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How Can Walking Improve Your Life?

Ankica takes a long walk every morning before she reaches her workplace, and starts typing on her computer.

Morning Walk Anybody?

Feeling fresh, not feeling blue, having a great blood circulation, no weight problems, starting a day with enthusiasm, those are all serious consequences when you take a walk in the morning, especially if you are with your loved one, or a friend, pet, co-worker, neighbor, or somebody you like, and who's not toxic to you.

It will fill you up with energy, even your skin will be better, more radiant.

All you need to do is to walk for half an hour, or forty - five minutes, and you'll feel the benefits soon.

Let's give it a shot!


Feel fresh, not blue!

Let's start our day with a ray of sun and fresh air!

Let's be enthusiastic about the beginning of the day!

Let's be the best version of ourselves!

Let's face it: after waking up,especially early, we are usually sleepy, at least I am, we just want to go back to bed and sleep little a bit longer, but that's usually impossible because we all have many things to do during the day. If we just have a cup of coffee, sit in our car, or take a bus, we will feel sleepy for a long time, and it takes time to really be productive. But if we take a walk instead at least for the part of our road to work, we'll feel the bust of energy, and we will be able to think clearly right away.

Morning walk or morning coffee?


There's no need to choose. We can get up, make a cup of coffee (or two), and hit the road!

While walking and drinking coffee, we have time to plan our day, so our organization will get better too, and it will help us clear our thoughts. Fresh air will help us wake up faster, and finally, we'll feel fresh, calm and ready for the day to come.

An early walk is probably the first thing we do in the morning, so after we're finished, we'll feel encouraged and have a sense of achievement., which will have a strong impact on our mindset.

Cardiovascular benefits

Stay active! That's the best thing you can do for your cardiovascular system, so even if you have to sit all day long, because your job requires that for example, you can be sure you've done something good for your health.

Researches say that if we walk in a brisk pace, like three to four miles per hour, we reduce our chances of suffering from hearth disease by 40%!

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This is something we can easily check: if we walk just a bit faster, we feel our blood circulating through our veins! So, when we exercise, that is, if we take a walk, our heart will work a little faster, and it'll be fitter. Thanks to that, our blood pressure will be lower, and again, we'll be calm and ready for the new day!

Always remember: walking is good for your heart!

Do the best for your heart, and stay physically active! Take a walk every day.


No weight problems!

If we exercise every day, we won't have any weight problems.

Of course.

Does anybody like to workout all the time? Somebody maybe does, but not me.

It's not even 'a must' to go to the gym every day. We can take our daily walk, preferably a morning walk, and we'll be fit! We should just take care to walk for at least half an hour, or forty minutes, and keep up good rhythm. If we walk too slow, it won't be that effective.

If we walk everyday, we won't have any weight problems, and if that becomes our routine, we'll see a gradual difference in weight, and our body will suddenly look better. Burning calories every morning will make us feel and look better, and will make us worry less.

Let's go!

After taking a longer walk in the morning, it is almost impossible not to feel enthusiastic, and expect a new day with a joy of life. Our worries will still be there, but it will be much easier for us to deal with them, if we exercise, or if we take a walk every day.

The influence that exercising has on our mindset is maybe the most valuable thing physical exercising can bring us. We become calmer, and it gets much easier to face our problems.

Once we make ourselves do something we are not in the mood to do every morning, and we successfully finish the first thing we do in the morning, we'll have the "can do" attitude all throughout the day, and nothing will be too difficult for us.

Ready, steady, go!

Being fit, great mindset, less cardiovascular problems, not feeling depressed, feeling good about ourselves, are pretty good reasons to try our morning walk.

Ready to go?



Ankica Culic (author) from Belgrade on December 29, 2019:

Thanks Kelly Ann for your comment, I'll see what I can do about those captions, but first, I'll read that article you recommended. Thanks for the advice!

Kelly Ann Christensen from Overland Park, Johnson County, Kansas on December 29, 2019:

Welcome to Hubpages! Thanks for the inspirational article. I also enjoy going for a walk in the evenings, especially during the summer months. I like your photographs, but I would like to see captions so that I know what I am looking at. There is a great article about the use of photographs in the Help section.

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