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5 Main Causes of Lower Back Pain and Home Treatment Methods

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Some point in our lives we have suffered from extreme lower back pain. Usually, pains at the lower region of a person's back are considered a typical body ailment for some people.

Some common symptoms are closely related with lower back pains, and to mention some of them, this includes pains around the leg region, the tension on muscles, and stiffness of one's back amongst many others.

Generally, these are common points that hint a person that suffers from lower back pain. However, to ascertain the pain's primary cause, it is best to seek proper medical attention and an accurate diagnosis from your medical doctor.

Furthermore, in assessing lower back pains, it is worth mentioning a 49% to 70% chance of normal humans experiencing the same pain within a lifetime. Also, there are many reasons why a person might experience lower back pain, including hernia, fracture, tumour, and osteoporosis, among many other reasons.

However, it is vital to note that non-specific lower back pains are diagnosed due to some specific pathology exemption. Similarly, We Have two major causes of lower back pain, and they include specific and non-specific reason.

When it comes to lower back pain, lower back pain comes in three forms: acute, sub-acute or chronic. It is worth mentioning that when the lower back pain is six weeks or less, it is called acute lower back pain.

Lower back pain would be referred to as sub-acute when it lasts for more than six weeks but does not exceed three months. Lower back pain would be referred to as chronic back pain when it lasts for more than three months.


Major Causes Of Lower Back Pain

The major causes of back pain in many people include everyday activities, bad sitting posture, exercises that strain the muscles around the back region and many others. Also, some research indicates how a person can suffer from a phase of back pain. Some of the indicators include:


Recent studies have shown that when a person clocks thirty years of age down to the age of forty, they are more likely prone to suffering from back pain.


There is a reason why exercises are recommended for all people. One reason to exercise includes the fact that those who do not bother exercising their body muscles become unfit.

When a person is incapable, the back region's muscles are relaxed, making such people very prone to back pain.


When a person is overweighed, such a person has more tendency to suffer from back pain, and the reason for this is because the muscles around the back are relaxed.


The treatment for lower back pain depends mainly on the severity of the ailment. The severity of the lower back pain determines whether home remedies are advisable or not. However, some typical home treatments that could be administered when one suffers from back pains or lower back pain include:


Although it is not advisable to rest for a long time when one suffers from back pain, resting for a short period could ease the stress around the back region. This could be done by laying one's back over the bed while placing a pillow underneath your knee region. A few minutes in this position would aid to ease the pain around the back.


Ice blocks wrapped around in a towel and placed over the affected back region could be an adequate remedy if one suffers from back pains. Applying the ice for Twenty minutes over the affected area would help alleviate the pain from the back.

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