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5 Questions Answered About Covid-19 That Everybody Needs to Know


200 K+ cases everyday !!! Stop fooling around and start being serious.

The Wuhan virus is on the rise; in India, every day is a bleak record; more than 200 000 new cases have been identified in the last few days, which has never occurred anywhere else in the world. Many lockdowns have been reinstated, and the national capital now has a weekend curfew. Any time you open your phone, you're likely to see some headlines about the pandemic, although not all of it is true. Clear messaging is critical right now, and we're doing our part.
In this post, we will address five major concerns regarding the pandemic.


Why are there so many more cases? Who is responsible for the second wave?

Yes, and most likely. I'll explain why in a moment. A double mutation has been identified in India. Here's how it works: you have a virus that has already mutated, such as the UK or Brazilian varieties; as this mutation undergoes another stage of transition, it becomes a double mutation, and these variants, "double mutants," are extremely contagious. They can also evade antibodies and are most likely triggering the surge; we claim "most likely" because more evidence is needed to be certain. The best way to detect mutations is by genome sequencing, but India's genome research numbers are dismal. From January to March, less than 1% of the samples were checked, which is simply insufficient to draw trends.

Would the vaccines still be effective? Is it possible that they would be successful against these new variants?

In principle, they should be, but experts warn of diminished efficacy. In their phase 3 experiments, both Johnson & Johnson and Norway show this theme. They are effective against the UK version but not as effective against the Brazilian variant. Vaccines can no longer be as effective as they once were, but keep in mind that less effective does not equal ineffective; you'll always be better off with a vaccine.

Why are people contracting the virus while having been vaccinated?

Now, pay close attention: "Vaccines" are not meant to deter infection; rather, they will help prepare you, so that you do not develop serious symptoms or end up in the hospital. Many vaccines on the market are designed to keep you alive rather than making you invincible. So, the next time you read those stories, keep in mind that the vaccines aren't failing; they're doing just what they're supposed to do.

What about the kids? Are they in danger, and if so, how much?

In the first wave, elderly adults with comorbidities became more vulnerable to illness, but this is no longer the case. In Brazil, for example, there are more young patients in ICUs than older patients. What does this mean for children, who are the last in line for vaccination yet on the front lines of this latest outbreak? From March to April 10th, over sixty thousand children were contaminated in Maharashtra, six thousand in Chattisgarh, seven thousand in Karnataka, and three thousand in Uttar Pradesh. More children are being infected by the second outbreak.

It's a mix of factors; I know that more adults have been able to get vaccinated, which I believe helps. I also know that many adults are out and around doing their daily activities. You've most likely already had Covid 19. We know that in many places, schools have reopened, and I don't think it's necessarily the schools, so I think the kids can join together in functions like sports or just get together outside of the classroom to have some exchanges. As a result, I believe it would be much easier to distribute that way. Besides, we know originally it was believed children don't get the disease and don't spread it, it is not so and I think we're just getting more proof of it now. For the reasons mentioned above, the pattern is concerning, but it seems normal. Masking and social distancing are the same laws that apply to you and your children. As a result, playtime with friends will have to be postponed.

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What if your screening shows negative but exhibits all of the typical symptoms?

This happens to a lot of people, and false negatives are a real concern. What is behind them? because the virus has improved but the test has not. The standard RT PCR test has been searching for the old virus, and you're being sent packing with a negative score. Your infection will worsen if you do not begin treatment. So, what are you going to do? Where in question, sit at home, quarantine yourself as if you were a regular Wuhan virus patient, consult the doctor, and handle the symptoms. They can order additional testing or use other indicators to diagnose you, please do not leave the house until you are safe, as we understand this is a difficult situation. Every day, the flu throws new obstacles at our health specialists, and they are all trying to keep up.

India's condition seems to be worse than last year. You may contribute by either increasing the caseload or splitting the chain. So, hold the mask on while still putting an end to the infodemic. Contribute favourably and to the flow of information; do not focus on social media forwards. For all of these mutations and false negatives, now is not the time to play doctor.
It's time to pay attention.


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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