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5 Podcasts to Power Your Day

Geofrey is a freelance writer focusing on motivation, inspiration and pursuit of happiness in his writing.

Today, people are busy struggling with many ranging from work exhaustion, meeting deadlines, family and relationship issues, to depression. You need inspiration and motivation to keep you going and focused in your job, school, or home. Whether you are a corporate executive, a student, a factory worker, or a stay-at-home mom, the podcasts will power your day giving you reasons to keep going even when you feel depressed. Podcasts are providing new ways to access audio content everywhere whether at work, commuting, relaxing, or even jogging. Here are the top five podcasts to charge your day. The collection contains spiritual, motivational, and life Podcasts that will give you the energy and inspire you to be better at your craft and overcome the obstacles on your way.

#1 Joel Osteen Daily Podcast

Joel Osteen Daily podcast will uplift you helping feel worthy, inspired, and motivated to keep going. Joel and Victoria's system are lead pastors at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. Lakewood Church is the largest church in the United States founded by Joel Osteen's father, John Osteen in 1959. The podcasts contain inspiring sermons and life advice from Joel and Victoria that help inspire people. Despite being Christian in nature, the podcast is helpful to non-spiritual people due to Joel's ability to integrate life issues into any sermon. The charisma, prolific storytelling, and humor make Joel Osteen Daily Podcast an addictive everyday venture. The podcast is available on Spotify, iTunes, and iHeart Radio.


#2 Ten Percent Happier Podcast

Ten Percent Happier is a podcast by ABC news anchor Dan Harris. After a panic attack on live television, Dan Harris went on to publish the 10% Happier book which becomes the Number 1 New York Times Bestseller. In the Podcast, Dan Harris talks with scientists, health experts, celebrities, and meditation pioneers about training our minds. Before the panic attack, Dan Harris was skeptical about meditation and considered it ridiculous. After recovering from the panic attack, he started a podcast to educate people on meditation and how to train the mind with help of experts in the field of mental health and meditation coaches. In July 2021, Dan Harris announced that he will be leaving ABC news to focus on his podcast. The announcement definitely should excite listeners as it means more hours being dedicated to the podcast and it can only get better. You want to check out. Available on all podcast platforms.

#3 Never Ever Give Up Hope

Do you want inspiration, succeed in life, and remain motivated? You want to check out the Never Ever Give Up Hope podcast. Authored by Carol Graham, the podcast gives a message of encouragement, hope, inspiration, and laughter. The show shares stories of everyday people who refuse to give up home in the middle of insurmountable, people who have rebuilt and transformed their lives and shares the secret of success. In addition to writing and hosting the podcast, Carol operates two jewelry stores and has been a certified coach for over 35 years. The podcast is available on all podcast platforms, check it out and never give up hope.

#4 Inspire Nation Podcast

Inspire Nation Podcast is hosted by Micheal Sandler and Jessica Lee to become healthier, happier, and more successful. The podcast regularly features top athletes, motivational speakers, and business coaches. Inspire Nation messages are diverse with personal stories, motivation, and real strategies and techniques that can overcome obstacles and live a happier and healthier life. this is not just a random motivation interviews podcast, rather Inspire Nation podcast guests are world-class leaders, spiritual teachers, Fortune 100 CEOs, and personal coaches to countries leaders. Tune in to your favorite podcast platforms.

#5 Good Life Project

The Good Life Project Podcast is hosted by Jonathan Fields that features guest speakers who teach, inspire, and share personal stories. The podcast seeks to help you live a more connected, vital, and meaningful life. Jonathan Fields episodes are released every 2-3 days and the topics are diverse in a wide variety of topics. Launched in 2012, the initial podcast episodes focused on amplifying the success of women in the media by sharing stories of successful women in the media. Later, the podcast evolved to life issues and still brings success stories of women. Want to live a good life? Tune to the Good Life Project Podcast.

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OLUSEGUN from NIGERIA on August 25, 2021:

Good work. Podcast is yet to be that common in Nigeria which is an example of developing nation of the world. I hope it increases in my nation too.

Everyone needs motivation one way or another because what we least expect will weigh us down sometimea do weigh our hearts down.

This is good work.

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