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5 Partner Yoga Poses for Parent and Child

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Someone used to say: “Practicing partner yoga is a great way to facilitate communication and connection”.

Nowadays, thousands of parents are so busy with their own business that they can’t spend enough time playing or interacting with their kids.

Kids, sometimes, are very sensitive. Children at different ages will develop their own characters and emotions.

It would be extremely difficult for parents to understand their children if they don’t stay much time together. Therefore, finding something fun to connect with your child is quite necessary. And in this case, partner yoga is a good recommendation.

You may be quite familiar with the term “partner yoga”, or perhaps at least you have tried it with a friend before.

However, you can also practice different types of yoga with your kids, not only to have fun while getting some exercises but also to teach them the interesting things in doing teamwork.

If you are looking for some activities to do with your child, try exercising the following 5 partner yoga poses for parents and child:

1# Lizard on a rock:

This is always one of the most favorite poses for children. It can be done with two kids, or with an adult and a child. One of them will play the role of a lizard, and the rest one will be in a rock position.

To be the rock, start turning your body into child’s pose, you can put your forearms on the ground to support if needed.

The lizard will lie down back to back with the rock, with the hips low and the head resting on the neck of the rock.

The lizard can try stretching out their legs or bend their knees and put the feet down the floor depending on how they feel more comfortable.

Try to change the role and repeat the pose several times. If your kid is the lizard, he/she can rest their hips on your lower back. If you are the lizard, you can rest your hips on the ground before curling back over the rock.

After practicing this pose, the rock will get all the calmness in their mind, improve digestion, elongate the lower back and open up the hip as gained from child’s pose. For the lizard, it would be a nice, gentle heart opener while stretching along the back of the body.

2# Sitting seesaw:

This can also be practiced between two children or one adult and one child. The movements are very simple. Just sit on the floor face-to-face. Both people will stretch out their legs.

You can choose to let your feet touching each other or have your child’s legs stretched along inside of yours. Next, join hands, keep your backs straight. Move your upper bodies back and forth in a seesaw motion.

Notice that if you feel uncomfortable to make a seesaw motion while stretching your legs, you can use a ribbon or strap or something like that to support.

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The seesaw pose focuses on the following muscles: arms and shoulders, lower and middle back, core (abs), hamstrings and quadriceps. So you will feel totally stretched on the whole body.

3# L-Dog:

For this pose, you will do the downward facing dog with all fours facing opposite directions and feet touching down the floor.

Push up and straighten your legs, keeping your back flat and arms outstretched. Then your child will place her hands down, lift her feet up and press back into the sacrum area.

This pose helps to strengthen the core and arms. You can even build more confidence if practice it with your little partner every day.

4# Double boat:

This is also one of the most favorite partner yoga poses for parent and child that many family are practicing.

It is popular for the ability to build confidence and is good for your core too. You and your child will have a lot of fun with this exercise.

First of all, put your feet together. Grab each other’s wrists or clasp hands. Then press one set of feet up. Next, press the other set of feet up. Hold it for a while.

You can make the atmosphere more interesting by singing a song or reading a poem. Your kids will feel more excited with the pose.

5# The Weaving Basket:

To get started, sit next to each other, bringing your heels next to your partner’s hips (Dandasana pose). Straighten your back, reach your inside arms together. Inhale and raise the other arm up, gradually reach back trusting in your partner. Come back and repeat the same motion with the opposite arm.

You can also try doing the extended form of this pose by bringing your outside leg over to your partner’s arm. Try to reach as far as possible. You will feel a stretch from the hips out through the fingertips.

The last words

Alright, you have just read through the 5 partner yoga poses for parent and child. Now that you get those recommendations, you can start right away with your kid at home, or even in class.

If you can take your kid to a yoga class, it would be really great because you can listen to the directions of the instructor.

But if you don’t have time or can’t afford to pay for a yoga course, that’s okay. You can stay at home, turn on an electronic device and watch thousands of tutorial videos on the internet.

Remember, you are practicing these poses not only to have fun but also to bring your kids to the foundation of yoga, improve their mind, their body, increase flexibility and get a better journey in their life. Let’s try from today this wonderful practice!

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Shrikant Jadhav from Pune, India on May 18, 2019:

The difficult part is to get your kid on yoga mat.. the asanas themselves are not that difficult :)

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