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5 Sexy Little Details I Didn’t See Coming When I Started Writing.

Jason loves being a professional writer and feels it's helped his confidence and well-being in numerous ways.

Writing has been wonderful for my confidence and my soul.

Writing has been wonderful for my confidence and my soul.

There are definitely a number of sassy, interesting things I’ve learned in the time I’ve decided that paid, professional writing was the career for me. It’s been about 90 days since I decided to give one hundred percent to this amazing writing career. And these tips I’m about to share get me all hot and bothered.

But talk about a learning curve. I’ve always had a plan, at least in terms of my career goals. But like Mike Tyson once said, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” I now know what he means by this.

I was fortunate to have a great mentor who had started doing content writing a few months before I did. I picked his brain, asked way too many questions, and got connected with the company he was using to do most of his content writing. That was easy enough to do, and I could keep as busy as I needed or wanted to. I dove in and started writing as much as possible.

I neglected my blog here on Medium, though. The need to make income came first and I quickly realized that I hadn’t posted a single blog in almost 30 days. That wasn’t very fulfilling. This made me start to realize some unexpected and exciting things I needed to learn on my journey to become a paid, professional writer.

Balance in your life and writing can be quite sexy.

Balance in your life and writing can be quite sexy.

1. Balancing Content Writing and Blogging.

As mentioned, content writing pays the bills. Blogging is more of my own creative writing outlet for fun. Or to express my views about a topic of my choosing. What I didn’t realize though and had to learn was that you CAN make a good income from blogging.

One of my blogs took off in a big way. “I Truly Hate the Ignorance and Shitty Beliefs of People in My Home State.” became my biggest earning blog, by about 20 times more than my 2nd place blog. Here’s the link to it, in case you are curious as to which article became my breakthrough blog:

It’s been viewed over 3800 times, 94% of which have been internal views. It’s earned almost $270 so far in April and taught me quickly that blogging can make you good money. I decided to try and blog almost daily back in March, and this only steeled my reserve to keep that goal going.

The balance between the time spent engaging in content writing for normal income, and INVESTING time into building a powerful, humorous, and entertaining blog was one of the first and most valuable lessons I’ve learned. Again, blogging is just far more fun for me and energizing.

Being well-read and intelligent are both incredibly attractive traits.

Being well-read and intelligent are both incredibly attractive traits.

2. Reading Blogs Almost As Much As Writing Blogs.

I read a blog early on about this but didn’t think much about it initially. Now it makes a lot more sense to me. I feel obligated to read at least an article or two by anyone who follows me, subscribes to me, or comments on my blogs. I feel it’s the “good human” thing to do.

It has also taught me a number of things. I’ve gotten numerous great ideas from reading other people’s ideas and stories and seeing what types of titles they use to attract attention. I’ve also learned quite a bit about how to succeed as a writer and some steps to take. It’s given me ideas on how to further my development as a professional writer.

Taking the time to read means investing the time to learn. If you’re going to be a success at something new, you should be open to learning. Having some quiet, “ME” time alone daily to learn is good for one’s soul. Relaxing and studying throughout your day can be mentally sexy.

As much as I feel fulfilled about what I’ve accomplished as a new up-and-coming writer, I’d be a fool to think I know all there is to know. I’m learning daily and will strive to keep learning EVERY day of this wonderful journey.

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Stepping out of your comfort zone with your writing can be incredibly empowering.

Stepping out of your comfort zone with your writing can be incredibly empowering.

3. Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone.

This can be difficult for many people. It’s certainly difficult for me. When I first started doing content writing, it was all I wanted to do. For the same original company, I signed up with. It wasn’t easy for me to want to explore work on other platforms, or with other new companies.

I quickly realized that it’s not smart to limit myself to just one avenue of writing income. Besides the blogging income I’ve mentioned that has recently increased, I’ve started seeking out other content writing jobs outside of the company I started with.

LinkedIn and Indeed have been wonderful in helping me find new places to write for. I highly recommend setting up a professional writing resume on both and setting alerts for content writing jobs. You’ll be surprised how much action is out there.

Doing this and applying for a number of projects has been awesome in my career growth. Not only am I actively seeking out more writing projects and positions as a staff writer, but I’m gaining confidence in asking more of what I’m worth. And believe me, I’m worth it.

Many companies will ask you to take less pay per word on your writing, and it’s been powerful to tell them “no”. I’ll often negotiate, but I will not take below what I feel is worth my time and effort to produce quality writing for them. That is an empowering, bold feeling.

The healthier our bodies are, the healthier our minds can be

The healthier our bodies are, the healthier our minds can be

4. I’ve Become Healthier In Numerous Ways.

Since becoming a daily writer, I’ve noticed a number of healthier tendencies that I’m proud of. My mental health has improved to some degree. Not that I had too big of a struggle to begin with, but being a paid, professional writer has given me a bump in self-esteem. I’m proud of what I’m doing. My Bride and kids are proud of me. I’m proud of myself.

I’ve written a number of informational pieces about various fitness topics for one client in particular. This motivated me to get more active at my gym. Which in turn has been crucial to helping me stop drinking wine every evening. While it was never a big problem, I knew it wasn’t the healthiest thing. Waking up with more clarity and feeling healthier I’m certain helps my writing.

Each time I get a new article published by a 3rd-party site, I’m thrilled. I have gotten most of the blogs I’ve posted here on Medium curated and promoted further. I’m passionate about setting personal bests on earnings for both content writing and blogging. And it all feels wonderful.

Research about your writing makes it far more appealing.

Research about your writing makes it far more appealing.

5. I’ve Become More of a Researcher Than I’ve Ever Been.

They say imagination is more important than knowledge. I’d still rather have both, though. I’ve learned more in the past few months of being a writer than I probably have in the past 20 years of being a real estate agent. It’s nice to actively learn again.

I’ve learned to research again for two reasons. The first is to be a better content writer. The topics I receive to write about are sometimes in fields I’m familiar with. But more often than not, they are regarding things I have no clue about, such as the law field, CrossFit, insurance issues, or even construction/remodeling. Knowing what you’re talking about is important when doing content writing for companies.

The second area of research I’ve gotten more proficient in is for building a successful blog. I’ve done countless hours of reading about growing my following, and also regarding how to monetize that following. It’s important to do your homework about which blog hosting sites are better for gaining a following, which pay better than others, and how this happens.

Knowing how you earn income allows you to tailor your daily plan to help reach your financial goals quicker. I don’t want to waste the limited hours I have when I’m not writing. I need to use my time effectively and invest that time left over on strategies that will help me reach my goals.

I’ve always been a motivated, entrepreneurially-leaning business person. I’ve used many strategies for building a following and translating that into income from social media. It’s definitely helping me in doing the same for my professional writing career.

All of these new little things I’m learning along the way are sure fun to use, and I’m certain will take me further, faster every day. Becoming confident and working my hardest to be a better writer and human being is certainly a sexy side effect of this process.

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