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5 Moral Lessons to Learn From Dr Seuss’ Cat in the Hat

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Growing up one of my favorite authors was Dr Seuss. I read and re-read his books many times over. The reasons I like his books is because of the simplicity of the stories, the lyrical way the stories carry along and the lessons Dr Seuss would hide in each story.

One of my favorite characters and stories is the Cat in the Hat. The main characters of the book, Conrad and Sally, find themselves bored because it is a rainy day and they can’t go outside.

While sitting there looking out a window waiting for their mother to return, a mischievous cat shows up, the Cat in the Hat. The rest of the book deals with the antics of The Cat and his two friends, Thing One and Thing Two. as they trash the children’s home all in the name of fun.

While the book is primarily a children’s book there are moral lessons even for us adults to learn

1. It’s only fun till your house gets trashed

Conrad and Sally wanted to have a little fun. When the Cat in the Hat showed up it seemed like fun at first. Then the cat started to trash the house and things got out of control. Then mom came home and the house had to get cleaned up in a hurry. The fun wasn’t that much fun anymore.

In life we all want to have fun. We all want to do the things which bring us the most joy. The problem arises when the things you do leave a wake of hurt feelings or a trashed house (your life). The moral to be learned is to be careful of what you do because what you do has consequences for you and those around you.

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2. Be careful of what you wish for you might just get what you wish for

Conrad and Sally sat staring out their window watching the rain come dine. They so desperately wanted to go out and play. In their hearts they wished for a different day then the one they now found themselves. When the The Cat in the Hat arrived he fulfilled their wish and offered them a fun filled day but at what expense? Like all answered wishes there consequence.

We sometimes wish for things to be different in our lives. In our minds we think, “If only things were different I’d be happy.” The problem is when we do get what we wish for it isn’t like what we thought it was going to be like. Then there is a little buyers remorse about the situation you now find yourself in. Maybe you even say, “I wish it were like it was before.” The moral here is to think about what you wish for. Is it going to be better than what you have now or is it just wishful thinking it will be better

3. You will have rainy days you have to deal with but it’s how you deal with the rainy days which count.

Conrad and Sally of course felt very bored because it was raining. You would be too. It is no fun being stuck indoors on a rainy. Remember they didn’t have television or video games. Instead of finding something to do to occupy their time they just sat staring out the window.

The lesson here for you is that there will be rainy days you have to deal with but it’s how you deal with the rainy days which count. It is far better to do something to occupy your time on a rainy day than sit and wallow in self pity. Think about it

4. What seems good to do is not always good for you.

At first Sally and Conrad welcomed the Cat in the Hat. After all, he brought so many exciting and wonderful things to do to ease their boredom. It appears the only one who was aware of the impending chaos the Cat would bring, was the goldfish in the bowl.

All this leads into the next moral lesson you can learn. What seems good to do is not always good for you. There are a great many things in life which seem gratifying to do, well at least for a season. Then the bottom drops out and you find your life in total chaos. So you must think about your choices before you act on them.

5. If you make a mess you have to clean up your mess.

By the time the Cat in the Hat was done the house was almost totally destroyed. What to do now? Then horror of horrors mom had arrived back home. The Cat and his two friends jumped into cleaning mode. Sally and Conrad were relieved to find the house like new before mom walked in the door.

The moral lesson here is a simple one. If you make the mess you’re the one responsible for cleaning up the mess. No one else. Of course it might hurt a little but if you made the mess in your.

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