press with a twist (literally).

The Scott Press is named after the first Mr. Olympia Larry Scott, who used the exercise to turn tiny shoulders into cannonball delts.

To perform the Scott Press grab a couple medium-heavy dumbbells and hold in front of you

You will press them overhead, but as you press them overhead you will turn your hands the other way around.

As you get nearer to the top of the movement you will want you pinkies to be above your other fingers, like you are pouring out an imaginary tea-pot.

The Scott Press is great for shoulder development, and will hit all 3 heads of the shoulder (front, side, and rear), making the Scott press excellent for complete shoulder development.

The Scott Press does not need to be super heavy, aim for 8-12 repetitions per set.


Divebomber pushups are excellent for shoulder development.

How to perform:

Set two benches parallel and rest your feet on a bench or chair and do as many divebomber pushups as you can manage.

Side note: Divebomber pushups should come after you do your shoulder pressing movements.

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